3 Marketing Things Which Make Your Online Success Dream Real

You Have a Website Or Small Business But You Can Not Getting More Traffic On Your Site. So These Tree Things Make Your Website Or Business Well And You Will Getting More Traffic On Your Site Or Small Business.  Because

More Traffic   =>     More Sales   =>      More Money

Many People`s Have Websites But They Says That They Can Not Getting Any Traffic On Their Sites, Mean`s They Can Not Getting Any Benefit From Their Website`s. They Spend Many Time And Many Pay`s Many Money For Promoting Or For Getting Traffic On Their Business Or Site. Both Time And Money Waste Now.


    Creating Of Any Website And Small Business Is Very Easy But To Promoting It To Every Search Engine Is Very Difficult.
But According To Many Marketer This Work ( Getting More Traffic On Their Business Or Website ) Is Not Difficult , You Can Do This Work Perfectly If You Want To Do It Well. There Have  Large Number Of Website Or Small Business Online Who`s Getting Billions Of Real Traffic Every Day. There Are Large Number Of People`s Who`s Making Million Of Dollar Per Day , Per Week or Per Month From Internet.


3 Marketing Things Make Your Dream Real

If You Have Created Your Own Website Or Small Business On Internet  And If You Want To Create You Website Or Small Business Site Then Create Your First Business Website On Internet Step By Step. Very Simple To Creating Website But To Manage Your Website Is Some Difficult , But If You Do These Three Things Well Believe Your Site Will Start To Getting More Traffic , More Sales Or You Will Start To Earn More Money From Internet.

 How To Getting Real Traffic On Your Website 

1 =>  Content SEO

Unique Content Is Very Very Important Factor Or Thing For Every Website. But Many People`s Do This Work Not Seriously And Result Is No Traffic , No Sales. Every Search Engine Follow And Understand Your Website Content Well. So When You Write Your Content  For Your Website  You Must Follow These Things For Best Content SEO.
==>  Always Write Your On Words
==>  Try To Make Your Content Simple And Easy , Mean`s Everyone Can Understand It Well.
==>  Always Write Your Website Content Long Mean`s Reader Read Every Thing In Your Post And                 Can Understand It.
==>  Add Log Tail Keywords In Your Content.
==>  Add Other Related Post Links In Your Content.

==>  Minimum Length Of Your Content Is 300 Words And Maximum Length Is 500 , 1000 , 1500                          Or More As You Can Write Well.

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   Always Write Your Own Post With Your On Words Don`t Think Any One Say You Wrong. When You Write Your Words Then I Say You Your Creative Mind Person Or Don`t Copy And Paste Other Words.


2 => Use Google Search Console 

Before You Are Using Google Search Console Understand What Is Google Console. GSC Is Webmaster Tool Provided By Google. This Is a World Best Place Where You Can See Your Complete Website Performance. What Is Google Search Console


 ”   Google Search Console Is a Free Service Offered by Google That Helps You Monitor and Maintain Your Site’s Presence in Google Search Results. You Don’t Have to Sign Up for Search Console for Your Site to Be Included in Google’s Search Results, but Doing So Can Help You Understand How Google Views Your Site and Optimize Its Performance in Search Results. “
When You Add Your Website In Google Search Console , Then You Will Able To See Your Website Overall Performance In One Place. How To Add Your Site In Google Search Console

Why It Is Important For You

See When You Add Your Site In GSC , Then You Can See Your Website Performance or When You See Your Site Performance Then You Can Find Your Site Problems. When You Find Your Website Problems Or Issues Then You Will Solve It , Then You Solve Then Problems Of Your Then Your Site Goes Fast Ranking In Every Search Engine.

What You See On Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Show You Every Angel Or Movement Of Your Website In Front Of People`s In The World.  Mean`s You See People`s Behave About Your Website.      You See……

*   All Over Traffic Of Your Website
*   Total Click Which Your Website Receive From Search Engine.
*   Search Engine Behave With Your Site.
*   Your Total Index Website URL In Google Search Engine.
*    Your Website Crawling Status Or Crawl Errors.
*   Your Website Mobile Movements Or Behave Or Errors.
*   Your Website External Or Internal Links

These Only Main Things But In Google Webmaster Tool You See Every Thing About Which Links With Your Website Ranking Or Erroring. There Are Not Only Some People Use Webmaster Tool But Also Web Developers , Web Designers , Apps Builders ,  Business Owners or Professional Marketers Etc. So You Must Use This Tool For Your Website Or Business.

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3 => Getting Backlinks On Your Website


Backlinks Is Very Very Important Factor For Every Website Or Business Owners. Because Backlinks Give Your Site Backup. When Your Website Have a Good And Strong Backlinks , Then Believe Your Website Is Ready To Face The Internet World. How To Get Backlinks On Your Website. Before You Will Start To Getting Backlinks To Your Website First Understand What Is Backlinks And Why This Is So Important For Your Site.

What Is Backlinks & Importance Of Backlinks

You Know What Is Backlinks , Backlinks Means

    ”  All Those Links Which Your Website Page Receive From Others Website Page. “
       Backlinks, Also Called “Inbound Links” or “Incoming Links,” Are Created When One Website Links to Another. The Link to an External Website Is Called a Backlink.

Importance Of Backlinks 

Backlinks Are Very Important For Every Website . Because Backlinks Give You
*  More Traffic On Site
*  Increase PA ( Page Authority ) or DA ( Domain Authority ) Of Your Site.
*  Increase Your Website Search Engine Availability / Performance.
*  Increase Your Site Global Ranking.
                                                                Many More Benefits

Beginner Guide About Backlinks Building

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