#1 Free Keyword Research Tool Google Keyword Planner Ultimate Guide

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When it comes to creating Epic content, sitting down and just writing something is not enough. it wants to be helpful well thought-out and easy to find when people want it most.

So how do you create content and uses data from Google by using one of Google’s own tools, Google keyword planner,to research exactly what people are searching for. Google keyword planner tool will tell you terms people are searching for, how many times for months they are searching for those terms( search volume), then how competitive those terms are.

First we Understand what is Google keyword planner


What Is Keyword Research Tool and Why It Is Important For You?

If you are new to search engine marketing,know that keyword research is one of the most important step in optimizing your website to perform better in the SERP.

Keyword research is a core task in SEO that involves finding popular words and phrases that are relevant to your business or industry in order to figure out what to rank. Many businesses start by making a list of keywords that are relevant to their businesses, but once you have that list, you have to being evaluating which keywords will work best for your individual campaigns and site pages.

Keyword research help you to better understand the demand for individual keywords and how hard it would be to complete for those terms in organic and paid search results.Understanding the competition will better help you adjust your strategy and Optimization efforts to rank better in SERP.

If you are using Google Ads Keyword Planner is a great way to being your research and start new campaigns.

What is Google Keyword Planner

There are dozens of Keyword finder tools available, but few are as popular as Google`s keyword tool. Google keyword tool offer marketers and advertisers many of valuable keyword ideas & data, such as related search terms, ad group ideas, keyword suggestions, keyword trend data and more.

Google keyword planner is a free tool included in the Google Ads suite. The name of tool clearly indicates its features. It’s designed to find the right keyword for your Google Ads campaigns.

A couple of useful new features were added to the tool such as historical and mobile search volumes on you metrics.

What Does The Keyword Planner Do

The keyword planner is a multi-functional rich feature tool that can help as big part of your keyword search and planning needs. Whether you are doing your first ever keyword research or already have a list of keywords, this keyword planner can help you.

From there, you can take that information to craft and incredibly useful content for your ideal customers.

Getting Started With Google Keyword Planner

In order to use Google Keyword Planner Tool, You need an active Google Ads account. But don’t worry, you don’t need to run any Ads for even enter your billing information. just follow the steps below, first you’ll need to go to Keyword Planner`s home page.

1> Once you are there click “Go To Keyword Planner”

2> If you don’t have an Ad Account create one. it will be e prompt you.

3> Next, you’ll be asked about your main advertising goal. just click the link “Experienced the Google Ads” underneath all the goals.

Google Keywords Planner

On the next screen, you’ll be asked to select a campaign type. You can skip this question to by clicking on “Create An Account Without a Campaign”.

Google Keyword Research

You’ll go through a few more screens that will ask you to confirm your business information. Click “Submit” this would not ask for credit card or billing info. At this point you should be in your new Google Ads platform.

Google Keyword Search

Now you just have to open up Google Keyword Planner. Google hide this in a little bit. To get to Google Keyword Planner Tool click on ” tools and setting” in the top right of the Ads platform and then click “Keyword Planner”.

Google Keyword Planner Free

How To Use Google Keyword Planner

One of the greatest benefits of using a Google Keyword Planner is that is free to use. Once you have access to Google Keyword Planner you have two options to get started.

  • 1> Discover New Keywords
  • 2> Get Search Volume and Forecasts

Discover New Keyword

Find Keywords allow you to enter your keyword Idea and Discover similar keywords that help you to find search engine ranking keywords which also help you reach people interested in your products or services. Get search volume and forecasts allow you to see the search volume and historical Metrics for your desire keywords as well as forecasts for future performance.

In Find Keyword Google instructs you to enter words, phrases or URL related to your business and it responds with your entered keywords as well as keyword suggestions. Each suggestion includes information on the average monthly searches, competition and the high and low costs for the top of the page bit that we mention before.

This keyword planner is also great for scoping out of your competitions keywords strategies as well. If you add a URL instead of a keyword or phrase, you can spy on your competitors and steal few words that they use of often on their site. All you have to do switch over to start with the website and paste in the URL to see all the keywords that are targeted on that website.

Search Volume and Forecasts Option

In Search Volume and Forecasts Option there are not any keyword suggestions. Instead it shows how many click and Impressions you can expect, if you decide to run an ad for your chosen keywords on Google Ads. You will also see estimated costs, the click- through-rate and cost per click.

This feature is really helpful if you have a long list of keywords and want to check their search volume. It does not, however, offer ideas for keywords. All you have to do is copy and paste your list of keywords into the search field and selected “get started”.

Both tools show the same keywords results page,the information on them is just slightly different depending on which you choose.

Can I Use Google Keyword Planner For Free

Yes, as well as you keep your Google Ads Account active. But it will be happen that you will not see all the data.Why? You know the fact that “free” is probably the best selling point of any product/Tool, Google decided to stop showing complete data for free.

In 2016, the exact search volumes of keywords stop showing for user that does not spend enough money on their ads. No one truly knows that what”enough money” means but but what we could see and read at least $100 per month is necessary. Of course, this can differ don’t take it as the only applicable rule of thumb.

Advanced Statics For Using Google Planner For Content Research

 we have covered the basic of using keyword planner. Now let’s go a step Deeper and you some text that are slightly more advanced. These text will really help you to dial in your  content.

 Find Commonly Asked Questions

  Commonly asked questions are  always great starting points for content. Google keyword Planner makes it relatively simple to find some.

1> After you have enter your keywords into Google keyword planner and gotten the keyword ideas, you know need to add a filter.

2> In the filter click “keyword text” then contain.

3> Enter in your question operators who, what, where, why etc

  When you are going through this process there will be plenty of keywords that would not work well for blog content. Anything location specific like where to buy product is not going to be good because the search intent is not right.  That visitor is looking to buy, not read content.

  Among the most important of these filters general keyword search test (included or excluded) average monthly searches, competition and top page bit filter.

The average monthly search option allows you to filter of keywords with high search volumes or low search volumes. Again search volume is extremely high there is typically more competition, so it is unlikely, you will want to target these. Similarly, if the search volume is  extremely low you might not feel that it’s worth it to target those keywords.

  Competition is usually listed as low, medium or high and you can filter the result as well. It is important to remember through that keyword planner was designed exclusively for Google ads. So if you are using Google Planner for SEO, these results are not accurate and it is recommended that you leave this option blank.

 Lastly are the top of page bid options for this  filter you actually have two options low range and high range. Essentially these options show  how much you can expect to pay for your ad to appear at top of the page for that keyword. If you have a low ad budget, these filters will help you find the keywords that best fits your strategy.

 Now that you know how to filter and use the many tools available in Keyword Planner, you can better analyse the keywords in the ideas  section and find the best option for your campaign strategy.

Final Words

Google’s Keyword Planner is a great tool for finding keywords relevant to your business. It allows you to see how many people are searching for a particular keyword, as well as the level of competition for that keyword. This article showed how to use the Keyword Planner to get the most out of your marketing efforts. Thanks for reading also share it with others.

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