#Benefits Of Using Facebook Business Page

Benefits Of Using Facebook Business Page

If you are a Facebook user you probably should know what a Facebook page is. Just like your personal profile where you post your photos or albums, give a status your Facebook business page is the same thing where you put the pictures of your product and data as status normally referred to as Caption copy. Now what are the benefits Facebook business page?

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Well, there are tons of reasons why you should have one. Let’s have a look at some of the core reasons.

Top Benefits Of Using Facebook Business Page

=> Build Long-Term Relationships

Facebook pages are a really great way to centralize information and also engage with your customer base in a one-on-one format. Unlike quicker platforms like Twitter, or image-oriented ones like Instagram, Facebook gives you the space to create a more long-term, interactive platform where you or your social media employees can really engage with your customer base.

=> More Leads

Just having a like on your page isn’t enough to provide yourself a long-term, sustainable business. So you need to have a sustainable relationship with your customers using your Facebook page.

But what if Facebook disappears one day?

If you haven’t created a connection with the people of your page outside of Facebook, then you’ll be in trouble. That’s why smart businesses gather leads in the form of e-mail addresses, so they can contact their community outside of Facebook through contests, giveaways and newsletters and it’s a proven system.

=> Massive Exposure on Global Scale

Facebook is doubtless the large pappa of Social Media, towering over rest of the social media with over 1.2 billion user accounts. That’s a huge number for a total audience. More than 1.37 billion active users visit Facebook daily (source: Facebook as in Q3 2017).

Facebook offers multiple platforms for promoting within the kind of pages, groups, and ads. Facebook page for a personal or a business is that the preferred thanks to represent a personal or a business.

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A group page may be opened by a business or a company to push activities. Users will be part of this group and also post comments on the cluster page known as a wall. They can also interact through discussion threads.

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Facebook ads are extraordinarily fashionable & this quality has adult phenomenally in recent years. Since Facebook has quite a significant amount of demographic data of all of its users, the ads are designed to target users with extremely specific demographics selected by the advertiser.

An apt example of the huge reach of Facebook is that the “Dove Real Beauty Sketches” campaign dead back in 2013. In this campaign FBI sketch artists asked participants to describe their faces, followed by their relatives and friends being asked to do the same. The results showed that most people were overly criticizing themselves.

The campaign got shared over 6,30,000 times on Facebook inside 1st ten days of its unleash. Now that’s the sort of large exposure we’re talking regarding. This campaign was run a few years ago, Facebook as an outreach platform for brands has grown by leaps and bounds since then.

=> Efficient Channel of Communication

If your company roots itself in this sort of one-to-one engagement with customers, a great way to keep your base active is to pin posts to the top of your timeline. Often times, customers will visit your Facebook page en masse in search of information, to gauge your company’s stance on a particular issue, or because they are interested in learning more about your company in general.

A pinned post can serve many needs, from common inquiries to real-time issues, but perhaps its greatest use is to serve as a focused channel for communication. You can answer your customers’ questions, address company-wide issues or purchasing issues, announce sales, and more.

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=> Reach a Targeted Audience

In business you don’t need to focus on all to love your page or provide ads to them as a result of only a small proportion of them would truly engage with your posts and will buy your products. So, through Facebook you can specifically select to whom you want your ads to reach through media buying that costs less than you imagine but will work more effectively.

=>Low Marketing Expenses

Small businesses needn’t have a website, which obviously would cost money to develop, host and maintain. Instead a Facebook page for any business may be created freed from value and any content can be uploaded on this page. Even a small business will begin a Facebook page and show all of the knowledge regarding its product or services at nearly no value.

Then there are Facebook ads that enable you to focus on your potential customers. Since Facebook collects a number of demographic attributes for all its users, these can be utilized while creating target audience for your ad.
Facebook ads are quite budget friendly too, at least so far.

Ads can be charged on completely different bases relying upon what suits the user. CPM and CPC are the 2 fashionable charging strategies. CPM (Cost Per Million) is charged per thousand impressions whereas CPC (Cost Per Click) is chargeable per click.

Two lesser-used methods are OCPM (Optimized CPM), wherein Facebook shows an ad to those people who are likely to favorably respond to it, and CPA (Cost Per Action) which expects users to take a specific action (e.g. page like) when they come across your ad.

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Users can set daily limit on the amount to be spent in a day, to keep expenses within a budget. Your sales campaigns on the Facebook can be adjusted or modified real time, if the results are not on expected lines. Most Facebook ads area unit created for mobile devices, that presently form up regarding 66 of Facebook ad revenue.

=> Build Brand Loyalty

Besides building customer base and sell product, a Facebook business page may also build whole loyalty. What exactly does that mean? Well, if you consistently provide valuable and entertaining content, people on your page will stay loyal to you even when you make mistakes.

Additionally, people these days look online to find products they want to buy and they also recommend and markets your products by telling good things about your products and services both in and out of social media.

=> Increase Your Web Traffic

Big benefits of Facebook business page are You can also use your Facebook page to drive traffic to your website. On Facebook if you try to get engagement on your posts, then you’re really just an entertainer, not a marketer. So begin using link posts to drive traffic to your web site.

=> Be Mobile Ready

The vast majority of individuals uses Facebook on daily and are accessing the positioning via their mobile devices. As this trend grows, it becomes more and more necessary for your business to own a presence on Facebook.

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