( Search engine ) | All About Bing Org ( Search engine ) | All About Bing Org search engine launched in 2009 by the american software company Microsoft Corporation.Microsoft’s previous search engine, Live Search, from the time of its release in 2006 consistently trailed well behind those of Google Inc., the industry giant, and the Internet portal site of Yahoo! ( Search engine ) | All About Bing Org

Inc. Microsoft hoped to alter the dynamics of the search-engine market with the release of Bing, a “decision engine” designed to show a lot of retrieved data in search pages than was typical, thus enabling better-informed decisions concerning what links to follow or even, in some cases, displaying enough information to satisfy the original query.

Bing additionally displayed related searches and therefore the user’s previous searches on the left side of the page.

In july 2009 an agreement was reached during which Yahoo! would use Bing to power search on its internet site and would offer the sales division to work with corporations that sought to do special campaigns on Bing.

The Microsoft-Yahoo! arrangement was regular to last for 10 years, and Bing largely powered Yahoo! Search across the globe from 2012.

In Feb 2010 the social networking website Facebook—which had quite 400 million users and was the second most-visited computing device when Google—made an agreement with Microsoft to gift Bing results to users looking the planet Wide internet from within Facebook.

Although Bing’s market share was at first somewhat slow to realize thereon of Google or Yahoo!, the program was the second largest within the us as of 2016.

Major Search Bing Org Services

Bing provides more than web search. Below are some of our fashionable Bing classes, where you’ll be able to browse past coverage:
Bing => Our “everything” category for anything specifically to do with Bing, especially its search products and features.
Bing Mobile => Coverage of Bing’s efforts in the mobile search house.
Bing Maps & Local => Bing Maps is a serious challenger to Google Maps and offers an interesting array of “map apps” for particular searches.
Bing SEO => Articles from USA regarding obtaining listed for free via SEO within the Bing search engine.
Bing Travel => Bing’s travel search has gained a lot of attention, especially for its fare prediction service.
Microsoft adCenter => Stories regarding Bing’s paid search advertising program.

Microsoft => Our “everything” category, this lists all stories we’ve written about Microsoft and Bing, regardless of subtopic.

Bing launched with several features that are unique in the search market. For example, when you mouse-over a Bing result a small pop-up provides additional information for that result, including a contact e-mail address if available.

The main search box options suggestions as you type, and Bing’s travel search is touted as being the most effective on the net. Bing is expected to replace Microsoft Live Search.
The search engine is often compared to Google.

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