How I Use Twitter For My Business #Twitter

How I Use Twitter For My Business #Twitter

With hashtags and pinned tweets to Twitter lists and social media influencers, there is a lot to Twitter. With the proper marketing plan, businesses can use the platform to make successful social media campaigns to extend sales, boost brand recognition and increase customer service.

Twitter is a social network and online news website where people communicate with each and other in brief messages – up to 240 characters long – called tweets. Founded in 2006, Twitter is now one among the foremost popular social media platforms within the world. It’s currently ranked No. 8 in the United States and No. 13 internationally, according to internet analytics company Alexa.

Whether you’re new Twitter or want to start out using the platform to spice up your business, here’s everything you would like to understand about it.

How to Set Your Profile, Make Connections, and begin Expanding Your Business Exposure Through Twitter.
So for those already using Twitter for his or her business stay tuned for more ‘how to’ and tips about using Twitter for business!

For those of you who haven’t braved the Twitter social media waters quite yet, this text will provide compelling reasons why you must use Twitter for business then dive into the way to found out your profile and the way to urge started building your following on Twitter.

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Why Use Twitter For Your Business?

Twitter is a major player in online social media. Google purchased Twitter Fabric (A Twitter development arm for apps) for an undisclosed sum best reason. With 328 million + active Twitter accounts it’s a giant audience to exist within.

Your ability to succeed in your audience is amplified by having Twitter because it allows your users to ascertain the newest news on your business in real time and give a screen into your company by way of what you share and promote. Almost 25% of verified Twitter users count themselves as journalists and sometimes news hits Twitter before the opposite platforms have an opportunity to draft a report.

Whether you’re local or national or maybe international following journalists and making connections may be a good way to possess your own content shared with an oversized audience with the intention of course that some turn into paying customers.

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“It’s no surprise the present estimate is 93% of companies use Twitter with over half using it daily.”

How to Set Up Your Twitter Business Account

Let’s break down just how easy it’s to line up a Twitter account. Then we’ll review how to use it.

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Step One in Setting Up Twitter

Sign up=> This link Twitter will take you to Twitter’s signup page. This is a simple step. You can pick your username, sign up with your email address, and then confirm the account in your email (*it’s good to have your email already open in a new tab when doing this).

Edit Your Profile=> Here you’ll be adding your Twitter profile image and your header along side your bio text:

  • In order to access this in your new account you’ll got to click on the highest right next to where you see the word Tweet.
  • This will open a menu.
  • Select the highest part where you see the username you entered when signing up.
  • This will take you to your profile page.
  • Now click on Edit Profile option as indicated on the page.
  • Now you’ll enter your bio (limited to 160 alpha numeric characters) *When drafting your bio start with what your business does or share what your followers can expect from you and end with something more personal about you.

Example 1=> A certified fitness coach who’s passion is health, wellness & eating Vegan sharing tips and recipes to help you on your health journey. Wife & Mom who loves the outside

Example 2=> I share recommendations on Digital Marketing, Websites, Branding & Social Media. An experienced & passionate Web Developer, eBusiness Consultant etc

  • Update your biz profile photo (image size: 400 X 400)
  • Update your Twitter header image (image size: 1500 X 500)
  • Enter your location
  • Add in your website address
  • Choose your theme colours – ideally have them match your business brand colours
  • Then click “Save changes”!

“Now that you’ve got your profile it’s time to look for followers.”

Finding Followers on Twitter

This part is both very easy and very hard. Let me explain!

It’s easy to secure followers from anyone looking to show you into a customer.

It’s much harder in the reverse order. Some accounts have many thousands of followers but nearly all are people trying to find clients.

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It can be easy to get sucked into a sinkhole of marketers so be very wary of any suspicious accounts. Instead look for people you know. Not just personally but brand personalities you trust.

There is a really easy search function at the top right. Just type in a name and start checking.

You can also use Twitter Advanced search to narrow down your efforts in further.

People with high numbers of ‘Following’ and low numbers of ‘Followers’ indicates they’re not securing good connections with their content so be careful .

Even if they’re following you, it only means they’re watching to check if you follow back and as soon as you are doing , they’re going to unfollow you.

A practice I do not condone at all. Any accounts with near even numbers of ‘Following’ and ‘Followers’ could simply be people during a niche who follow one another but aren’t reaching anyone outside that sphere.

They’re okay to feature but confirm that’s not ALL you add. You can use Twitter’s email tool also to farm your email for possible connections held within your emails records of individuals you’ve emailed with within the past. If you’re still stuck: try writing down a listing of brands like yours and add them.

Following your competition not only shows you what’s popular in your industry, it also gets your name ahead of their followers if you ever feel compelled to reply. Another easy trick we covered recently during our Twitter month is using hashtags to search out local businesses on Twitter. Many folks deal locally so confirm to see out that post linked above.

“Don’t worry about your Follower count an excessive amount of and specialise in quality over quantity.”

Keep Tweeting

Now it’s time to start tweeting! This is your 140 character opportunity to plug yourself in your own voice. Try few tweets out that link to your website pages but don’t overdo it again. Aim on building out an identity that establishes trust and blieve in your followers.

Look for voices in your industry with trust where you’ll retweet and like their content. When retweeting search for opportunities to tie their point back to your business.

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If they share A and you build awareness around A then retweet and add a link back to your relevant web page whether it’s a static product page or a blog post. The goal is to succeed in both them and your users during a way that connects you to the trusted authority.

A great thanks to increase the viability of your tweeting is to feature a picture to your tweet. This is very easy and recently Twitter made it even easier with their addition of a GIF function. You can look for funny and/or relevant GIFs right within your Tweet.

Make it fun and share content you love. Don’t get into a trap of only using Twitter for self promotion.

The biggest problem with Twitter is losing steam. Don’t be discouraged and if you would like more help with Twitter and every one social media you’ll check in for our Social Blast linked below! To your ongoing success,

We hope you’ve found this text beneficial and useful for getting started with Twitter but most significantly ..

Don’t Forget To Have a Plan!

Let’s rewind quickly to the purpose once you first decided to check in to use Twitter for your business.

  • What were you trying to accomplish?
  • Were you looking to drive more business?
  • Increase brand awareness?
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your industry?
  • All of the above?
  • Just being on Twitter won’t be enough to accomplish those goals, though you follow these 10 steps to getting started.

What will allow you to realize those goals has a social strategy about the way you propose to interact on Twitter, the sort of content you would like to share, and the milestones you hope to achieve.

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