Common Amateur Blogger Mistakes Stop These Mistakes Right Now

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Amateur Blogger Mistakes

If you are just starting your blog and what will turn it into a profitable blog later on, then it’s very important that you don’t make this amateur blogger mistakes.

You know why?

Because by making these mistake you are either going to take much longer to start making money from your blog or not going to make any money at all.

The only thing that matter is how they realize their mistakes and prevent them from happening in future. In first , it is essential to be aware of the most common blogging mistakes that every amateur blogger makes.

Believe me, if you read this post till the end and then you’ll get to know about your many mistakes that you should avoid as a new blogger.

Common Amateur Blogger Mistakes

#1 Robotic Approach

what do you think of your readers? Are there robots?

Most amateur bloggers treat their readers as boards.

They do not use personalistic words such as “YOU”,” I” . Always remember that the two persons in the blog post are The writer and The Reader that’s you and I.

This kind of work makes your reader return to your blog.

#2 Using a Free Platform And Non Self-Hosting

Free things are great right? Fine, Not if you are serious about blogging.One of the biggest amateur blogging mistakes you all can do is about not self-hosting. What is self hosting? In simple terms. if you have a blog like this, then it is called as self hosting blog.

Whereas starting a blog on, let’s say my is called not self hosting. In the first case, you are creating a domain name for yourself and creating your site on WordPress likely.

Many people feel that why invest if you are starting a blog as a hobby. Well, if the blogging is going to be a hobby for you forever, then it is fine, but honestly, even in that case I don’t suggest you invest a little and have your domain.

If you are serious about blogging get your domain name as self host. No, no etc.

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#3 Picking The Wrong Niche For Your Blog

This is one of the biggest and most embarrassing mistake is making amateur blogger the significance of choosing and appropriate for your blog cannot be overstated. As a matter of fact, using the wrong niche for your blog can get in the way of your blogging success.

Always avoid the mistake of choosing the wrong niche because it looks profitable. if it’s wrong to pick a topic you don’t have experience of personal interest in, as it will come increasingly difficult to write engaging content consistently.

It’s best to start out with writing about what you like and connecting with the community of other bloggers who share related to your interest. However, you should consider your blog’s market value. Picking a narrow blog niche is important but you also have to make sure it is something other people will love to read.

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#4 You Share Only Your Stuff

As a new blogger almost everyone share only their stuff. You think twice before sharing other blogger content.

You Know Why?

As this selfish?’s the natural tendency of human being to be selfish to a certain extent.

In the beginning of your blogging career, to build relations with other, you have to leave nice comments on other popular bloggers blog and share other popular stuff in your niche.

#4 Think That Traffic Will Come Automatically

This is the most common blogging mistake amateur bloggers make.After publishing their article they think that they will start getting traffic automatically.

So they cannot share their articles on other social media networks.

So if you also making this mistake I just say you avoid from it and share your content on social media for getting traffic.

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#6 Don’t Make Email list

More than 45% new bloggers don’t make any email list this is a big mistake.

Remember, If you are not converting your blog visitors into direct to your audience, then its just traffic, which visit your site read your article leave your site.

If you are building your email list it means that you are converting your traffic to your audience.

So avoid from this mistake and build your email list this is a best for your business and this email list make your business famous and help you to getting more traffic long time on your every article.

If you have no idea how to build your email list click on this link and follow.

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#7 Using Extra And Unwanted Plugins

Many amateur bloggers always try to make their website perfect and professional for this purpose they use extra plugins without any research and Idea.

All these plugins make their website very slow and generate many duplicated things on your websites.

You know search engine don’t like the duplicate things on any website and not rank these websites on first pages.

So, If you are new, I suggest you don’t use extra plugins and before using any plugin search on internet and see which plugins important for you and helpful for you just use these plugins and remove the extra plugin if you have already installed.

if you have no idea just click on this link and see which plugins are important for you.

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Common Amateur Blogger Mistakes

#8 Linking With Others

Most of us think twice before linking to others as an amateur blogger.

Without linking to others how you can expect others will link to you?

You know blogging is all about give and get so if you give the others you get from others.

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#09 Not Focus On Website Speed

This is also a big mistake that almost every amateur blogger makes. They just think to buy a new domain and hosting and install WordPress, and think all work done. And then start to creating new content for their websites.

They don’t think about that speed of any website is very very important factor for SEO.

This is one of Google algorithm practices that page speed one of the big factor SEO ranking.

You can use this free tool to check your website speed and also these to give you suggestions how to fix your issues which make your website slow.

Free Speed Test Tools: GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed, Pingdom

So if you are a amateur blogger then try to increase your website speed. To boost your site speed you can use these plugins for your blogs.

Increase Website Speed With These Plugins: WP-Rocket, NitroPack, WP Fastest Cache, WP Super Cache

 #10 Copy Others Content

Almost every amateur blogger thinks writing their own content is very hard task, and they make a mistake here. Because of this thought, they copy other blogger content and use some modification and use some rephrase website and use that content without taking permission from their person.

 This is the main reason why amateur bloggers post not rank in Google search engine.  Because content that you are posting on your website is already available on Google search and for this reason your content is into plagiarism.

 If you are using others content on your website, then your blog cannot rank on google.So Google Blacklist your website because of this mistake you this affects your blog in the long term. 

 So, if you want to be a successful blogger,then writing your own content. If you are going to make money from blogging you have to write your organic content.

  #11 Failure To Optimize Your Blog For Google Search

 The moment you start publishing your blog, you need to optimize it for Google search engine or for other search engines. Failure to  optimize your content will force you to revisit and update your work in the future. Which is hectic and straining,SEO  is not as easy as it seems. It has many different aspects, However,when you hire any SEO export, he or she will know is know well what to do and give you tips to optimize your website.

 You can start by optimize your post titles and descriptions for keywords to make your blog visible, when you try these keywords on Google search engine. Besides this you also need to make the entire article optimized for keywords in your niche. You need a well thought strategy for this. Here are some points which I also just add you use in your blog.

  •   Keyword research
  •  Optimize your post
  •   Choose great blog title
  •  Outline your article
  •  Publish and share on social networks
  •  Rinse and repeat

Some More Amateur Blogger Mistakes

=> Don’t Publish Content Regularly
=> Use Unwanted Theme
=> Don’t Keyword Research
=> Remove Bad Links From Your Website

Final Words

This article discussed some of the most common mistakes amateur bloggers make. By avoiding these mistakes, you can improve the quality of your blog posts and help them stand out from the crowd. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends and colleagues.

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