Podcasting Monetization Strategies for Marketers

Podcasting Monetization Strategies for Marketers

With the growing popularity of podcasting, publishers and marketers round the world are asking themselves the way to monetize this content channel.

Today we’ll be taking a glance at how marketers can monetize podcasting through enhanced marketing activities.

While publishers might find it relatively easy to integrate podcasting in to their business models without really “creating a revolution”, the opportunities for marketers really transcend traditional marketing tactics.

To understand the chance we’d like to know what podcasting brings to the marketing table: the facility of voice, delivered on to our prospects, customers, employees and partners.

While text might still be the foremost “usable” format and therefore the easiest to consume, voice itself has the unique feature of having the ability to specific emotion and produce personality in to marketing communications.

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Podcasting Monetization Strategies for Marketers

For marketers, monetizing podcasting won’t come through ad sales or content sales, but through opportunities to reinforce their marketing communications with the facility of emotion, delivered on to their recipients.

Here are just some possibilities for you to consider:

PR=> Audio press releases, messages from company executives, expert interviews and other industry related material, all delivered on to the media.

Direct marketing=> Sales letters and other ad creative, delivered in audio and on to your prospects.

Customer Relationship and User Support=> Personal messages and greetings from company executives, personalized messages to key clients by key account managers, educational content and industry interviews, seminar or conference recordings, product support information and tutorials.

Promotion/Marketing=> Achieving additional brand/product exposure by providing podcasts and promoting them via podcast directories and search engines.

E-commerce=> Audio product announcements and presentations, delivered to prospects that opt-in to receive latest product information. In the case of audio products, podcasts also can carry short excerpts or previews of latest editions, thus enticing prospects to order.

Branding and Prospect Conversion=> Educational content and industry interviews that help shorten the sales cycle or generate/improve company credibility and enhance its brand.

=> Advertising in third-party podcasts And so on …

In these examples monetization doesn’t come through directly generated revenues, but indirectly through improved sales.

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