How To Solve Facebook Login Problem Full Guide

Facebook Login Problem

Facebook login problem will occur because of numerous attainable reasons. We all recognize that Facebook is standard most social networking web site and folks from totally different locations act with others either for amusement functions or to extend their business stigmatization.

Hopefully you’re using Facebook over the years and ME too. Till now, I have found only one who does not love to use Facebook. And she is none but my wife. Apart from her, you might face the problem of logging into your Facebook account. Sometimes, white and blank login page appears and the page loads endlessly.

Like alternative social networking web site, most of the Facebook users are not Geek and they are very common people. Some of them doesn’t knowledge to use web, but they know how to operate a Facebook profile. Jokes apart, obviously, there are many types of Facebook login problems that people generally encounter. Here is a step by step guide which guides you to analyse Facebook problems and guide you to solve login problem of Facebook.

There are many reasons why you may have to be compelled to face Facebook login issues. The smallest of the mistakes will cause failure in login. But don’t worry there are simple solutions obtainable which is able to not take quite 5 minutes to resolve your login downside.

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How To Fix Facebook Login Problem

Below are the explanations which can cause Facebook Login problem and the way to fix them.

==> All In One

How to solve your login downside attempt work into Facebook with the small print you have got If you’re unable to login to Facebook, click the link that claims ‘Recover my account’ If you have got either the e-mail you signed up with, or your mobile phone number that’s connected to the account, enter it in the box Get the link that’s been sent to you and reset your password Login with the new password and your email You’re in!

=> Wrong Credentials Entered

Facebook’s login procedure is quite simple and straightforward. You Just have to enter two fields.

  • Email Id or Phone Number
  • Password

In the 1st text field, you have to enter your Email id with that you registered on Facebook whereas signing up. And within the second text field, you have to enter your password which you set while setting up your account. Entering wrong data in these 2 fields is that the most typical reason why folks get Facebook login issues.

How to Fix Wrong Credentials Entered

As expressed earlier it’s the foremost common Facebook login problem anybody will get. Anybody can make typing errors. In this case, firstly you should try and retype both the information again to check out whether the problem is due to the wrong information or something else. In case you’re repeating your credentials from in other places confirm the credentials are written properly.

Keeping a note of your Email id and password isn’t an wise exercise. As there’s risk anybody will see your password. Always memorize your password and Login ID. Also, remember that both the login credentials are case sensitive. Hence make your caps lock button on your keyboard is not active.

Tips for Future:

If you are using your personal device to login into Facebook and using your account actively every day. Use “Remember me” feature available. There is a small checkbox on the web site that you have to check before work in. By doing this your system won’t arouse login credentials once more whereas work in and you’ll not get Facebook login issues in future. However, this activity isn’t wise if you’re using the public system because it would possibly provide the access your account to people.

  • => Invalid Email Address

Facebook does not allow generic email accounts. For example, an email address starting “info@” cannot be used for a Facebook account. Generic email addresses and a few business addresses is also seen by the system as spam. If so, the system can block your entry and you’ll not be ready to register for an account.

Solution => Make sure you are using an allowable email address. Facebook encourages users to use a private email address whenever possible.

Tip => If your “real” email address is generic, open a new Gmail or Yahoo! email account to use for your Facebook registration.

  • => Login Page Not Refreshing

Another common problem is that the Login page does not load or refresh properly. This could result to cookies not being activated on your laptop.

Solution: every browser has totally different instructions on a way to set cookies. Instructions for some of the more popular web browsers are provided through the following links.

Tip => You may also need to clear your browser cache. A “cache” are some things your browser creates wherever it “holds” the information from pages you have visited. This allows pages to load much more quickly. However, it also can mean if there were changes to a page since you visited it, your browser may show you the old version instead of the most recent one. In most browsers, you can clear the cache by visiting the Settings or Tools tab.

  • => Forgotten Email Id or Password

To log in to Facebook both the above-stated credentials must be correct otherwise you will get Facebook login problems. Facebook will solely verify your identity if you set each the credentials. Failing so you will face Facebook login problems. In case you forget your Email id or password, Facebook will help you to retrieve your login details.

Facebook Password Recovery Guide

If you have forgotten your password and facing Facebook login issues Facebook provides you choice to recover it. You have to follow below given steps to recover your password.

  • Click on the forgotten account button given below the password text field. It will direct you to a brand new page for Facebook password recovery.
  • On Facebook password recovery page Facebook can raise you to enter your registered email id or registered mobile number.
  • Once you entered the registered mobile number or email id and hit enter Facebook can provide you with choices to decide on from. These choices are your registered email id or phone number.
  • Based on what choice you decide on Facebook can send you a code through SMS or Email. Your code will 6 characters in length. you have to enter that code on the web site.
  • In case you probably did not get your code you’ll be able to click on “Did not get Code” it’ll direct you to the previous page wherever you’ll be able to change your selected option. Facebook will try to send code again.
    Once you received your 6 characters long code. Enter the code in the field given.
  • Once you enter the code and press continue. It will take you to a new page where you can change your password.
    Note => If you Expecting a mail from Facebook make sure you check your Spam emails and Junk mail folder in case you don’t get emails in your main Inbox folder.


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