Free Teamviewer Alternatives in 2020

Free Teamviewer Alternatives

TeamViewer long enjoyed the benefits of being the first remote control software solution in IT, but complaints about the high price point and a series of worrisome hacks have left many seeking out alternatives. Free Teamviewer Alternatives

But TeamViewer remains a really useful solution with many helpful features, it’s within the best interest of any IT team to think about all the choices at their disposal. There are many top TeamViewer alternatives available to them, and that i think many of them are similar or maybe superior to TeamViewer in a minimum of one crucial category useful .

I’ve evaluated a complete of nine different software solutions that would potentially replace TeamViewer as a foreign management tool for managed service providers: Mikogo, Splashtop, Chrome Remote Desktop,, VNC Connect, Webex Meetings, LogMeIn Pro, DWService, and also the Dameware® Remote Support and Dameware Remote Everywhere solutions.

That last option is what i’d recommend to most IT or MSP folks trying to find a comprehensive solution for remote management. Dameware simply offers more features and simple use around controlling and monitoring devices remotely than the other item on the list, and provides greater security than TeamViewer is outwardly ready to furnish its users.

Free Teamviewer Alternatives

#1=> AnyDesk Remote Access

AnyDesk is that the best available alternative and it also works within the same manner to TeamViewer. The name itself clears out its intending to remotely control and manage data from anywhere, anytime, and from any desktop.

Like Teamviewer, it’s also available for free of charge for personal use and there are different pricing options available for businesses. AnyDesk may be a really lightweight software with a size of just 2.8 MB. additionally , with AnyDesk you’ll own your network, collaborate online, record sessions, and obtain high-performance results.

Why AnyDesk?

AnyDesk has been listed with the top of the list as it’s the simplest competitor to TeamViewer and it had been also developed by the previous TeamViewer. Not limited to this, the users don’t need to entrust their data to a cloud base service. they’ll directly access all files, programs, and documents from anywhere within the world.

#2=> Bomgar Remote Support

When it comes security, Bomgar Remote Support beat every other software during this list. the most common issue with Teamviewer is that it’s less secure. Hacker’s can easily hack your computer using Teamviewer. This problem made many business owners worried about their security.

Bomgar Remote Support saw a chance in this and created the most secure remote desktop software. There are many security measures which they need taken. albeit there are other users on your local network, Bomgar Remote Support makes sure that your data never get mixed with them. This is another major issue with T.viewer.

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There are many other features like reliable support. you’ll easily get assistance if you’re stuck on anything. Bomgar also allows third party app integrations with an app like Google Docs. This makes your communication much simple and easier. For business users, this feature is extremely important.

Bomgar Remote Desktop software is out there on all the main platforms. you’ll get a free trial for a month after which you’ve got to pay $1995/year. the worth is sort of high, but this software is formed for businesses only. Most of the business owners are going to be willing to pay this amount of cash for security.

#3=> LogMeIn

LogMeIn Free computer software provides you remote control of up to 10 connections from your PCs or Macs from any of the opposite computers with an online connection.

LogMeIn provides you with quick, straightforward remote access to your PC or Mac from your browser, desktop, and mobile devices. Many of the Premium features like file transfer, file sharing, and remote printing assist you keep connected and productive wherever you go.

Control your computers with LogMeIn for iOS and Android: it includes remote application access and file management.

Works with an account subscription of the LogMeIn Pro on your PC, which additionally includes access out of your desktop and net browser, so all the items you would like are in the least times at your fingertips.

Access your files, data, and other applications and find stuff done:
=> Get Access your home and work computers on the go
=> Control your Mac or PC as should you’re sitting right ahead of it
=> Get to your computer files and edit them out of your system
=> Remotely run any application on your PC

#4=> Dameware Remote Everywhere

Offering remote desktop support for Windows, macOS X, and Linux computers, Dameware is, in my opinion, the strongest remote management software solution on the market far and away .

It’s an amazing very strong TeamViewer alternative for Windows, because it allows admins to feature users to Active Directory and simply grant them specific permissions through its AD management tool. you’ll reboot sleeping or frozen computers remotely, chat with end users, and even take one-click screenshots of remote devices.

Dameware Remote Everywhere is additionally a cloud-based solution, offering the agility and ease-of-use you’d expect from a SaaS tool. Dameware beats out that software in practically every other category—it’s also one of the only solutions on this list built specifically for MSPs.

#5=> Real VNC

RealVNC is the remote control software that will allow you to view and work together with one PC desktop (the “VNC server”) using a secure program (the “VNC viewer”) on another PC desktop anyplace on the Internet.

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The all supported platforms for Real VNC are Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi. The software is free to use for personal use, whereas it’s $30 per desktop for the Personal Commercial Use and $44 per desktop for the Enterprise Use.

#6=> Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is another desktop software tool crafted by Google under their unofficial proprietary protocol called “Chromoting”. It provides two different elements i.e. Remote Access and Remote Support. This software is totally open source and free to use.

One can remotely access desktop remote from anywhere.

It allows you to peek into other’s computer whether it’s your mother’s desktop or your colleagues’ laptop, you’ll access it from anywhere. All you want to do is just configure some settings in the Google Chrome web browser, make a connection and give a name to your PC and there you are.


Its Free There is no price for using Chrome Remote Desktop. All your requirements are completed by the Google Chrome browser.

Why Chrome Remote Desktop?

There are many reasons to use this software because it is the product provided by the highly reputed firm “Google”. Moreover, this software is completely free to use and is very secure. Although there are fewer features available, still it stands out to get on the second position within the list.

#7=> Connectwise Control

ConnectWise Control
is marketed towards business owners. This software is perfect for corporate users. They have made this software consistent with corporate needs. You can still use this software as a private user, but it’s not recommended for individual users. This is best alternatives available for you.

ConnectWise Control uses 256-bit encryption to make your connection save and secure. You can also integrate third apps with ConnectWise. Other apps like Google Analytics and Slack helps in managing your business.

This feature is missing from Teamviewer. It gives an upper hand to ConnectWise when compared with Teamviewer. You can get a free month trial after which you’ve got to pay only $19/month.

#8=> is as simple because it gets when it comes to setting up meetings. Its big point is one-click meeting scheduling, which comes with a recording tool.

People from anywhere on earth can be connected to one another at the exact same time, and there’s no ceiling on the number of voice calls you can make. Pricing is cheap , as well: the service is free for basic voice IP, then goes up to a monthly $19 fee for enterprise users.

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The one-click option of is best, but its weakness is its lack of flexibility: it only works with Windows and macOS X. That can drag if your enterprise environment is big and varied.

#9=> Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is freed from charge, quick and easy choice to gain remote sharing and remote desktop control solution for every people and corporations alike. In contrast to the big remote desktop software program, the device is available in as a small application below 1MB.

Along with remotely connecting to the different systems, you may also perform actions like file transfers and live chat. Supported by Windows, safe connection and straightforward to handle software makes Ammyy Admin one of the most popular free remote desktop clients.

Whereas it’s free for non-commercial makes use of, the Starter, Premium, and Corporate licensed tools are priced at just $33.90, $66.90 and $99.90 respectively.

#10=> Supremo

is the lightest alternative available to Teamviewer. It allows you to attach to other remote computers in seconds. The best thing about Supremo is that it has a light installer. You won’t find any complications while installing this software. It also has 256-bit encryption which makes your connection more save and more secure when compared with Teamviewer.

One real thing about Supremo is that supremo allows you to add your own logo in this. This is perfect for business owners. Supremo is totaly free to use on your local networks. So if you want to use supremo to access other remote computers you want to buy a license.

Supremo is not supported on Mac OS. If you’re a Mac user, then try trying to find another alternative. Also, it doesn’t have any voice support. You can get a free trial after which you’ve got to pay $119/year.

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