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Make Money Online For Free Just By Texting

Make Money Online Free
How to earn money online fast

 The new generation is all about texting. Whether it’s texting on different platforms or talking about love on dating apps, you’re always on your phones.

You read texts or reply to messages you receive. 

Well, here’s a little thing I have for you. It’s nothing more than a big scramble to line your pockets with cash. 

The coolest thing is that you can easily get paid for doing the job you love the most. 

Most people, whether they are students or someone who wants to earn money, can now earn money with text messaging. Isn’t thought itself interesting? 

Well, that’s really for me. You can easily earn a bit more because many such platforms only pay you for SMS. But, in case you don’t know where and how to start, I’m here to help. 

Here I have a list of some platforms that will gladly pay you for text messages. Let’s see a few. 

Places Where You Can Earn Money Online For Free By Texting

There are many ways to earn money online. Of course, the easiest way to make money is to do what you already know how to do. The issue with this is that you may not be able to earn as much money as you want. This blog post will help you to earn money online, for free. The list is to help you make money on autopilot. It will introduce you to an opportunity where you can earn a lot of money by texting.

There are several options to try if you are looking for chat apps that will pay you.


If you are an expert in any field and have proof of your experience, the JustAnswer platform is a great choice for you.

All you have to do is register on the platform and you will have to show proof of your mastery of the subject.

 With this, you are good at answering questions from people asking for help. The platform pays part of the customers to pay as compensation.

 You can withdraw your earnings monthly through your PayPal account. 


KGB is a great option if you want to get paid for online chat. It has been categorized as one such platform, which is a high-paying opportunity for anyone looking for such an option. 

You just have to answer simple questions and earn around $0.1 per answer. 

One of the drawbacks of this platform is that it is only for people living in the United States. 

During registration, you will be asked for some details about your US citizenship and this is how you can join the platform.

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1Q App 

The list of the best platforms where you can earn money by texting cannot end without the 1Q app. 

This is a very rewarding platform and they need your help to reach their target customers for marketing activities. You can easily earn from $0.5/response to $0.25/response.

 It is available for download for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows but cannot be used by people from all countries in the world. 

This is a restriction you will likely encounter. Phrendly is a website that pays you to flirt online via text messages, video chat, etc. 

There is a strict age limit that you must meet to become a member of this platform. $0.35/SMS is what you will earn if you can respond within 24 hours. For video chats and voice chats, the rates are even higher. While this might be a good option, you should review the terms and conditions to better understand how the website works.

Work Solutions 

If you are confident in your communication skills and know-how to impress people with your words, nothing could be better than this offer I have for you. 

This third-party provider helps you connect with companies that need your expertise.

 All you have to do is contact the customers of these companies and answer their questions as well as possible.

 The platform also offers programs so that you can add a good amount to your earnings. 

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No matter which app store you look in, Fibler is always on demand. Experts from different fields eager to help people by answering their questions come to join the Fibler platform. 

You too can be one of these experts and get paid to respond to text messages. 

You do not need to pay any registration fee to join the platform. 

The payment offered by the platform is instantaneous and there is no need to wait. In addition to chat options, you can also connect with people via video or voice calls. 

Do you think you know about mental health and can help people with it? If your answer is yes, I have a great option for you here. 

All you have to do is help people by being a consultant for them. 

People with mental illness will write to you and you will need to guide them on what steps to take and how they can cope with their mental condition. You can get paid $21/hour. 

Get Paid Just For Texting
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The Chat Shop 

If you are a native English speaker with a strong interest in communicating with people, The Chat Shop might be the best for you. 

It is a business-to-consumer forum where you need to connect with customers and provide them with a thorough understanding of any product or service. You can get paid up to $20 per hour for the time you provide to clients. 

The salary is quite good and you can also choose to go full time and earn lots of money just by texting customers. 


If you want to price your expert services, Hummr is the place to join. Yes, you are your boss as an expert in any field. 

You can register for the platform for free. You can also try it for more benefits. 

For payment, you need to withdraw your winnings from PayPal or even direct deposit. 

You can earn around $5 for a single reply by sending text messages, and for video sessions, you can charge up to $15 per session.


All the platforms mentioned above are a great way to earn money by texting, but you can only do this if you are a member of them. But here I have something different. 

If you are looking for an opportunity that does not require you as a member, IMGR is for you. Download it, you are ready. 

For each text, you get 2 points and once your score reaches 90 you can redeem it for $1 cash in no time. It’s both interesting and fun. It is one of the paid chat apps that you can try. 

Final Words

This article outlined a way for readers to make money online for free just by texting. Thanks for reading also share the article, click the button below. By sharing this article, you can help others learn about this easy way to make some extra cash. Subscribe to learn more about making money online.