8 Best Free Home Based Online Selling Businesses

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Why Start an Online Business?

In the digital age, buyers expect fast turnaround times, 24/7 customer service, and instant access to products and services. About 35% of customers aged 18-29 and 35% of those aged 30-39 shop online at least once a week. Experts predict that global retail e-commerce sales will generate over $3.3 billion in 2019 and over $4.4 billion by 2021. 

Given these facts, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of businesses are moving their operations online. This allows them to reach a global audience and increase brand awareness at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

 Building a website, displaying products and advertising online takes less time and money than running a physical store. Digital technologies, such as e-commerce and retail applications, deep learning algorithms, chatbots, and marketing automation tools, can simplify business operations and help you deliver a superior customer experience. The benefits of selling online go beyond saving time and money. 

If you choose this route, it will be easier for you to compete with big companies and present your products to a global audience. Moreover, you can improve your offers and marketing activities by using customer data. Facebook ads, Google Adwords, and other advertising channels provide detailed information about customer behavior, preferences, purchasing power, etc.

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Make Money From Selling

This section will focus on how to make money selling products from home.

These ideas will get your wheels turning. They can help you if you want to earn money and tidy up your house or if you want to monetize a hobby.  

#1 Sell ​​Your Old Video Games  

Connect with tons of online video game buyers to earn money. Sell ​​both last year’s Madden releases or some old Gameboy Color games you played as a kid. 

If you have current video games that you no longer need, you can sell them with Decluttr. The selling process is simple. 

To clarify, scan the product barcode and ship your items with the prepaid shipping label. Selling used video games online can be a lucrative side business. 

It also allows parents to purchase games to share childhood memories with their children. Plus, gamers are always looking to buy the best games for less than retail.

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#2 Sell Digital Items for Video Games

Video games are rapidly changing from a hobby to a passion for many. And gamers aren’t just spending money to buy a brand new game. 

For example, many games and apps also require in-game purchases.SecondLife is the place to sell digital items. 

Everything you buy in real life is available in-game. So you can design anything from clothes to racing cars. When other players buy your items, you get paid real money.

Selling digital items can have great long-term earning potential as the metaverse is a growing trend. Internet 3.0 could be the next big breakthrough tech trend for the next decade, and you can make money from home using your creativity.

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 #3 Design Clothing  

Did you know you can create and sell designs? In fact, you can design t-shirts, sweatshirts, kid’s clothes, and even accessories like coffee mugs and phone cases. Also, you can earn decent money per month doing it. 

All you have to do is upload your design to sites like Cafepress which will take care of printing and shipping when an item sells.

Clients can request custom designs in addition to your pre-fab work. These online marketplaces usually provide design software, so start-up costs are minimal. So you pay commissions when you make a sale instead of paying monthly service fees to keep your online store open. 

 #4 Selling Unwanted Gift Cards 

Got a drawer full of gift cards for restaurants, cafes, and stores you’ll never visit? You can return or resell them for money. Raise makes it easy to get your gift card up for sale. 

You can be paid in cash or exchange it for a card that you will use. Redeeming your gift card can make your card more valuable than just selling it. 

The sales process is quick and easy as most stores allow you to transfer your card details online. First, insert your card, the marketplace checks your balance, and receive immediate payment when a buyer accepts your offer.

You’ll sell your unwanted gift cards below face value, but you’ll have the option to spend the proceeds on something you need. 

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 #5 Selling Clothes Online

  Another way to make money is to sell clothes online. Selling clothes can easily be an “evergreen” side hustle. After all, we all get dressed in the morning. Not only can you clean out your wardrobe, but you can also return the clothes you bought on the cheap.

 In my personal experience, my top choice for wholesale clothing is eBay and for a designer or unique items, I like to use Poshmark

And if you pay postage when you sell an item, be sure to weigh it before you list it. To explain, we lost money on the first two sales because we didn’t calculate the shipping costs.

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#6 Sell ​​Used Books  

Whether you’ve used textbooks or compelling novels to sell, people love to read. There are many options for selling used books online. My favorite is Bookscouter.

They will quickly compare prices from 42 suppliers. This feature allows you to negotiate the best price in seconds. 

As with clothes, you may decide to sell the books that you no longer want or you may want to make a stable side income from them. It all depends on how long you want to invest. Textbooks can get most of the money, but book-selling apps will also help you sell novels that are gathering dust on your shelf.

#7 Sell Movies and Music Online

Although many people stream their media these days, there’s something about having a hard copy of your favorites. It’s also easy to sell your DVDs and CDs online.

You can do it yourself on eBay or on a specialized site like Decluttr. Selling your used movies and music online can be more profitable than having a backyard sale. 

Best Tip: Bundle music and movies from similar artists or actors to reduce shipping costs when selling on eBay.

 #8 Selling Handmade Items  

Etsy is the largest online marketplace for handmade and vintage items. They will also allow you to sell crafting supplies. From homemade candles to crafts, to apparel, and home decor, Etsy can be your new favorite marketplace to connect with buyers.

 You should also try selling locally on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Selling in different marketplaces gives you maximum exposure to customers and potentially avoids selling fees. 

Several local communities also host annual craft fairs. These events allow artisans to sell handmade items and avoid shipping costs. If you enjoy making and selling handmade goods, this is a great option to earn some extra cash.

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