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What is E- Learning

What Is E-learning ?

E-learning is a training provided via a PC or other digital device, allowing technology to facilitate learning anytime. What is E- Learning

E learning lends itself to each firm (from retail to financial to healthcare) and each kind of training (from compliance to technical to manufacturing to systems), especially with the appliance of technology ( simulations, personalization, social elements).

Types of E-learning

E-learning programmes can take many different forms. Here are just a few examples:

  • Active learning
  • Bite-size learning
  • Blended learning
  • Distance learning
  • Online training
  • Rapid e-learning

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Why Is E Learning Valuable?

E-learning offers many benefits that more traditional training options, like facilitated sessions or lectures, don’t provide. For example, e learning …

Can be either an asynchronous or synchronous activity=> Traditionally, e learning has been asynchronous, which suggests there’s no predetermined time for the training to require place.

Everyone can go at their own pace, and take their time to find out what they have to understand , once they got to realize it .

However, e learning is now being offered through web conferencing and chat options. The great thing about e learning is it gives you the choice to try and do either or both.

Has a global reach=> e learning can simply be placed online and simply accessed by people round the world. There`s no need for expensive travel or meetings across multiple time zones.

Spans multiple devices/mobile=> Online courses can work on computers also as on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This means e learning courses can literally be within the hands of the people that need them in the least times.

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Is just-in needs-based=> e learning authoring software is very easy to use that everyone can create, publish, and share a course within a couple of hours, allowing you to supply people with resources and training they will access right once they need it.

Is more effective=> With E-learning, you’ll develop a course which will be distributed electronically to thousands rather than having to arrange in-person training sessions whenever people got to be brought up to speed.

Reduces Expense=> All of the above mentioned factors end in a price savings for organizations that use e learning courses to exchange a number of their traditional instructor-led training.

Allows for consistent quality and content=> once you develop an e learning course, you’ll deliver a similar message to all or any learners consistently.

In classroom training, the message, equipment, and other conditions can vary widely from one session to subsequent , which may affect the result of the course.
And that’s just the beginning! As you’ll see, e learning are often a very valuable asset to your organization.

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Why Do Organization Use E learning?

To scale, save money, and save learners’ time. Without the value of classroom logistics, and by allowing learners to self-guide through the course, organizations are spending less, and learners are learning more.

In research claims “e Learning saves businesses a minimum of 50% once they replace traditional instructor-based training with E-Learning [and it] cuts down instruction time by up to 60%.”

It lends itself to global delivery, capitalizes on the rich media available with today’s technology, and applies adult learning principles to focus on an audience wont to having real-time information from the smartphone in their hands.

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