How To Install Any WordPress Plugin | 3 Different Ways

How to install WordPress plugin

Not sure how to install WordPress plugins on your website here is a guide on how to install WordPress plugin manually from WordPress dashboard.First we understand..

 What Is a Plugin

  A Plugin is a piece of software that you can add to your WordPress website. There are thousands of different plugins you can choose from your WordPress dashboard. Some add new features while other help them designing your WordPress website. 

There are thousands of free plugins for you to choose from and hundreds of premium plugin that can take this functionality even further. you can probably get by with a handful of free plugins, but premium plugin will usually come with additional advanced features, a high level support and a lot more.

Can We Install More Than One Plugin

Yes, you can install more than one plugins. But  more plugins effect on your website speed so when you install any plugin, first search about this plugin and then install it. Because unwanted plugins disturb your WordPress website ranking and also affects the performance of your website.

How To Install WordPress Plugin

 There are many ways to install WordPress plugin to your website. In this post we will discuss every way step by step. So first we understand how install WordPress plugins from WordPress dashboard.

1>  Open your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins 

2> Click on Add New

3>  Search your Desire Plugin 

4>  Click on Install Button

5>  When plugin installed then click on Active Button

How To Install Paid/Premium Plugin

 1> Get The Plugin Archive

 The first thing you need to do is somehow obtain the plugin itself. This step you need to  handle on your own. Most common this involves going to a market place or plugin store and buy a copy of your plugin from there.

2>  Go to your WordPress dashboard and then click on Plugins and then choose installed plugin option.

3> Upload your plugin

 Here you can simply upload your plugin archive file by click on upload option

4>  Active your plugin

 When WordPress complete its process, then you simply active your plugin

How to install Plugin via FTP Upload

   Third way you can use to upload and  install any plugin to your WordPress.

1>  The first step is to go to WordPress repository and download the plugin. You can search for plugin and  then click on this plugin. Click on download button and download this plugin to your computer.


2>   Open the application add connect to your FTP server

3>  Navigate to WordPress folder (usually found in“www” or “public_html” folder)

4>  open WP-content/plugins folder

5>  Unzip new plugin there

6>  Login to the WordPress admin dashboard

7>  Go to plugins> then installed plugins

8>  Fire the new plugin in your list

9>  Then activate it

Remember These Key Points Before Choosing Any Plugin

  Remember these key points before choosing any plugin for your website. Because WordPress have large number of plugins and every plugin is not suitable for your WordPress website. It’s best to remember of you things well choosing a plugin.

 Is it  Supported?

 When choosing  any plugin there are few things you should check first:

 Last Updated:  this is so if the plugin is still active, supported and currently worked on.

 Installations:  this shows how much peoples using this plugin.

 Campability:  check the current plugin version that is perfect with your current version of WordPress.

 Does Plugin Do What I Want?

 Before downloading and installing plugins in WordPress be sure to check if the plugin you are  installing will do everything that you want it to do.

 If you decide to test a number of different plugins for WordPress to deactivate the previous plugin before trying another.

 Install Just One Plugin At a Time

  When testing out your plugin in WordPress remember to install and test each plugin individually.   With this way you can see if you blog facing any problem with current plugin. Too many downloads and installation can overload your WordPress website as well


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