Camtasia Full Review | All About Camtasia

Camtasia Full Review | All About Camtasia

Camtasia Full Review

There are many reasons why we’d need a program that enables us to record what we are seeing on the screen of our computer, so it’s always good to have at hand a program that takes care of it. I test Camtasia 2018 to check how well it performs as a screen recorder and video tutorial maker. Read the Camtasia full review results for more.

The Camtasia video tutorial making software a popular and strong editor that connoisseurs of the digital edition choose due to its easy handling and one-time payment. All this and more makes this tool the perfect one to make your tutorials and different effects that you just will know better during this article.

What Is Camtasia?

“Camtasia is a screen recording & video editing program available for both Windows and Mac.”

Camtasia is a powerful and strong video editing software, which supports most every video media formats, and presents an easy-to-use demonstration and education video platform. It offers a set of capture & editing tools and takes its place as an industry standard for quite ten years.

The most used feature of Camtasia is that the screen capture and video file conversion, with the chance of recording user’s face with a separate window to display. Basically, it’s possible to record everything that happens on the computer or Mac: from applications, video clips and video games, even Skype conversations.

Camtasia is usually utilized by educators to create lessons, tutorials, or product demos. Once the video is edited, it are often shared on YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive and Screencast. It is also possible to feature effects, like highlights, animation, titles, transitions, and audio backgrounds. Additional features add transforming PowerPoint slides into video, making quizzes, or tracking who is interacting with uploaded content.

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Is Camtasia Free?

Camtasia Studio can be downloaded freely and you have full access to the program’s features for 30 days, which is more than enough to try it, check if you are interested and buy the license if you would like to offer a long-term use to that.

This strategy of free trial with 100% use of the program is undoubtedly very interesting for people to dare to buy the software. Its reasonable price for the features it provides, along with the series of video tutorials the software provides for you to learn how to handle it, have made of Camtasia a really tempting product during a short time.

=> Camtasia Usability

Camtasia Studio 8 is essentially two products: Recorder and Studio.

With the previous , you’ll record everything that happens on your screen, and truly is that the reason why Camtasia is renown as a reliable software. Indeed, with Recorder is extremely easy to urge a screenshot during a few clicks.

On the opposite hand, Studio is that the proper editing suite: its interface is pretty standard and follows the implicit rules of the professional video editing software, with the standard three panels view (bottom: timeline, upper left: library, upper right: preview)

=> Camtasia Characteristics

Record mouse movements: You can capture mouse movements, highlight it, make it bigger, and change the color so that it is noticeable with a circle around it.
Show keystrokes: You can record the keys you type on the screen so you can also add subtitles to the videos and each phrase you say.

Add notes and annotations: Add notes, captions, shapes, screen zoom and more. Camtasia Studio helps you better express your message to your audience.
Moving Graphics: Camtasia brings by default lots of moving animations you’ll increase the start or the top of your video, and during this way you’ll create the brand of your videos.

Music tracks: The software includes a gallery with royalty-free music to add into the videos, and also allows to import audio files from your computer.
Webcam recording: Record together with your camera while also recording the screen, easily and quickly.

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Camtasia website features a lot of video tutorial (as one can imagine), which explore every basic feature and most of the advanced ones; on the opposite hand, content covers every topic you’ll consider , speaking of the software and its features.

=> Pricing

Maybe Camtasia Studio 8 may be a bit pricey, although its price matches other professional suites. Upgrade from previous version is half the price of a brand-new license. At the instant this review is published, Camtasia Studio 8 for Mac costs a 3rd of its Windows counterpart, to focus on that TechSmith doesn’t want that Mac users pay for its shortage.

Hosting price is too high for what it offers, given that there are plenty of options to upload your videos with no expenses (just to name a few: YouTube or Vimeo) – but it’s an extra service and you don’t have to buy it to use Camtasia at its fullest.

Download Camtasia

Camtasia Features

Camtasia Full Review => Camtasia is actually multiple products during a single platform—a video maker, screen recorder, and video editor. The platform has the capability to create robust, interactive, and professional-looking videos that can be utilized for a wide variety of projects, from product demos to video content on YouTube.

The two major components of Camtasia are the Camtasia recorder and also the video editor. Camtasia Recorder may be a fully featured video recorder that permits users to record high-quality videos with audio directly from their video display. The Camtasia video editor is that the main software and also the main point for the product. It comes with an advanced timeline interface that permits you to efficiently manage multiple video clips simultaneously.

Using Camtasia allows you to supply high-quality videos on an expert level in three simple steps. First, you record your screen—anything you wish to record on the entire screen you’ll . Then, splice in video clips, images, audio, and even PowerPoint presentations you’ll want to incorporate . Once that’s done, you can finally start editing the video.

A clean and straightforward timeline interface makes the entire editing process a lot easier and more efficient. The software solution allows you to combine or split video clips, trim your recordings, and speed up or slow down the footage. You may also instantly preview your work directly from the Camtasia video editor. You can give your videos a bit of a polish by adding effects—through a drag-and-drop function—such as highlights, titles, animations, transitions, and more.

Camtasia offers several features built with beginners and advanced users in mind, making the answer one in all the foremost versatile all-in-one screen recorder and video editing software solutions available.

Webcam => A cool feature that allows users to add a bit of a personal touch to their videos.
Media => Enables you to import high-quality images, audio files, and video clips of up to 4K resolution.
Multi-track timeline => Allows users to make their videos quickly and simply with multiple tracks for video, audio, images, and text.
Voice narration => An excellent tool to use when trying to feature context to your videos.
Green screen => This is often a feature you’ll use if you wish to place yourself within the video and make it seem like you’re actually right within the action.
Interactivity => A feature that enables users to interact with their audience. You can add quizzes to figure out who is watching your content and how much they’ve actually viewed.
Other features that go with Camtasia include visual effects, audio effects, animations, transitions, annotations, and more.

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