Jobs World #1 Job Search Engine Jobs World #1 Job Search Engine is basically an jobs/employment-related search engine. It’s an American company with many subsidiary offices worldwide.

It brings you the aggregated job listings from many other websites. Do indeed work? Yes, you can post your resume on this website and apply for the various jobs; you also get many opportunities as your resume has been uploaded to the site. Being such a useful website also carries now with it the fear of getting the private information getting leaked. This factor has made the fear come in the minds of people, is indeed safe to use or not. Earlier people did not notice or wondered on how reliable is indeed? Not only this, people even think now that is indeed a safe site and is indeed reliable to use further.

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=> Features of

  • It functions like the search engine as of Google.
  • It facilitates for the free posting of jobs.
  • It does the work of aggregating the job listings.
  • Provide for the email job alerts.
  • It is quite facile to navigate and has enormous traffic.
  • It facilitates for the Talent pool from around the Globe.

From the features mentioned above, it is really a matter of wonder that a job search engine cannot be so flexible that anyone can do anything with it easily. It’s no doubt that it’s an excellent site but as technology has attained heights, therefore it may be possible. Jobs What Make It Best

Many people have heard of it, and lots of people seeking employment are exploiting its capabilities to their full advantage. is now the biggest job search engine within the world (yes – even before publicly traded Monster). With quite 50 million unique visitors and 1 billion job searches per month, is accessible in additional than 50 countries and 26 languages.

Why the fervor?

The average job-seeker doesn’t have the time, expertise or energy to familiarize themselves with and navigate all available online resources. It’s easy to fall prey to Internet information overload. The savvy job-seeker must understand that the quality of resources you select takes precedence over the quantity. When a unique resource emerges that substantially reduces the time and complexity of the search by locating job opportunities for you – that’s a reason to become excited.

What makes it unique? is radically different from other stereotypical job-search websites. It streamlines the search by reaching out to all of the sites and consolidating the job postings into a centralized, easy-to-use location. It’s a big time-saver, searching job boards, corporate websites and classified ads with only one keystroke. It provides simple point-and-click commands to allow you to selectively qualify and filter your job-search results to meet your unique requirements.

Search Your Job Here

=> Ease Of Use

You start the process by entering a few keywords in the “what” or job title field. These may be several keywords separated by commas, such as web, content, writer, graphics. Alternatively, you may simply enter a job title in quotes such as “Web Page Developer.” In the adjacent “where” box, enter the geographic location (city or ZIP code) where you wish to work. You may select your preferred radius (e.g., 25 miles) to limit your commute. Next, simply click on “Find Jobs” and your job-search listing are displayed. It’s that simple.

If the search yields too many jobs, use the Advanced Search feature to pare the list by qualifying your search criteria. You can select whether to look job boards or employer websites, and whether to exclude personnel agencies. Like many other job boards, allows you to line up daily or weekly email jobs alerts.

The best a part of all is that by signing up (at no charge), you’ll post your resume for viewing by potential employers. In addition, you’ll save selected job postings to your personal Indeed database and enter updated information to trace the status of every selected job. That’s a big time-saver.


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