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We all have that time when we want to record Skype calls and have need for safely collecting our Skype conversations for future use. Whether you need to store these interactive sessions for business or personal reasons, you will need to seek out the best Skype call recorders software to do that.

In the seek for the most effective Skype recorder for Windows, there are a couple of things one should look out for. The market is already saturated with a number of add-ons that saves conversations on Skype for Windows PC. So, as a potential user in the search for the best add-on for recording all your audio and video chats, you will need to look out for some key features and benefits.

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For Windows OS users who are seeking to own a good Skype call recording software package, the good thing is that you are at the right place.

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In this article, I will acquaint you with the list of 12 best Skype call recorders for Windows. For any Skype recording extra to rank in our list, there are a few features that must be looked out for. The quality of the call recording is of utmost importance. So is the format of saving the records that are made.

Top Skype Call Recorders

=> Pamela for Skype

Pamela for Skype is yet another great software that you can use on windows to record your Skype interviews or podcasts. It is one of the best call recorder for Skype that has so many opportunities to offer to a user. Highlights of what you get with Pamela are as follows, you get free Skype recording benefits, and this means that you don’t pay a penny to record any of your Skype calls. Pamela software for windows records Skype conversations automatically, this is amazing as you don’t require to do so much set up to record a Skype video.

Something that I found fascinating with Pamela for windows is the fact that you can have an auto chat reply, when you are not in a position to reply to a call or a message, you can request the person on the other end to leave a voice message on Skype which Pamela will save it for you till you are back.

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The message is customized to what you would want your friends to get; this makes Pamela one of best tools for recording your Skype calls. What makes Pamela unique is that it runs along with Skype, such that Pamela runs immediately Skype is launched. This is an indicator that you have the freedom to record all your Skype conversation including Skype interviews.

The only thing with Pamela is that in the event that you want to record any of your Skype calls, the person on the other end will have to approve of your action. Pamela for Skype makes it easy for you to access the call recordings. Using Pamela will give you one of the best experiences with Skype.

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=> Callnote For Windows

Callnote for Skype is a software that comes with so much to offer if you are into recording your Skype calls. It has a lot you play with which makes the experience more fun and enjoyable. I will focus on the possibilities that you get with Callnote whenever you want to record a Skype call or a video chat. Unlike most of the Skype extras, Callnote Skype call recording tool allows you to edit videos that you have recorded.

This is something that enables you to add a personal touch to a conversation that you may have had. Considering that you can add music, and titles to your Skype videos means that you can store your memories how you want to have them. Callnote allows you to post and share some of the conversations that you have had, I think it is a wonderful idea if you can share a video or a conversation that you have had on Skype with an interested party.

Sharing of such Skype call recording should be consented by both parties. It is illegal to share information that may infringe the rights of the other party. Anyone looking for a software for their Windows PC that can record Skype conversation will mainly put the focus on the audio and the video quality. Callnote happens to be the software that can give you the quality that you may want when recording all your Skype conversations.

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=> TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype

TalkHelper Skype call recorder is probably one of the best tools for recording your Skype video calls if you are using windows. It has been developed in such a way that it is easy to use and it does not have hustles that most of the Skype recording software’s have.

You are aware that there are various Skype versions right now and some of the software that record Skype calls are not able to work well with the latest Skype version or some might not work with outdated Skype plugins. This is why most people will opt for the TalkHelper as it works well with all the available Skype versions.

People using TalkHelper know that recording a Skype conference is automatic. So long as TalkHelper call recorder for Skype is running, any conversation you are having on Skype will be detected immediately and the recording will also be immediate. The quality of the Skype video that you simply record with the TalkHelper is really nice.

It actually makes watching the recorded conversation more interesting and fun. Saving a Skype video message is quite easy as it is stored in AVI files and you can play the any time on your windows computer. Something else which may get your attention is that Skype audio calls can be saved in MP3 format which is supported by gadgets such as phone calls.

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=> MP3 Skype Recorder

Like TalkHelper, One of the outstanding features of MP3 Skype Recorder is that it can collate information about the calls you make on Skype while using it. This makes it a good pick for a user who is meticulous about the information of the users they are conversing with.

It helps extract details like names and phone numbers of the calls you receive while using it. So, you can always make reference to who called you and when. It also saves your Skype recording in several formats like WAV and MP3 on Windows.

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=> Amolto Call Recorder

We must give it to Amolto for the easy to use interface. This is one of the most outstanding features that makes a conversation recorder for Skype rank in the best 12 categories. In this age where users are king, if a Windows app does not appeal to them via ease of use, it cannot fly.

Also, Amolto for Windows works well with other VOIP applications to save Skype calls and chats, so that makes it two good picks for the price of one. More so, it churns out high-quality video and audio format so that you are rest-assured of quality output.

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Final Words

There are various reasons that may make you want to record a Skype call. Some of the reasons might be genuine and others might not. In all these cases the fact remains that what is important is the personal motive of the one who might want to use Skype call recorders on a PC.

For a very long time, this has been a limiting factor to most of the people that use Skype in their day to day activities because they may need to ,make references to conversations that might have taken place some time ago.

Third party developers have made it possible to record activities that they undertake with Skype. There is no limit with what you can record and there are various tools to support that. You only have to choose the option that is ideal for your purpose.

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