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Out of the world’s best cloud storage services, Google Drive is over a storage service that offers an enormous scheme of tools and apps to users round the whole worldwide. You can go through the below mentioned 12 best benefits of google drive which force you to use it.
Through this write-up, I will now share with you the best of reasons as why you should move to the Google Drive!
Before exploring some handy tips and hacks to use Google Drive cleanly, here are few awesome reasons you need to know before using Google Drive like a pro.
Google Drive offers an amazing price proposition you can’t even believe.
Did you know that you simply will share massive files with none Email attachments or preview docs before sharing?
But, wait! This is not all that it only provides.
For accessing useful and stunning options of a Google Drive, you have to create a free account on Google first, if you don’t have one. Once you create an account, you will be surprised to know that it gives a free storage space of 15GB.

If you have got more room needs, you can also increase and upgrade your Drive’s storage to 100GB by paying Rs 130 per month.
Note that Google offers totally different storage plans at the minimum monthly value points. You can access free storage across Drive, Gmail, and Photos. Know more about Google Drive storage plans.
Let’s learn why moving on to the Google Drive brings tons a lot of price to you.
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Benefits Of Using Google Drive

Before explaining a lot of about the benefits, let’s find out what is Google Drive and what you can do with it.
Google Drive may be a web-based on-line storage service that comes from the Google family. If you have already got associate degree account on Google, you’ll be able to produce on-line docs, sheets, slides, forms and drawings directly via your Google Drive.
Also, you’ll be able to modification the access rights of specific files and may provide access to look at a file and counsel changes by adding comments, tagging people, and get quick notifications on a doc or via an Email.
Moreover, you’ll be able to authorize a selected person to try and do a time period written material and to figure a lot of collaboratively; you’ll be able to share files together with your team and therefore the business shoppers.

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Moving on to the Google Drive lets you expertise a easy interface, excessive cupboard space and easier accessibility on any device.
In addition, you need not worry about losing your files and folders because Google’s servers are much powerful to support you with the automatic backups.
Furthermore, you’ll be able to connect a lot of apps and even third-party tools to make respectable text documents, slides, and forms.

=> Link Google Drive With Gmail Account

Link Google Drive with Gmail account so on attach the Gmail files on to the drive. The attached file need not be uploaded again unlike in traditional practice where the attachment must be uploaded after clicking on the attach button. Google Drive asks to send solely the link of the file for the user to transfer it at his finish. So, rather than using the normal technique of attaching the files, use the option of Google Drive to make the process faster and convenient.

=> Backup Your Precious Files

Do you have photos of a family vacation that mean the planet to you, or some important business documents that you just cannot afford to lose? Google Drive may be a higher storage various than associate degree external drive or USB stick as a result of they will each begin to malfunction or become corrupted over time, meaning that you’ can lose your precious files forever. Not with Google Drive, though.

=> Website Images Can Be Stored Easily

There is no got to store the photographs or links found on an internet site on the desktop or at the other place that you forget presently and it becomes difficult to retrieve the same. With Google Drive at your service any image or link that’s relevant for the business will merely be hold on in Google Drive by right clicking on the image or the link. Hit choice|the choice} ‘save to Google Drive’ and take the method any by clicking the relevant option from the 2 choices on the market i.e. ‘Save link to Google Drive’ or ‘Save image to Google Drive’. The retrieval process is as simple as the storage one. So just start utilising this amazing feature of Google Drive by installing the Chrome extension for saving the things like documents, videos, audios etc. to Google Drive.

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=> Efficient Built-in Search Engine

Google Drive has its terribly own intrinsic computer program, which allows you to search by file type, such as image, Word document or video, as well as by keyword. It also allows you to search by owner.

=> Edit The Google Drive Stuff Online

Images ar one thing that normally need piece of writing on a frequent basis. Google Drive makes it quite easy to edit the photographs saved here and simply demands one straightforward action from your facet i.e. to install Pixlr Editor on the Chrome browser. Pixlr editor has several attention-grabbing and relevant options that facilitate in piece of writing a photograph with nice ease. Just right click on the pic that you just got to edit, let it get open and then start experimenting with your editing skills. The experience that you will get will be nothing less than perfect as compared to Photoshop. The experts will be able to save a lot of time which in turn will help in the growth of the business.

=> Give Instagram Effect To The Photos

Filter the photos on Google Drive below various classes and provides them Instagram result. This is doable with the assistance of a feature known as Pixlr specific that is an extended feature of Google Chrome. Install it and provides {the pictures|the picgraphs|the images} the result of associate degree Instagram photo instantly by right clicking on a similar and gap it with Pixlr specific.

=> Improvise The Videos

Edit the videos using Pixorial Video. Install it to Google Chrome and then you can easily watch the videos online in the Drive, thanks to the Pixorial Video library. The videos is fashioned with nice ease by symptom many videos at a time and making a headline for a similar. The company professional will experiment along with his video piece of writing skills and if inventive enough will return up with the essential videos by simply trimming the acceptable video clips, adding music to it or make any required alterations.

=> Add The Files Directly To Google Drive

You must have found it very irritating to first open up the Drive and then add any file in it. Isn’t it? But now there is no need of doing the same as there has come an option to just download it and get it installed on the desktop. After the installation method is complete, navigate to ‘users’ first and then move to ‘yourusername’ option which in turn will take you to ‘AppData’ and then ‘roaming’. The further process includes selecting the ‘Microsoft’, ‘windows’ and finally ‘SendTo’. After following all these steps in strict sequence, right click and drag the Drive to ‘SendTo’ folder from the ‘Favourites’ panel. When you right click on the mouse, a menu appears and then you need to hit the ‘copy here’ option in the same. This has created it doable to line the Google Drive to ‘SendTo’ menu of the Windows. Now, it’s become a matter of one click just in case you want to feature a file to the Drive.

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=> Faster Execution Of Tasks

Google Drive allows to use several keyboard shortcuts like shift + N to undo the choice of the things or shift + s to develop a recent program in addition to several other useful ones.
Hope the higher than mentioned Google Drive benefits can win over you of its efficacy. Install it and reap much greater rewards in the near future!

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