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Windows has been very used computer operating system for an extended time. The support for a good range of software and hardware gives the user a stimulating computing platform. With that, the power to customize your PC as per your need is like none other. A great customization tool that’s available for Windows is Rainmeter. Rainmeter Skins Download

It is a time to boost your desktop display with these cool Rainmeter skins and if you’re wondering, what the heck is that this Rainmeter thing? Then you’re missing a widely used tool of windows. Rainmeter is a tool which helps you to create beautiful themes for your Windows desktop.

The Rainmeter skins provide you an excellent tool in order that you’ll have a desktop look of your choice. It’s easy to keep an eye on your system’s resources, such as battery power and memory, or other online data streaming places such as emails, RSS weather forecasts, and other feeds.

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What Is Rainmeter Skin?

According to Wikipedia Rainmeter is an open source of desktop customization utility used for windows pc to make it look good and get many more features on the desktop to make it more customizable and beautiful. User can customize the widgets of desktop to their own. Some of the best function of this rainmeter skin are audio player, clock, weather, RSS reader and more. The function depends on what quite rainmeter are you using.

Download Rainmeter Free For Your Desktop

Top Rainmeter Skins Download List

#1=> SPEED

 speed rainmeter skin

This beautiful Rainmeter skin provides the clearness and frosted glass effects to the desktop. For best results it should be paired with simple and minimal wallpaper. It theme shows information about RAM and CPU usage, date and time, RSS Feeder, Network Statistics, a weather forecast for 3 days and so on.

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#2=> Sticky Bar

Sticky Bar rainmeter skins

On our third spot of the simplest rainmeter skins is sticky bar. It is needless to mention why this bar skin matches so well with many gorgeous wallpapers and you’ll see a few of examples from our previews above. If you like the simple theme style, then you can’t go wrong with this one. It will provide functionalities like power control buttons, time/date, some useful link short-cuts, CPU, RAM, and HDD usage, and therefore the current weather. Grab it now from the download link below.

Get it Here

#3=> Jarvis – Iron Man

 Jarvis – Iron Man SKIN

Remember Jarvis ohh what i’m asking so be ready for your own IronMan Jarvis right in your pc that works much fine. It is super customizable skin and you bought the multiple options straight to your desktop like Clock, Email, Date, hard disc Space, Temperature, Rss Fied and more. This Rainmeter skin looks so cool and it’s one of the best Trainmaster Skins. This theme is taken into account one of the most effective Rainmeter skin for gamers.

Get it Here

#4=> Mass Effect

 mass effect rainmeter skin

Yes, you got it right. It is the favored game Mass Effect Rainmeter skin which you’ll download and customize your desktop such as you are the leader of these famous character players. You can see your internet download and upload speed, Weather, CPU uses and plenty of features right on to your desktop.

Get it Here

#5=> Neon Space

 neon space rainmeter

It was tough for us to not rate this one in our favorite spot of best rainmeter skins, Neon space is that the most visually stunning Rainmeter skin in our list, It comes with a mess of glowing skins and super cool animated skins which will keep you watching your windows desktop for hours. it also includes awesome glowing audio visualizer skins and a few really cool audio players that support

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Spotify and much of other media players. Neon space rainmeter suite contains just about all the skin types that you simply can imagine. Ranging from system monitoring, time/date, system temperature monitoring, many launchers, wifi status, notes/quotes, and a calendar just to call a couple of . if you’re into tech, space, giant battleships and also the fantasy genre normally, then you’ll absolutely love this skin guaranteed.

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 enigma rainmeter

Enigma goes with almost every wallpaper and you’ll style it as per your desire. It displays information which has multiple RSS feeds, RAM and CPU usage, Media playback control, real-time active processes, picture slideshow, Weather, world time, quick notes and Whatsoever you’ll think is there to display at your desktop. Being able to supply numerous features enigma was Rainmeter’s default skin in 2009.

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#7=> Before Dawn

 before dawn rainmeter skin

Before Dawn may be a beautiful presentation of the acceptable option which seems like an oblong strips showing features like Time, Date, Shortcut of Folders and Recently opened windows and processes. These special features make it one of the fine Rainmeter Skins.

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#8=> Wisp

 wisp rainmeter

Wisp Rainmeter skin is one among the most effective Rainmeter skins for Windows with an easy and clean design. There are bar representations with a reasonably design which is attractive also as lightweight. Rainmeter Skins Download

Get it Here

#9=> Rusa Jantan

 rusa jantan rainmeter

It’s needless to clarify why rusa jantan suite made it to the present list as you’ll see from the preview above, the elegance is simply mind-blowing. rusa janten is perhaps the smartest Rainmerer theme during this list. It comes with a pleasant and modern looking circular clock, a vertical sidebar which may be a launcher, an audio player, some docks and an image slideshow. If you wish having a clean and neat desktop, then you’ll definitely enjoy rusa jantan suite. download it now from the link below.

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