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We are in an era where screen recording has become very important especially for gamers. You are not a gamer? Don’t worry. However much Bandicam has been most optimized for high-speed gaming, you can also use it to record tutorials, walkthroughs, online lessons or even take screenshots of anything on your desktop screen that you can later share.

Besides Bandicam being a lightweight screencasting software for Windows, it comes with a simple and intuitive interface that is eye-catching for first-time users so you can be assured you will not get bored by the UI.

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What is Bandicam?

Bandicam is a desktop screen recording tool and video/game recording software which offers different recording modes which are the game recording mode, device recording mode, video recording mode, and screen recording mode.

Designed to capture and record gaming sessions, computer/video tutorials, online academic lessons, and walkthroughs; Bandicam is a recording software that is recommended for businesses and professionals aiming to produce short videos especially tutorial videos for their Youtube Channel or Social Media department or team.

Using Nvidia’s H.264 codec in its recording capabilities, Bandicam has the ability to compress a file to a smaller size but can still maintain the quality of the original work or video.

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The game recording functionality of the recording software enables users to record game videos and gaming sessions which context or program is using the DirectX/OpenGL graphic technologies, recording them in full screen HD while not as well as window borders swimmingly and cleanly.

Designed with a straightforward to use interface, Bandicam ‘s screen capturing, video and sound recording, and device recording features aim to help freelance filmmakers and video editors as well as Youtubers capture their footages in straightforward ways however of top quality.

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Bandicam webcam Recorder will well handle the hardware accelerated h.264 encoder of NVidia NVENC/CUDA, Intel Quick Sync video, and AMD VCE which allow videos to be recorded at high speed, with a high compression ratio while still maintaining excellent quality. You can record the following
Record the real-time webcam video – a webcam is needed
Record video game consoles – you will need a capture card and an HDMI cable to achieve this

Record your iPhone, iPad, smartphone screen – a capture card and an MHL cable are required

Record Apple TVs or IPTV set-top boxes – just like video game consoles, a capture card and an HDMI cable are a requirement
So far we have reviewed the major modes of Bandicam.

We can not end the Bandicam review without looking at the main features that are availed to you to tinker with.

=> Select Area and Record

Select the area of the screen you want to be recorded and start recording instantly at the click of a button. You just have to choose whether you need the recording as a video or just a screenshot

=> Real-time Drawing

As the recording is going on you can draw or outline areas on your video or screenshot in real time. This can help when you need to emphasize on a point you are putting across or directing the viewer where to put their attention.

=> Adding Webcam Overlay

You can a personal touch to the video by adding a webcam video of yourself on the video that you are recording and make it seem like you are a part of the video.

=> Adding Narrations

You can enable the viewer to understand the video better by including your voice narrating what is happening.

You have a company, organization or personal logo? You can include that logo image on the video to clearly indicate to who the video is associated.

=> Mouse Effects

This comes in handy when you need to catch the attention of the viewer more by addition of mouse click effects and animations while recording. With this feature emphasized areas are more noticeable.

Bandicam system requirements

Thankfully, Bandicam has very low system requirements. The bad news is that you won’t be able to use this software with a Mac or Linux computer.
Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows XP(SP3)/Vista/7/8/10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 1500+
  • 512 MB or more of RAM
  • 1 GB or more of HDD
  • 800×600 16 bit color

Recommended Specifications:

  • Windows XP(SP3)/Vista/7/8/10 ( 32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Dual-core processor, such as Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 X2
  • 1 GB or more of RAM
  • 10 GB or more of HDD
  • 1024×768 16 bit color

=> Price

So, how much does Bandicam cost? At the time of writing of this text, you can buy Bandicam for $39 or 36€. That’s a bit on top of its competitors Fraps, D3DGear and Dxtory, but keep in mind that Bandicam comes with a higher functionality. Of course, you’ll be able to always try the free OBS, too.

Bandicam screen recorder for your pc
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