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AVG Antivirus is that the best free antivirus package we tend to reviewed. It is an honest selection if you simply would like basic malware protection and don’t need to procure advanced options, otherwise you will use it in tandem along with your current antivirus program as a second layer of protection. AVG Antivirus may be a sensible choice if you simply would like basic malware protection and don’t need to procure advanced options, otherwise you will use it in tandem with your current antivirus program as a second layer of protection.

Download Free AVG Anti-Virus For PC

Download AVG Anti-Virus For Android


AVG has a generous free giving that gives basic protection against malware. It additionally provides ransomware protection, a feature that a lot of antiviruses hide behind a paywall. Additional protection measures, such as download monitoring and email protection, are included, as well.

AVG’s Secure Browser is included with each install. This Avast Secure Browser clone mimics the design and feel of Google Chrome with a listing of intrinsic extensions. Of the list, the password manager, ad blocker and privacy cleaner are our favorites.

We like Secure Browser tons, which isn’t surprising since it’s the same as Avast’s offering. We still don’t like the lack of Google integration or default Yahoo search engine, though. Overall, it’s higher than web soul and Firefox, but not as nice as Chrome. If security may be a concern for you, check that to see out our guide to the foremost secure net browsers.

The built-in password manager isn’t on the level of Dashlane, our best password manager (read our Dashlane review). It’s the same as Chrome’s built-in password manager, that is to say, it’s basic. It gets the duty done, however we tend to advocate one thing with a lot of heft.

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AVG’s Paid Features

AVG’s feature set kicks in with Internet Security. You’re obtaining identical basic protection as AVG Free, at the side of measures together with a firewall, webcam protection and file encryption. It also includes Android protection if you want to protect your mobile device.

AVG ultimate combines two products: net Security and TuneUp. It’s the sole addition to the feature set, but TuneUp is worth the premium. It’ll clean your machine of extraneous files, find applications that are slowing performance and help identify disk errors.

While not enclosed, AVG offers its virtual private network, Secure VPN, as a privacy tool. It’s the same as Avast’s SecureLine VPN, which is decent, but unimpressive given the price.

AVG AntiVirus Benefits

Keep Data, Files, And Identity Safe

Business and customer data is one of the most important assets of a company. When hackers and malware sneak in, this data can be compromised, resulting in data breaches and disruptions of business operations. AVG AntiVirus is designed to stay vital information and files safe, private, and out of the hands of hackers.

To keep information safe, the package encrypts and stores company files and documents onto a virtual disk on a laptop that is protected by a positive identification. It additionally has an advanced phisticated} file device that deletes files firmly so no one will recover them with malicious intent. In addition, AVG AntiVirus has an anti-spyware that prevents identity theft by detecting spyware and adware which collect personal information.

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Protect Network Through Link Scanning

AVG AntiVirus assists keep a network safe from cyber threats, making sure companies and their employees will be able to access the Internet securely and safely. Before webpage loads and opens in a browser, the software scans it first and shows a safety rating in the search engine results. Thus, once users click links, AVG AntiVirus warns them about anything suspicious.

Email Shield Technology

The associatetivirus package additionally provides an email defend technology that mechanically scans emails and removes content that contains malware or any security threats. It blocks email attachments that square measure suspicious and dangerous.

Smart Scanner

Aside from keeping information, files, and networks safe, AVG AntiVirus ensures that PC devices are protected against malware and hackers. Through the aid of its advanced scanning engine, it automatically scans computers when employees are not working. This smart scanning technology never sleeps; and as it does the hard work, it lets employees focus on performing their jobs.

Remote Management

AVG AntiVirus provides a awfully fascinating capability that permits directors to remotely install and tack the package from one location. Thus, they’re going to be able to deploy the package to any or all the computers on their network simply. Also, the package updates itself mechanically therefore it will shield the devices from the newest threats.

Powerful Mobile Security

With AVG AntiVirus, smartphones and tablets employed by staff are protected against the newest viruses, malware, spyware, unsafe apps and settings, and unwanted callers. This is as a result of it delivers AN antivirus app for golem devices which might be downloaded from Google Play. Once the app is put in, it runs silently, providing users with powerful mobile security.

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Anti-Theft And Camera Trap

When users lose their business phone or pill, AVG AntiVirus enables them to track it by visiting AVG’s Anti-Theft website. From this site, they’ll be ready to lock the device, activate AN alarm, or wipe its knowledge remotely. In case their phone or pill falls into the incorrect hands, users can identify the person who got it through the aid of AVG AntiVirus’ Camera Trap feature. When a stealer tries to unlock the device however fails thrice, Camera trap captures a secret pic of the person and sends it via email to the owner of the phone or tablet.

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