How To Start A Profitable Online Business For Free: 15 Ideas

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There are a multitude of profitable online businesses that you can start. It all comes down to what you are passionate about and what services or products you can offer that people need.

There are a number of successful online businesses, but the most successful ones have certain things in common. They create a great customer experience, they have aunique selling proposition, and they use effective marketing strategies. Additionally, they offer great customer service, and they keep their prices competitive. By following these tips, you can create a successful online business too.

The internet is a great Equalizer. In business respectively, it has leveled the playing game. Everyone can start a money making online business, Anyone with a computer & net, that is. But here’s that the thing: all but no technical experience is needed there are many useful of tools are avail which you can use to build an online business that makes the technical work a lot easier than it was in the past.

While we can’t promise you that setting up and running an online business will be the easiest thing you shall ever do. We can give you some best online business ideas that are highly likely to succeed.

Though it comes with unique pressures and obstacles. The versatility of the internet means that there’s no limit to the online business ideas you can try for you.

Its just a matter of choosing the right path for you.

When starting an online business,you’ll need to consider your own interests and your own skills, the market demand,your budget and the time constraints.

If you need some inspiration to start your online business, just check out some of our best ideas below.

So, not only is this “online business” stuff possible, but I also try to provide you some best advice to get you started with your next venture.

Now that you have more insight into why owning an successful online business is such a great idea. It’s time to look at exactly which are the best online businesses to start in in 2021 and beyond.

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Successful Online Businesses Ideas

#1 Start a Blog And Monetize It

 We speak a lot about how to start a blog on this website and for good reason. In 2022 it’s easier to start a blog than ever before, and  your blog can also be big source of income,if you know how to monetize your blog.

 Keep in mind that you don’t just start a blog and expect the money to role in. You need to create content/posts constantly and it also need to be content that educates or inform people. in other words it need to be captured their interest in some way.

 What more you need to sell through your blog. This can be  ad space, products, digital products and sponsored post etc.

 But if you are willing to put the work and you are in it for the long haul, blogging can be extremely profitable some bloggers make more from it.

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#2 Write an eBook

 Not only is writing a eBooks are great way to establish brand authority on a subject, but you can also make money out of this online business idea.

 eBooks have the power to be discovered by a board audience since there are no physical limitations. In other words, you don’t have to rely on people visiting a bookshop to read your books.

 There are platforms that allow you to self-publish free of charge. Whoever some platforms do charge royalty fees for their service.

 Not sure how to start writing your book.

  • Come Up With a Unique Concept

 Find a central Idea you want to write about. If making money is your top priority you might want to follow trends to improve the odds for selling your work.

  • Set An Outline And a Deadline

 After you find the best topic to write about, advise an outline and set a deadline. Make sure the delicate at least a few mints a day to work on your book and keep going even if you are stuck.

  • Proofread, Edit, Typeset

 once you are finish with you eBook. The last thing to do is to publish your eBook.  Don’t rush and make sure it is up to standard before publishing.

#3 Sell Your Art Online

If you are a painter or photographer then there are many of ways to start an online store and turn your work into a source of revenue with the beautiful design E-commerce website.

If painting or photography is your Forte. You can sell your work as prints and framed posters using printify and printful. This is a fantastic way to turn your Art into something tangible that people can take home and integrate into their space.

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Why sale your art

  • You shall be part of people’s lives by getting your work into customers, homes and headphones.
  • You’ll create a platform for showcasing your work by setting up shop online Store.

#4 Online Video

Have you watched a YouTube video lately? of course you have, this is one of the world’s most popular websites, with more than 2 billion user watching hundreds of millions of hours of each day and it’s not all cats doing funny things, why any means.

You can leverage YouTubes reach to make money online easily. No you are not trying to create a viral video so to speak ok if it go worldwide and is seen by millions that’s a good thing.

Instead, you shall be following a proven strategy for maximizing views of multiple videos on a regular basis. you’ll be creating useful content something and engaging that people want to watch. And it works in many different niches. It could be a how to video or a taking head video on a topic of interest for people in your niche, the sky is the limit.

You make money with ad revenue.Your first step is to make a new YouTube channel and start uploading videos on channel. Then you enable monetization on your YouTube setting. Basically this gives Google to go ahead to include short Adsense ads with your videos. Which you have seen if you have watched a YouTube video when viewer click on this ad you get paid.

#5 Sell Your Photos Online

This is not stupid, it’s true! you’ll simply make a handsome amount from selling your smartphone images on the web . There are numerous online platforms available who purchase stoke images and footages. to start out this business you would like to signup for the contributor program and show them your collection if it matches their standard and your images and videos are original then you’re in!

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Once have uploaded all of your photographs now, if anyone purchased your photo from that stoke website, they’ll share its commission with you. Isn’t it simple? i believed it’s . So, what are you expecting here are a number of the websites you’ll signup to start out sharing your photo to make money online.

#6 Start a Micro-Niche Blog

A micro blog is something you create around a specific topic of interest. Micro-niche blog is something even more narrower.

Micro-niche blog is typically need less content as topical relevance will be higher and also you can schedule the content ahead of time hiring rich writers.

Like if you start a blog on se Android it’s a nice blow if it’s on particular- Cydia and Jailbreak. It’s micro niche.

Starting niche blog is the best way to show your efforts in a particular topic both to Google and audience. There are more chances of you building your Global audience.

Micro niche blog rank higher for Google keywords quickly. Many thing micro-niche blog need only 4 to 5 pages of content. Building an authority micro-niche blog for long-term can be a stable income source and is recommended.

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Monetization ways for your micro-niche blog depend upon the content and the audience your website is getting. If you are targeting more high CPC keywords and decent US traffic then Google AdSense would be the best option for monetizing your niche blog.

Your micro-niche blog demands at least 3 posts a month depending upon the competition. This thing make it more or less a passive income generation stream.

Dozens of micro-niche blogs were wiped out when Google introduced the knowledge graph.

Some examples of wiped out micro-niches:

  • Football scores
  • Online converter
  • Election results

some endangered niches

  • Greeting niche
  • Lyrics niche

so on…

The factual keywords that result in short click will be extinct soon.

Go for keywords where peoples want to visit your website/blog for information keywords that encourage long-clicks.

most lucrative online business

#7 App Developing

Building app is one of the running profitable online business ideas in which people are making a lot of money.

It is no doubt that millions of people are looking to operate their business from apps on their mobile devices.

No matter what business they are operating. Peoples are using countless apps every day for regular life in their mobile devices.

So if you have some great unique idea to develop an App and know how to code,you are going to be a millionaire by adding this app to Google Play Store or by selling to other marketers.

Moreover, the app developing business is not Limited here.

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There are various of developing companies looking to collaborate with the people who have these great and creative skills.

  • Investment Required:

You just need a Laptop/PC, Internet connection and Skills of coding to start the app developing online business.

Once you learn basic coding and programming languages like SQL ,JavaScript, pathum etc..

You can move to some advanced languages to increase your app developing business. No storage or shipping cost but a best profit margin.

  • Earning Potential

A truly engaging app can help you to earn more than $1500+ per month.

Moreover, it is not limited to sale in Google Android or app iPhone but can maximize your income in other way as well like.

In App Purchase

You can create your App with the Purchase option.

Like start offering useful and engaging content to users free and when the users become regular users, you can offer better and premium features at a cost.


Having the content which is require continuously makes people addicted to buying the apps subscription plans. Like Netflix offers monthly and yearly subscription plans.

#8 Sell Your SEO And Advertising Skills

 Do you know your SEO from your PPC, and we know the secret of doubling traffic in a matter of days. Well, many companies and peoples would love to apply your skills to their digital marketing needs.

 Search Engine Optimization is the key of success for most companies do business online and marketing skills in areas like pay per click, content marketing, or email marketing are in high demand.

 If you have the right knowledge of experience. it’s easy to market your skills is the highest bidder.

 The scales are also applicable to pretty much are the online business ideas in this list, and are specially helpful for things like affiliate marketing.

 So, getting familiar with them is helpful, Whichever small online business you decide to start.

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#9 Affiliate Marketing Business

 Affiliate Marketing is when you recommend a product or service by sharing it on a blog/website or social media, to your email list, or on other channels.  You earn commission each time when someone converts through your unique affiliate link or code.

 So, what exactly is  affiliate marketing and why does it make it to this list of  best online business?

 Affiliate marketing is the process in which you  make a Commission by promoting a company product or services through  unique link called  affiliate link.

 Whenever someone click on your affiliate link and make a purchase, The company will pay you a Commission for the same. However, a few companies also pay its affiliates for generating sales leads for them.

 Most companies will require you to have a blog for approving you to be part of the their program. However, some companies don’t put forward any such condition and you can promote their product in social media and email marketing.

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#10 Dropshipping

 if you are worried that dipping your toes into the world of e-commerce means spending huge amounts on stock and warehousing, just wait until you hear about dropshipping.

 Instant of taking on the burden of purchasing and storing goods before you make a sale, dropshipping allow you to sale to customer then ship individual item directly from supplier to the end user.

 Dropshipping can be done with basically any product in any type of niche, so if you have a particular niche or have identified a gap in the market you think could be profitable for you, find a supplier.

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 Why Choosing Dropshipping

  • You don’t need to store products in a physical location, meaning that your cash flow won’t get tied up in inventory. There’s less of an upfront cash risk.
  • No warehouse means you can run your business from anywhere.
  • Whenever a  purchase is made, you place an order with a third party and they handle the rest of the process for you.

 Getting started with dropshipping is as simple as:

  1.  choosing your product
  2.  connecting with the supplier
  3.  setting up your eCommerce Store
  4.  marketing to your target audience
  5.  making online sales which will be shipped directly to your customers

#11 Create a Digital Product or Course

 Creating a digital product or course is same to writing an eBook. You are monetizing your work by teaching it to the others.

 You do not have the benefit of Amazon promoting your all courses. You have to do the promoting yourself through your own website, your email list, and possibly through  affiliate partnerships. You also need to create a compelling sales page that will attract visitors to buy your products.

 If you don’t already have a audience. It might be good to self publish on Amazon first, that way you can validate your course Ideas, grow your email just make sure to have an email option in at the front and back of the book and more or less create a rough draft of the course. It will be probably the similar to the book.

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#12 Freelancing

 When it comes to the word “freelancing” then freelancing writer is the most well name.

 However, freelancing is not limited to just writing, but it can be anything in which you are an expert.

 You can choose freelancing of app development, photography, SEO and even of designer to help people to grow their business.

 Freelancing provides you an incredible opportunity to use your skills and while a sustainable business.

Once you offer your skill to other, They pay you for the service provided by you.

Small businesses and freelancers offer ideas and change money for the exchange of services.

How to Start Freelancing Business

  • Choose a Niche

it could be easy to pick the freelancing work that will help you to make money online.

Choosing your Pro skills can boost your confidence and earnings. So you must start of a  freelancing business in which you are expert.

  • Create a High Quality Profile

one of the best way to demonstrate your skills is by having an amazing  Portfolio and reviews.

Once you have signed up with the website, You must highlight your post work experience.

Showcase your expertise and mention your contact detail, so that the desired buyer can contact and hire you easily.

  • Your Work Price

Now it’s time to get paid for your  expertise.

Quote the best level for the services you are going to offer to the client and crack the best deal for your time and efforts.

Moreover, You can also offer some free extra services and grab the potential deals.

Once you start engaging in freelancing work, you are going to run a big business from home.

#13 Become a Social Media Influencer

 Social media is not just to connect with friends and family. It is a one important tool for businesses to advertise their products and hiring social media influencers, who have a large fan following is a one of the way brand preferred to reach out to their target customer for advertisements.

 So, if you are a social media Jockey and have big fan following on Twitter and Instagram, You can get paid big amount to endorse products from brands.

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#14 Online Designer at PoD Websites

 Print on Demand websites popularity know as Pod websites, are gaining a lot of popularity these days. At PoD websites you can design T shirts, accessories, and many more designs using their online designing software.

Customers can then see your designs and buy them, If they like, once the Purchase made by the buyer, the website will print your design on the product that the customers liked and will pay you for Commission for designing the product.

#15 Website and Application Tester

Gone are the days, when you could build a good designed website and application and still get people to visit it. With so much competition out there the UX of a website and application has become really important.

That’s the reason businesses hire peoples to test their websites and applications and share their review of The UX as well as the flow and ease of using the same. They use the feedback received to make the website and application better.

As a tester you need access to a computer with the screen recorder and Mic. You can do this work from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is record your screen as you browse through various pages and screens by record your feedback through the mic.


There are plenty of profitable online business ideas that you can start today. But, before you do, it’s important to think about what you’re good at and what you’re passionate about. That’s because the best online businesses are founded on skills and interests that the owner is already familiar with. So, share this post with your friends and family members and help them get started on their own online business journey.

Thanks for reading our post on profitable online business ideas! We hope you’ve found it helpful. If you have any questions or want to share your own business ideas with us, please let us know by sharing this post on Facebook or Twitter. We love hearing from our readers!

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