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Wad.ojooo Is Ptc Web Site Within Which You’ll Be Able to Earn Cash by Merely Viewing the Advertisements. You Can Earn From $0.001 to $0.035 Per Promotional Material You Read for Five Seconds to Sixty Seconds. You Can Read Around One Hundred Advertisements Everyday at Intervals Wad.ojooo.

You Can Earn Extra Money if You’ll Be Able to Refer a Lot of Folks as a Result of You’ll Be Able to Earn Commissions Once Your Referrals Read Ads Same Such as You. You Can Conjointly Earn Commissions From Your Referral Purchase. We’ll Start From Simple Ojooo. The Website Kicked Off as a Vocation App That Claimed to Avoid Wasting You Cash on Your Phone Calls as You’ll Place Calls to Different Ojooo App Users. Pretty Much Like Whatsapp, I Guess.

Ever Since Ojooo Has Been Diversifying. They’ve Endowed in E-commerce and Even in Seo/web Services Providing Diagnostic Services to the Websites. Ptc Is One in All Their Latest Ventures and During This Article, We’ll Keep Ourselves Confined to the Ptc in This Article. Just to Form Positive That You’re on Ojooo’s Ptc Web Site, the Website Is on the Subdomain of “wad” So, in Order to Access the Ptc Ojooo, You’ll Need to Type, Wad.ojooo.com.

Some History 

Wad in “ojooo Wad” Stands for Watching Ads.
The Website Came Into Existence in November 2013. Operating From Germany/poland, the Owner of This Website Is Michael Thees.

One Purpose That I Would Like to Lift My Suspicions Regarding Is That the Total Numbers of Members That This Web Site Claims to Possess. As of These Days, It Boasts a Walloping Twenty One Million Users. As Way as I Do Know, This Could Be the Ptc Web Site With the Foremost Numbers of Users. Even Quite Neobux That Is That the Preferred and Therefore the Oldest Ptc/gpt Web Site in Business.

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I Extremely Doubt This Range, However, Still I’ll Take Their Word for It as a Result of I Don’t Have Any Proof to the Contrary. Quite Probably, They’re Showing Members From All Their Platforms However World Health Organization Is Aware of. Only the Team Ojooo Can Tell It Better.

How You Can Earn From Ojooo Wad

#Get Paid to View Ads

This Is the First Money-making Method on the Web Site. You Just Ought to Watch (One at a Time) for Few Seconds (in Most Cases, Five Seconds for $0.001 Ad). Close It Once It Says That the Amount Has Been Credited to Your Account and That’s It.
How Much You Get Paid to Look at a Poster Depends on the Length of That Ad. For Starters, It Ranges Anyplace From $0.001 to $0.01. Even Though I’m a Free Member However I Purchase One Premium Ad Daily That Earns Me $0.005 to Watch a 30 Seconds Ad. These Premium Ads Increase After You Upgrade Your Membership.

In Fact, the Full Numbers of Ads Conjointly Increase After You Upgrade Therefore Up Your Probabilities to Form Extra Money.

One Extra Feature for Mobile Users Is That There Ar Mobile Ads Furthermore That You’ll Be Able to Read Simply From Your Mobile. You Won’t Earn Anything if You Watch Them on Your Laptop/desktop.

One Draw Back of Ojooo Ads Is That You’re Not Allowed to Multitask Whereas Observation Ads. So the Focus Ought to Stay on the Ads Screen if You Would Like to Induce the Credit of Really Observation Them.

#Ojooo Grid

Ojooo Grid Could Be a 20×20 Clickable Region With Four Hundred Spots. You Would Like to Click on One in Every of Those Grids and Watch the Ad. Upon Completion, You Perhaps Rewarded. What Proportion That Reward Depends on Your Luck. In Fact, You Can’t Say of Course if You’re About to Be Rewarded or Not. That’s Simply a Matter of Luck.

I Typically, Don’t Withdraw Into These “highly-luck-based” Cash Creating Opportunities Thus Speaking From the Expertise of Others, I’ve Seen Folks Earning Around $0.1 to $2.00.

You Get Ten Probabilities Per Day as a Free Member That Will Increase to Thirty Per Day in Cased of a Privileged Member. Thus as a Free Member, You Odds Square Measure 10/400 or a Pair of.5%.

However, Since You Would Like to Observe the Ads for Simply Five Seconds, One Will Say That Investment (5×10) Fifty Seconds Isn’t Such an Enormous Deal.

So Simply Just in Case, You Propose to Relinquish It an Attempt, Sensible Luck for That.


You Earn Points for Finishing Offers on Ojooo Wad. These Offers May Well Be Something From Simply Visiting an Internet Site and Staying There for Few Seconds to Clicking Somewhere Consistent With the Directions. You Earn Completely Different Quantity of Points Per Such Supply or Task. One Purpose Is Adequate to $0.005.

Similarly, Some Offers Could Need You to Register on an Internet Site Etc.

#Filling Out Surveys

As the Name Suggests, You Earn Commissions on Filling Out Surveys. The Draw Back of Surveys Is That Their Frequency Depends Heavily on Your Geographical Location. Thus You’ll Be Able to Expect Additional Surveys if You’re From Tier One Countries Like Usa, Uk, Canada, Australia, New Sjaelland Etc.

The Compensation Per Survey Varies Thus I Cannot Write Down Any Explicit Quantity.

#Referral Commissions

You Get Obtained the Clicks of Your Direct or Rented Referrals. Direct Referrals Square Measure Those That You Non Inheritable Victimisation Your Affiliate Link Whereas the Rented Referrals Square Measure Bought From the Ojooo Wad for a Restricted Period of Time.

When It Involves Dealing Referrals, You’ll Be Able to Rent Even One Referral. As Way as I Do Know, There’s No Alternative Ptc Web Site That Permits Dealing Referrals as Low as One at a Time. To Boot, Although This Will Be Strictly Restricted to My Very Own Expertise, I’ve Discovered That the Rented Referrals of Ojoo Wad Tend to Click Their Ads Additional Oft as Compared to the Other Ptc Web Site. However, as I Said, This Might Be Own Individual Expertise.

Depending on Your Membership Level, You Earn Completely Different Quantity of Commissions on Your Referrals’ Clicks Starting From $0.0005 to $0.001 Per Click.

One Purpose to Stay in Mind Although Is That You Just Ought to Click a Minimum of Four Pay Per Click Ads So as to Receive Commissions From Your Referrals’ Clicks. You Can’t Simply Concentrate on Building Your Downline.

You Would Like to Login Ojooo Wad and Watch the Ads Daily to Receive Referrals’ Commission.
Ojooo Wad Cashout Choices and Needs
For Standard Members, the Minimum Payout Is $2. When the Primary Payment, the Limit Will Increase to $6 Per Withdrawal.

In Addition to the Minimum Financial Quantity, the User Should Have Created a Minimum of One Hundred Clicks. However, That’s Not an Enormous Deal. If You Are Trying to Succeed in $2 by Clicking and Look Ads Then It Needs Far More Than One Hundred Clicks to Surpass That Limit.

Payouts Square Measure Paid via Paypal or Payza.

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