How To Fix Window 7 User Profile Logon Services Failed Error

How To Fix Window 7 User Profile Logon Services Failed Error

Window 7 is a best released window by Microsoft according to me and many others. Lots of peoples are only using window 7 for regular work. Many peoples are only use PC without any protected  password.

Many peoples are using password for login to their profile. Means which person is know password can use pc no other person.

How to Fix Window 7 User Profile Logon Services Failed Error

So some time you are failed to logon to your profile. You get this massage.

   The user profile services failed to logon


user profile is failed to logon.

What you do when you get this massage on your computer screen. Here in this post I tell you every thing step by step. This process is not difficult you can do it easily , only follow these steps….

1>  Start your computer  first try to login , if your are unable then restart your computer.

2> Press  “ F8 ”  key.

3>  Select   ” safe mode with networking

4> Now your computer is start with safe mode. After start the computer press  ” start button “.

5> In search bar please search  ” regedit “.

6> When you see name of regedit  click on it and “ run as administrator

7> Now open the folder and click on ” hkey_local_machine

8> After this select “ software ” and then click on “ microsoft

9> Then click on “ windows nt ” and after click on “ current version “.

10> Here you find this folder ” profilelist

11> In this folder you see two lines with same name. These lines are your real problem. You just change the name of these two lines.


12> You change .Bak to .Ba

13> Add  .Bak to original line and  remove .Ba

14> Here select ” state ” on switched profile , then right click and select “ modify ” option. Change the value to 0.

15> Select the ” refcount ” on the same profile , the right click and select ” modify ” change the value to 0

16> Now exit the setting and restart your computer.


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