Funny Marketing Jokes : List Of Best Marketing Jokes 2021

Online marketing Jokes

A Great joke is like a digital marketing campaign. If you do it right it will stick with people until they are compelled to share it, even the simplest one require a level of sophistication to make and to appreciate.

Who said that your blog content always want to be serious and professional.

Sometimes,as it happen in real life it’s better to start the conversation Breaking the ice with a joke. Additionally using funny content in your blog post and social media network will help you appeal to your audience emotional side. Increasing your chances of engaging with them.

When marketer feel the pressure of hitting in their quota or launching a new product. They often forget why they choose marketing in the first place, its pure fun.

Today’s marketing professionals must Juggle and number of high priority task throughout the day and often they find themselves under the significant amount of stress in these cases, a few lighthearted jokes can ease the tension of the day-to-day marketing job.

So if you are a smart digital or content marketer, take some break from challenging, rewarding work and enjoy the some great jokes. Remember, if your colleagues don’t love they are just not as sophisticated as you.

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Best Jokes About Marketing

1> How did the beekeeper expand his business?

A: He focused on bee to bee

2> What kind of marketing does Dracula do?

A: A-COUNT-BASED marketing.

3> What snacks do social media marketers love to eat?

A: Insta-Gram crackers

4> Why are digital marketers good actors?

A: They Nail Impressions

5> How did yoda get his first lead

A: He used the Sales force

6> How many marketers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: None, they have automatic it

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7> Why did the marketer break up with her boyfriend?

A: Lack of engagement

8> What is the biggest problem with marketer trampolines?

A: Bonus rate

9> Why did the marketer build a fence around her house?

A: She likes to gate all to her assets

10> What was the marketer doing on the plane?

A:  Blue sky thinking

11> Where is the best place to hide a body?

A: Page 2 of Google

12>  Why did the dad now his daughter would be a great marketer one day?

A: Her first word was data

13>  What movie features a marketers stuck on a deserted Island?

A:  Web-cast Away

14> What’s  a marketers   favorite drink? 

A:  Brand-Y

15> How did the bed marketers to get a job making butter?

A: He had a high crunch rate

16> How do SEO experts celebrate  improved search ranking?

A: SERP- rise parties

17> Knock,Knock!

Who’s there?

Our new e-Book.

Our new e-book who?

We only ask that you fill out following 14 fields for a free copy of this punchline.

18> Why do content marketers constantly feel cold?

A: They are surrounded by drafts

19> What is the best way to build a comprehensive keyword list?

A: Add Words

20> What do you call a travel agency’s landing page?

A:  A destination URL

21> Why do digital marketer love to shop at whole foods?

A: They have a lot of organic content

22> What do Hippies and SEO have in common?

A> I love for anything organic

23> Why was the happy Museum worker a good at writing website copy?

A:  He was a content curator!

24> How do you reach a niche audience?

A: Pay-Per Clique

25> Why did the dairy owner not like the marketing managers idea?

A: She wanted to reduce churn

26> Why do cab driver make good content marketers?

A: They can really drive in traffic

27> Why did not the marketing couple get married?

A: They weren’t on the same landing page

28> Why can’t marketing see live musicals?

A: They keep trying to capture the leads

29> Why did the Ghost’s marketing campaign fail?

A: You could see right through it

30> What does a locksmith look for in marketing?

A: Key performance indicators

31> Why did the junior marketer get into displaying advertising?

A: She wanted to make a lasting impression

32> Why did not the the skeletons like their new CRM?

A: It was to bare-bones

33> Why was not the candidate hired for marketing job?

A: He was Anti-Social

34> It’s not that I don’t have that many Twitter followers?

A: I am just practicing social media distancing

35> I made a joke about organic reach on Facebook?

A: Nobody got it

36> Why did the Stiff letterbox inspire The Postman to take up marketing?

A: It made him push the envelope

37> Why do marketers make such good wide receivers?

A: They always stay inbounds

 We hope you have enjoyed this post (jokes about marketing) and now have some short motivation to get back to work.


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