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Review Of Confluence
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Atlassian’s Confluence is a document management system that facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing across a variety of departments and functions.

The investment of putting in place Confluence as a brand new foundational system in our organization has already paid off and that we expect that trend to continue. We think that Confluence – significantly once employed in combination with JIRA – may be a useful gizmo for any organization and that we are excited to share the ways that in which it is working for us and our clients.

What is Confluence?

Confluence is an open and shared space that connects individuals to the concepts and knowledge they have to make momentum and do their best work. Unlike document and file-sharing tools, Confluence is open and cooperative, helping you create, manage, and collaborate on anything from product launch plans to marketing campaigns. Find work simply with dedicated and arranged areas, connect across groups, and integrate seamlessly with the Atlassian suite or customize with apps from our Marketplace.

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=> Confluence Features

Main features of Atlassian Confluence are:

  • OnDemand or Hosted
  • Drag and Drop Editing
  • Knowledge base
  • Share Button
  • Team collaboration
  • JIRA Integration
  • Custom Layouts
  • Agile development
  • Calendars
  • Space Directory
  • Massive Plugin Ecosystem
  • Unlimited Spaces
  • Advanced Table Editing
  • Dashboard
  • Live search Macro
  • Task Notifications
  • Knowledge Base
  • Add-ons
  • Advanced Search
  • Rich Text Editor

Why We Use Confluence

White Lion uses Confluence for several totally different functions and in many alternative ways that. We have found Confluence to be a really effective tool for client collaboration, document management, project development, internal communication and cross-functional knowledge sharing. Confluence has quickly enabled an organized and economical structure of knowledge among the corporate, that successively has helped us to be more practical and economical in delivering in products to our clients.

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Atlassian Confluence pricing is available in the following plans:

DATA CENTER $12000/year

=> Atlassian Confluence Benefits

The main advantages of Atlassian Confluence are quicker work completion, efficient teamwork, and streamlined management of projects. Here are the benefits of this tool:

Faster work completion

Work is done more quickly with the help of Atlassian Confluence. Be it writing file lists, product requirements, meeting notes, project plans, or others, it can be accomplished faster through the rich content editor available in the web browser.

Efficient teamwork

Atlassian Confluence empowers every involved party to be engaged in work. Each employee can make comments, threads, and feedbacks and turn them into collective knowledge that companies can use in making better business decisions.

Physical location isn’t an issue as well because whether colleagues are in the same office or in a different country, they can always work together effectively. The system additionally provides transparency on the contents that are tracked by JIRA and connected matters like product needs, project reports, roadmaps, and others.

Each of project, department or team can have their own space to do and store their works but all the data and information will still be organized and accessible.

Streamlined management of projects

Confluence creates one, centralized place wherever tasks is done one by one and nonetheless still accessible from one place. Using this tool, the user can get all the business information needed for a project such as requirements, files, people, policies and meeting notes that would have been scattered otherwise across different apps and messages.

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The tool not only provides easy access to required files and information but it also allows users to reach out with their teammates. They can create, discuss, and organize tasks with other coworkers and they can also create everything that the team may need for a project such as product requirements and knowledge base articles.

The great thing about this is that everybody can contribute information and they can also give feedback on any data or file through either inline comments or pinned ones.

Create rich content

It is more than just text. Confluence permits you to share wealthy content like pictures, documents, and videos. The ability to have this rich content makes your work come to life. Confluence also allows for templates to be created. This allows you to quickly create documents from communication that may get lost in email or chat applications.

Organize your work

It allows you to organize your project from start to finish. Templates allow you to standardize requirements and manage changes as the project evolves.

Those needs is connected into Jira stories to create positive needs are being followed. On release, Confluence can help track issues and technical decisions related to those issues. It also allows you to reflect and improve on your process by running a retrospective, using a Confluence template.

Connect to Jira

Over half package groups that use Jira, also use Confluence. Your issues and bugs in Jira can be linked to Confluence. When the difficulty is updated in Jira, Confluence will also be updated. Links facilitate your team switch quickly between Jira problems and their connected Confluence pages.

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=> For More Watch This Video

What is WIKI and the 10 reason to use Atlassian Confluence

It is a tool for making, organizing, sharing, and collaborating on work. It is place in on your desktop or accessed from the cloud, making it a great solution for all types of teams—including remote employees and mobile users. In this course, instructor David Rivers explores how to configure and use It to manage business and project data.

He dives into creating pages and blogs, adjusting page layouts, adding content, enhancing your areas with navigation, and sharing further as proscribing access to data. Start look and find out how to use It for project management, document retention, collaboration, and more.

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