Affiliate Marketing With Amazon | Ultimate Step By Step Guide

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Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

What if I told you there is a way to make passive money online? Sounds good to be true? Well, there is a way to generate money online. All you need to do is work with the biggest e-commerce company in the world! With Amazon affiliate program, also known as Amazon Associates Program, you can monetize your online presence and earn a passive income. 

There’s plenty you’ll have to do in order to be a successful Amazon affiliate online. Let’s have a closer look at the details to understand the program and learn how you can become an Amazon associate.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon Affiliate or associate marketing programs like Amazon’s are basically arrangements in which an online product like Amazon pays affiliate websites or video channels a commission to send them traffic and/or sales.

All Affiliate websites link to the product site and are paid according to the program’s agreements. Amazon’s affiliate program, for example, pays affiliate websites based on the number of people they send to Amazon who also make any purchases on the site within 24 hours.

There are many advantages to affiliate marketing for both the products and participating affiliates. For the merchant, it’s an way to increase reach and maximize sales through affordable marketing. Because affiliate marketing is performance-based — affiliates are paid only when the action takes place — participants in the affiliate program are also motivated to drive traffic.

For affiliates, taking part in an Amazon associate program allows them to become involved in e-commerce without having to establish their own store or blog. It also provides the opportunity to monetize a website, blog, video channel or social media and earn a commission.

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Main Types Of Affiliate Marketing

  • Pay-Per-Sale: In this type of program, the owner pays an affiliate when the affiliate sends a customer from their links who makes a purchase. Some merchants pay the affiliate a fixed rate per sale while others, like Amazon, pay a commission on sale of product.
  • Pay-Per-Click: In this type, the affiliate is paid based on how many real visitors come at the merchant’s website via the affiliate link, and the affiliate is paid regardless of whether visitors make any purchase of product.
  • Pay-Per-Lead: In this type of affiliate pays affiliates based on the number of visitors to the affiliate website who sign up as leads or fill out the requested information on the site.

Amazon Affiliate Program

As affiliate programs go, the Amazon affiliate program can’t be beat in term of access and sheer size.
Amazon generated $386. 1 billion USD in revenue in 2020 a net income8%, making it the biggest online retailer in the globe.

This thing makes the Amazon affiliate program more attractive to small businesses and marketers, and makes Amazon associates and each Amazon affiliate part of a world market.
Whether it is a small business looking to take benefits of the Amazon affiliate or individual Amazon associates, there are many ways to generate revenue.

When you become an Amazon affiliate , you have access to a big range of tools including analytics and marketing to ensure you can increase your earning.

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Amazon Associates Program

The Amazon Local Associates program which was expanded last year gave local small businesses and individuals more opportunities they can maximize their profit.

Amazon associates with websites or other social presence can make recommendations on products sold by Amazon. This not only show a new way to make relation with customers, but it also creates an opportunity to get an affiliate fee with a qualifying product purchase.

With an stock of more than one million products, order fulfillment, delivery, returns and customer service, the Amazon affiliate program is a best place to start a business or enhance the capability of your current biz. But first you need to become an Amazon affiliate member.

How to Get Approved For Amazon’s Affiliate Program

Qualifying for the Amazon affiliate program is actually very easy. An affiliate-to-be only want an online platform—that is a website, video channel, or blog and promote any Amazon product to qualify for the program.

If you already have an Amazon affiliate account, you’ll need to log in before signing up for the affiliate program. After indicating that you need to create an amazon affiliate account, Amazon will ask for the URL of your website or social platform. Then, you’ll have to inform Amazon about the following:

  • How you will direct traffic to your website
  • How many monthly visitors your platform receives
  • Why you want to join Amazon’s affiliate

After filling out the all information, Amazon will ask for your tax information and your desire payment method. 
Then, you’re in. Amazon will send over a welcome email to your inbox and your journey as an Amazon affiliate marketer will have begun. 

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How Amazon Affiliate Program Works

Amazon Associates is a referral program. The affiliate marketers in the program advertise Amazon products and services of their desire on their website, blog, social platform or video channel. 

When a visitor of your website or video clicks on an affiliate link and make a purchases of product, the affiliates receive a commission of the sale. The commission is generally dependent on the type of product the customer purchases. 

How To Create Amazon Associates Account

Part 1> Become an Amazon Affiliate Member

First Things First: How does one qualify for the Amazon affiliate? Good news is, that’s relatively simple too. First, you’ll need a basic Amazon account. Second, a website, blog, or Youtube channel.

**It’s best to have a website/blog that is already active and getting some traffic for two reasons: (1) In your Amazon Associates you’ll need to describe your website (2) Without any traffic to start out , you’ve got a way higher chance of getting banned!

  • Log in to your Amazon regular account. At the bottom of the web page, you’ll find the “Become an Affiliate” option, marked below with the red arrow.
Become an Affiliate
  • Next the screen below will appear. Fill in all the basic information about you and hit next.
  • Provide your website/ YouTube channel/ blog address or URL in the boxes shown below. As I mentioned, you’re going to need at least one of these upon sign up.

*Make sure you list every and all the websites/social media platforms/ YouTube Channels you’ll be posting offers on – otherwise you could get banned!

  • Time to fill out of information about your website! Choose your Associates ID and provide a some information of what your website/channel is about. Then go on to answer questions on how you drive traffic to your website, channel or social platform and how you already/plan to monetize your website. This information is basically to help Amazon customize content for you or offer suggestions – it can be changed later in your Amazon Account settings.
  • That was it – you are now an Amazon affiliate member! Granted, one important step is missing, how to get paid Click on “Now” to finish this last component of your profile.
affiliate in amazone
  • There are 3 ways to get paid: direct deposit (depends on your country/bank), with an Amazon gift card, by check. Choose your desire payment method, but make sure to confirm it will work with your address, bank account etc.
  • Tax information depends on where you live, but the US Version is depicted below.
  • Now, you are not only officially part of the Amazon affiliate program, but also all set up to get paid Below is your default Amazon Associates Program dashboard where you can search for product links, see your earnings , and a monthly summary.

Part 2>How To Create an Amazon Affiliate Link

You’ve enrolled in the Amazon affiliate program – what’s left to do? Choosing products which you want to promote and getting your links. These are the links that you will be displaying in your website, blog, Social platforms or Youtube channel.

  • Hover over the Product Linking menu and click the Product Links button.
  • Either search for a specific product, or type in the product’s specific ASIN number. The 10 figure ASIN is found within the Product Information of section, as shown below.
  • Based on the search results, select the product you want to promote and click on “Get Link”.
  • You are now at the “Customize & Get your HTML code” last step. Here, you can choose your link in desire form of text, image, or text and image. Below I have both “Text and Image” selected.
  • Not exactly a fifth step, but rather another route to getting a product HTML code link is the “Amazon SiteStripe” function.

Simply click which format you want your ad in (Text, Image or Text + Image), a window will appear (as you can see below), and copy your code and paste to your website or other places.



The Amazon Associates program operates using a standard commission rates. A list of product categories and their fixed commission rates are found on the Operating Agreement, which includes but is not limited to:1

  • Luxury Beauty – 10%
  • Music and Videos – 5%
  • Books, Kitchen, and Automotive – 4.5%
  • PC, DVD, and Blue-Ray – 2.5%
  • TV and Digital Video Games – 2%
  • Amazon Fresh,, Game Consoles, Grocery, Personal Care – 1%

The Amazon Associate program also offers a variety of “Bounty” and “Bonus” events to receive extra ways of affiliate commission. Bounty Events include:

  • Subscription to Prime Video – $2.50
  • Creation of an Amazon Biz Account – $15
  • Amazon Music Free Trial – $3

There are also two Amazon Bonus Events, which also operate with fixed dollar rates:

  • First purchase of Amazon new products – $3

Various products and income and categories exist. It’s recommended that Amazon affiliates make themselves conscious of each category, as some aren’t eligible for commission (such as Audible AudioBook and Audible Premium).

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Conversion Rate

The fixed percentage isn’t the only factor that’s considered when calculating an Amazon Affiliate incomes.

The conversion rate is calculated by determining what percentage of visitors to your website basically follow the affiliate link and make a purchase of product in the Amazon market. For example, if your site getting a 100 visitors, but only one person follows the affiliate link to make a purchase, the conversion rate is 1. The more visitors who make a purchase of any product from affiliate link, the higher your conversion rate and the better your affiliate commission.

Extra Commission Opportunities

Not only can Amazon Associates earn a commission of purchases made using the affiliate link, but they also receive a commission of all the purchases made by the consumer within a 24-hour window after following the link to the marketplace.

However, once the 24-hour period ends, the affiliate will no longer receive a commission of future purchases made by the same consumer.

If a consumer follows an affiliate link, adds the merchandise to their Amazon cart, and closes the window before making a purchase, there’s still an opportunity that the Amazon Associate will receive some commission—just as long as it’s added to the shopping cart within the 24-hour window and purchase before the shopping cart goes end. This takes 90 days.

Pros and Cons of the Amazon Affiliate Program

Earning income simply for linking to an Amazon product could appear like a no-brainer, but there are a couple of things to think about before becoming an Amazon affiliate. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Amazon affiliate program.


• It’s simple to become an Amazon affiliate. You can register and share affiliate links to the products described in the next section within a few minutes.

• Amazon is an authority in the field of e-commerce. The retail giant is a trusted, well-known brand, so affiliates don’t need to sell visitors on purchasing from the website, YouTube channel or social.

• There are many products to advertise.There are more than 3 billion products available for purchase on services such as Prime Video, so there is no shortage of products sold through affiliate links.

• In addition to the products linked to, members can also earn income from the products. When you send traffic to Amazon through affiliate links where users sell, they will receive a certain percentage of all the products they buy within 24 hours. And because Amazon is an expert in upsells and conversions, buyers may add multiple products to their shopping carts.


• Amazon’s commissions in certain categories are very low. While the Amazon Associates program features a commission rate of up to 10 percent for a few items, like luxury beauty products, others, like computer game consoles, are as low as 1 percent.

• The Amazon Affiliate Program Operating Agreement may be difficult to understand andUpdate so that it is easy to find non-compliant members without updating.

• If you don’t have already got a web site with product reviews or other suitable content that It can be an honest affiliate link that takes a lot of time, effort, and maintenance to create.


You should now have a good understanding of how the Amazon affiliate program works and how to use it. While the thought of earning a gentle income while performing from the comfort of Your home sounds attractive, and it is important to know that Amazon affiliate marketing is not easy.

Their incentives are based entirely on conversion. This is easier for people who already have a reputable website or a large number of social media followers on the Internet. For those looking to start out from scratch, this is often a way harder endeavor. But like everything in life, smart work and perseverance can quickly become a partner’s success.

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