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Perfect Money was founded in 2008 and incorporated in Switzerland. It is a digital currency service that allows people to carry out instant financial transactions over the internet.

Perfect money calls itself a brand new generation of the net payment system.

Perfect Money allows you to;
=> Transfer money online between members
=> Receive payments on various business projects on the internet.
=> Make regular payments on the internet
=> Save funds on an online account and get interest
=> Buy goods and services over the internet
=> Buy bitcoin, Gold metal and currency online
Account & e-Wallet

=> Perfect Money Official Site

Perfect money offers its clients two varieties of accounts


Perfect Money has 3 statuses:



Partner accounts.

=> The Normal account is an account that’s assigned to all or any new customers that register at the Perfect Money web site. The Normal account doesn’t provide you with any limitations either.

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=> The Premium account is given to users that keep their account active throughout one year. In order to upgrade your account from normal account to premium one, you may be needed to send letter of invitation for this service to the client service department. Premium accounts are privileged with benefits which include low 2% fee on transfers via bank as well as a priority treatment in all deposits and withdrawals of your account funds.

=> Partner accounts are solely assigned on the discretion of the perfect money administration. Partner accounts are given to people that want to optimize their websites for business to business transactions. Typically, people who run their businesses via the net are prime people to get one among these partner accounts.

Partner accounts are the foremost privileged variety of accounts giving an hyperbolic level of trust to its holder and his/her business. Some of its unique features are 1.5% fee on withdrawals via bank wire, 1.5% fee for deposits from Pecunix account and 8% annual interest on the minimal account balance calculated monthly.

Deposit Options

=>Bank Wire (Minimum deposit amount is 300 USD)

=> e-Voucher;

=> Certified Partners (E-currency Payment systems, E-currency Exchange platforms…). Customer can add funds using payment systems, like, for example, Western Union, MoneyGram, ePay

=> Bitcoin;

=> Credit Exchange.

Withdrawal Options

=> Bank wire;

=> e-Voucher (Note: e-Vouchers never expire);

=> E-currency;

=> Certified Exchange Partners;

=> Bitcoin;

=> Credit Exchange.


=> Fees to be used of security instruments: Informing by SMS – 0.10%
=> Fees to be used of security instruments: Account recovery – $100
=> Account recovery – $100
=> Withdrawal wire transfer fee is $100/€100 + 3%. You can withdraw your cash and deposit it into any checking account.

For Customers whose business is connected with web excellent cash system offers optimum package of business solutions together with convenient purposeful tools of settlements specially developed by the Perfect Money financiers while considering the needs of the state-of-art of IT business.

=> Functional tools of settlements

Convenient and detailed reports simplify your work in Perfect Money account. Get notified regarding new monetary operations, view charts and real-time statement.

System of automatic recurrent payment set up. This tool is intended to prepare monthly expenses of your enterprise; it permits payments to be performed in an automatic mode.

Perfect API Merchant. Basing our opinion on the criteria of functionality, reliability and safety, we do not expect any analog of Perfect Money to appear in the next few years.

The Perfect Money engineers have created such a tool that permits any business structure to prepare any on-line method of product sales, services or access to content with the maximum ease and safety.

Multi language system permits you to conduct business round the world. Perfect cash payment system confirms its international standing – web site is translated into twenty languages.


Numerous reviews claim that perfect money has sturdy security system, at a similar time it keeps simplicity and convenience of the system’s use. As a result it brings the risks of perfect money users to the lowest mark. Even more, every user of this method has right to line up security settings severally.

The security system allows its customer to choose from the offered security tools individually, depending on customer personal security strategy, tactics.

Multi-level security system includes account protection, defending tools like:

1=> Identity check. This tool is integrated with identification aim of perfect money account holder. How does it work? Technically “Identity check” security tool compares ‘login data’, like, IP, device, browser etc.

In case if client authentication is performed from new IP addresses, which aren’t associated with the owner’s account, security system blocks the doorway to account and sends an extra safety code to the email (fixed throughout account registration). Change of IP is formed individually through the Support Center.

2=> SMS Authentication. After login attempts the PM security system sends message with the verification code to the account keeper’s mobile phone number. It is one among the foremost reliable strategies a way to check that regarding the account holder identity.

3=> Code Card Protection. Another good security system’s tool. Client gets a card with graphic image with codes (sent through the email). For approval of the transaction, security system automatically sends to the customer an inquiry on random order delivery of definite code from the Code Card.

Code Card is a convenient and trustful protection method for confirmation of transactions. It is a widely known security methodology within the world monetary payment sector.

For More About PM Watch This Video

Benefits Of Using Perfect Money

=> Convenient and professionally created reports change add perfect money account. Different quite data, charts about your orders, financial operations, account status and many more will be available in personal account;

=> System of automatic repeated payment set up. PM tool is meant to set up monthly expenses of your enterprise; if permits payments to be performed in automatic mode;

=> Good API merchant. Basing our opinion on the standards of practicality, reliability and safety, we don’t expect any analogue of Perfect Money to seem within the next few years;

=> Multi-language system makes usage of the system terribly convenient. The website is available in 23 different languages;

=> Well developed – Affiliate program.

Perfect Money is a great alternative to PayPal. However, there are a few things I don’t like about this company. If you want to transfer funds, you need to go to an exchange to get the money out of your account.

At least with PayPal, they will transfer your funds to your bank account for you or give you a debit card you can use in your local markets. However, I did check some of the exchange rates to transfer the money from Perfect Money to PayPal and the transaction fees are actually lower than a few of the other online payment sites like Skrill.

Perfect Money Review
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