How To Add Hreflang Language Tags To Your Blog

You Are a Owner Of Any Website , And You Write Your Posts In Different Languages And You Want To Tell The People`s About Your Website Which Interested  In Your Language. This Is Not Easy To Show It People`s And Also To Rank Your Site In Search Engine With These Language`s. So Here I Tell You How You Can Add Language Tag / Hreflang Tag To Your Beautiful Website.

What Is Hreflang Tags In SEO ?

Hreflang Tags Are Basically Alternate Attribute Of HTML Which Single The Search Engine About Your Website Page`s Language. This Is Very Simple And Easy Way To Rank Your Site In Your Interested Language`s People`s..

By Wikipedia

The rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x” link attribute is a HTML meta element described in RFC 5988. Hreflang specifies the language and optional geographic restrictions for a document. Hreflang is interpreted by search engines and can be used by webmasters to clarify the lingual and geographical targeting of a website.


How To Add Hreflang Tag To Your Blog ?

If You Really Want To Add Hreflang Tags To Your Website Then Here I Tell You Very Simple Way To Add It On Your Blog. You Only Follow These Some Steps For This Purpose.

==>   Step 1 

Copy This HTML Code

      <link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”en” />


Replace  With Your Original Website URL.
” en ” Is a Language Code You Can Replace Your Language Code With Your Own Favorite Hreflang Language Tag.
===>  Select Your Hreflang Language Here 

                          Hreflang Language Tages


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How You Can Check Your Hreflang Tags


This Is Very Simple To Check Your Website Hreflang Tags. You Can Do This Work By Doing These Steps..

1 ==>  First Add Your Website Google Webmaster Tool

            How To Add You Site In Webmaster  ( Google Search Console ) 

2 ==>  Verify Your Site
3 ==>  After Verifying  You Just Click on International Targeting


Hreflang Is Very Important For Those Who`s Want To Show Their Website In Front Of Those Who`s Want To Read In This Language. Search Engine Understand Hreflang Your Website Hreflang Well And Rank Your Site In Related Country Or Related Language People`s..


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