Google My Business Full Guide Step By Step

Google My Business Full Guide Step By Step

What is Google My Business?

For starters, you want to know what Google My Business is before you decide to invest your time into trying it. As the name implies, Google My Business allows you to create a listing for your business on Google.

When a consumer researches your biz on Google or even searches for terms related to your biz you want to ensure they have all the information they need to visit, make a purchase, or contact your company.

How do you accomplish that, though? With Google My Business.

With Google My Business, not only can you create a listing for your business on Google, but you can also manage your company’s appearance on one of the world’s most popular search engines. Those features, as well as freedoms, offer your business a lot of perks.

That’s why Google My Business makes it easy to:

=> Encourage and interact with reviewers
=> Provide crucial information about your business, like your hours, telephone number , and more
=> Make it easy for your clients to get directions to your location
=> Promote company events and news
Add photos of your business
=> For users, as well as companies, Google My Business is an invaluable resource.

Go To Google My Business Website

Basics of Google My Business

If digital marketing could be a somewhat new endeavor for you and your business, there are some basics to acknowledge to make sure you fully understand GMB and also the value it offers.

=> Use of GMB is free. A Google My Business listing doesn’t replace your business website.

=> GMB complements your website by giving your biz a public identity with a listing on Google, the foremost popular search engine within the world.

=> The information of your website you provide about your biz can appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and on Google+.

=> If you’ve previously used certain Google tools to enrich your biz, or your business has been operating for a short time , chances are high that your business is already listed on Google My Business.


What Is Google My Business Useful For?

When users look for localized keywords or terms using Google, theyíre presented with relevant local business results, all tailored to the search term used. These searches can happen in a variety of places, including:

  • Google app search
  • Google search in third-party web browser or Google Chrome (mobile&desktop)
  • Google Maps in mobile/desktop browser
  • Google Maps app
  • Google Home voice search
  • Google Assistant voice search

Let’s assume you have a car wash business on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, NY. When someone searches for car wash lower east sides you’re getting to want your biz to seem within the results provided by Google, as this can be someone who is looking for a biz like yours in your area. This is where your Google biz listing (as a totally separate entity to your website) comes in.

if Google has access to a searchers location, local results are triggered by anything that’s seen by Google as a research with a local intent, which might be as simple as car wash or Barber (without the necessity to feature near me or in new York)

Depending on where they are searching, the customer will see local pack results, Google Maps results, or maybe have the local pack results read bent them by a Google Assistant.

While the companies surfaced by the search should be a similar, what actually shows within the Google listing depends on the search type. For example, Google will show just a couple of elements of GMB in your Google Maps listing, but leads to the local pack are far more rich, including review stars, pics, and sometimes even a snippet of a review.

When you found out your GMB listing, additionally to the broader visibility you get, you’ll have access to Google My Business Insights, which provides detailed information on how and where consumers are searching for your biz, as well as how far away they are when looking for directions, and much more.

Find out more on GMB in our Google My Biz Insights Study. Combining this along with your websites Google Analytics data creates a strong overview of how people find your website and listing and also the actions they take afterward.


Google My Business App For Android

Google My Business App For PC

Why Should You Set up GMB?

Google My Business is important if you would like to seem in maps and within the local pack listings which are returned for local queries. With an outsized chunk of SERP assets haunted by these especially on mobile having an excellent GMB listing represents a big opportunity for local businesses.

Google My Biz also allows customers to go away Google reviews, and with reviews amongst the foremost important local SEO ranking factors, this is often essential for any biz.

Simply put, an honest GMB listing is important for local SEO!

Setting It Up

Setting up GMB is free, and very easy too. First of all, it’s worth checking that your business isn’t already listed. If you are doing find a listing, simply undergo the method of claiming it.

You’ll got to create a GMB listing if there’s not one active.

=> Visit Google My Business, and click start Now:

Google my business login

=> Work through Google instructions, ensuring the business information you enter is as accurate and detailed as possible, also as according to the name, address and telephone number (NAP) found on your website, and across other online citations.

=> Making small mistakes here will affect your ability to rank locally verify the negative local ranking factors from Moz`s study and you’ll see all things like incorrect business category and mismatched phone numbers and address details.

=> Make sure you upload many good quality photographs too, to offer customers a visible representation of your business.

=> Once you’ve completed all the required fields, Google will send a postcode to the listed biz address with a verification code on. Verify the listing once you receive this and you’re good to go!

Is Google My Business free?

Yes! Your company can sign-up for GMB, as well as claim and manage your listings for free. You can even access and update your listing on-the-go with the free Google My Business mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

If anyone should contact your business about your Google My Biz listing expiring or requiring payment, they are most likely a spammer. Any changes to Google My Business will come directly from Google and the Google My Business site.

Does My Local Business Still Need a Website?

Yes, it does. While GMB is now the foremost important touch point during a local search, and lots of local business transactions can happen without the searcher ever visiting the businesses website, a website remains crucial to getting across your brands personality and supply samples of excellent customer experiences, among other things.

A local business website requirements will shift drastically based on the industry type, with hotels needing high-quality design and photography, and plumbers needing prominent contact info, lists of services and customer testimonials. So we’ll admit that some businesses definitely need a website more than others.

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However, regardless of what industry you’re in, Google is probably going to search out how to use information on your site to feed new features in SERPs, the Local Pack, your Google biz listing and more. Just check out on-site review star ratings now appearing in SERPs. This is a taster of what Google can do with information from your site, provided you create it and keep it up so far and according to all of your other biz listings.

Finally, although we haven’t touched on it here, we have to keep the power of organic traffic in mind. We know that on-page signals and organic traffic can still impact your local ranking, so attempt to optimize and update your website with great local content.

Our advice to any local business is to make an honest website that represents their business well, then shift focus to their GMB profile, ensuring that’s the primary to be updated with new business info and also the first to be checked for customer interactions via Google Reviews and Google Q&A. After all, consumers can still find your biz if you have a Google listing but no website, but they sure won’t be able to if it’s the other way around.

How Do I Get GMB Help?

Before contacting Google My Business, see if you can find the answers to your problem via the Google My Business Support Center. You might also want to browse our GMB Knowledge Center which has how-to articles and even the opportunity to chat live with an expert (more on these later).

In addition to the above two methods, there are four ways you can contact Google for your biz.

=> Call Google My Business Directly

Trying to find the GMB contact number is a lot harder than it should be. So, to make your life easier, we’ve provided the number below..Google my business contact number

To contact GMB via phone and speak with a live person, call 1-844-491-9665
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm EST

=> Contact Google My Business on Twitter

If you find the wait times unbearably long when trying to call Google My Business directly, another viable option that most are surprised to learn is contacting Google My Biz through Twitter.

To contact GMB on Twitter, simply send them a Tweet at @GoogleMyBiz.

=> GMB Forum

You can’t talk directly to a Google on the forum but can get advice from the Product Experts who have the ability to escalate issues if necessary. The GMB Forum is peer-supported and managed primarily by a group of Product Experts that have the ability to escalate issues and cases to Google.

You can see a list of the current Product Experts here. It’s best to post here if you want feedback on a particular issue, see something odd that you feel might be a bug, need clarification on a particular policy.


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