How To Migrate Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress

Migrate Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress

Hi are you ready to migrate your blogger website to self-hosted WordPress website. But why you live the blogger and want to transfer your all blogger data to WordPress. Blogger is a best place to make your free blog or website , it provide you every thing which you want for making best website like

  • Free and easy platform provided by google
  • Thousands of blogger free themes
  • Free adsense
  • Best post writing tools
  • Adding free html / java scripts
  • Safe and secure
  • Many more for best website

Maybe if you are professional or skilled person , then I say you are right and WordPress self hosted account is perfect for you. Because WordPress provide you everything which you want for creating best website.

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Why WordPress is best for you if you are best website builder. Because WordPress provide you all these main things like..

  • Custom domain name
  • Thousands of free and premium themes
  • Top tools for writing perfect SEO post
  • Thousands of free plugins
  • Free search engine optimization tools
  • Every search engine love WordPress site
  • Safe and secure

All these things only main, you get more then these things when you using WordPress
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So now you are ready to migrate your blogger data ( posts and pages ) to self hosted WordPress site. But you not know how to do this work , you just follow all these steps in this post I tell you every thing step by step..

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How to Migrate Your Blogger to WordPress

OK now

  • First you go to your blogger account and ” login ” to your site
  • Second go to your blogger ” setting
  • Click on “ other ” option
  • Here you see backup content option , click on this option and download your blog ” xml file “Ok

Now go to your

Word-press site and login to your account

  • Then go to your WordPress ” tools ” > click on ” import ” option
  • Here you see ” blogger importer plugin ” just install it
  • After install click on ” run importer
  • Now you see “ chose file ” option > click on this option and select your blogger ” xml file ” which we have download in above
  • Then click on ” upload file and import ” and wait for some time.
  • You can upload maximum 60 mb file , if your file is large then you will see a error massage
  • After complete import you will see blogger importer ask you for ” assign author ” option , so if your blog have a more then one author then you create new author name or otherwise choose any one which you see.
  • Go to your posts and you will see all your blogger data are now live on WordPress.

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Permalinks Setting

The permalink is the full URL you see – and use – for any given post, page or other pieces of content on your site. It’s a permanent link, hence the name permalink. A permalink could include your domain name ( plus what’s called a slug, the piece of the URL that comes after the domain name.

This is a best feature provided by WordPress to set up permalink and make it SEO friendly. For this work you

  • You go to your ” setting
  • Chose ” permalink ” option
  • Then select ” custom structure
  • This permalink structure make your blog URLs similar to your old blog blogger URLs

Redirection Setup

This option give the facility that your blogger visitor redirect to your WordPress URLs. Means your blogger visitors come directly to your WordPress site. This is best feature for everyone

What you do

  • First go to new plugin and install ” blogger to WordPress redirection plugin
  • After activation you go to ” tools ” > ” choose ” blogger to WordPress redirection page
  • Now click on “ start confirmation ” > then you see your blogger site URL now click on ” get code ” and copy it
  • Now go back to your blogger > login > theme > then click on ” edit html
  • You go to ahead and delete everything after that , paste your WordPress plugin copy code into theme editor.
  • Click on ” save theme
  • Now your every setting is ok and you can use your WordPress blog instead of blogger blog. Here you can edit or republish your posts any time.

I hope my this post is helpful for you.


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