Review Of Purple Mattress |What Does Purple promise

Review Of Purple Mattress

Review Of Purple Mattress

Purple could be a mattress and bedding product brand that first launched in 2015. The company currently offers three individual mattress models. This review will specialize in the flagship Purple Mattress, also called the original Purple.

The Purple Mattress was the first model constructed with the Purple Grid comfort layer, which consists of hyper elastic polymers molded into a grid pattern. This proprietary material conforms to the body like memory foam, but it feels more responsive and absorbs less body heat.

Other components of the mattress include transitional and support layers of high-density polyfoam, and a cover made from a polyester-viscose blend. The Purple measures 9.5 inches thick and is considered medium-firm, or a 6.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale.

Keep reading to learn all about the Purple Mattress, including materials and construction specs, prices, and performance ratings based on owner experiences and our own in-house testing. This review also looks at comparisons between the Purple Mattress and other leading bed-in-a-box models, along side Purple’s shipping, return, and warranty policies.

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What Is the Purple Made Of?

The updated Purple features a rather different construction than the first. While both mattresses utilize Purple’s signature Hyper-Elastic Polymer, the remake also features a SoftFlex cover design and introduces polyfoam around the comfort layer to spice up the mattress’s edge support.

Cover – The new cover features a SoftFlex material that’s made of a mixture of polyester, viscose, and lycra. This combo is stretchy and breathable, so it moves with the Purple’s comfort layer and helps with airflow.

Comfort Layer – Next up is 2 inches of Purple’s proprietary Hyper-Elastic Polymer. This unique material is set up in a grid structure, so the walls of the grid flex underneath pressure points while remaining supportive everywhere else. This responsive feel could appeal to combo sleepers, as the mattress should provide a balance of comfort and support in all positions. Additionally, this layer is bouncy and sleeps cool, and it’s wrapped around the edges with sturdier polyfoam for enhanced edge support.

Transition Layer – Underneath the Hyper-Elastic Polymer could be a transitional layer made of 3.5 inches of high-density poly foam. This material is firmer and more supportive than the comfort layer, so it keeps you from sinking too far into the mattress. This makes it fairly easy to move around on the mattress — which, again, is a real plus for combo sleepers who switch positions in the night.

Base Layer – Finally, the mattress is supported by four inches of high-density poly foam. This layer helps account for the mattress’s overall firmness

Edge Support

Mattresses aren’t cheap, and I always like to know that I can use every last inch of a mattress. That is why I pay close attention to a mattress’ edge support. If a mattress doesn’t feature solid edge support, I often feel like I am rolling off the edge of the mattress.

However, this is not a problem with the Purple. The company recently added a foam encasement to help with edge support, and I can definitely feel it working. Sitting down near the sting of the Purple, the gel grid collapses, but I don’t desire i’m getting to pitch forward.

Also, when I lie down near the edge of the Purple, I don’t feel like I am going to fall off. Couples should be ready to sleep toward the sides of the Purple quite securely.

What does it promise?

The Purple is a unique type of mattress that derives its name from the color of its comfort layer. It is made of a hyper-elastic polymer. The manufacturer claims that this is an advanced material compared to the viscous-elastic polyurethane used in conventional memory foam mattresses.

It promises to intelligently adapt to your sleeping posture and conform to your body for top-notch comfort and support and pain-relief.

Its patented Smart Grid Comfort technology promises to neutralize your body temperatures to offer you a cool sleeping surface without perspirations (more about it later).

This is the original bed-in-a-box from this manufacturer that was received gladly by buyers who wanted a mattress that offered all the benefits of memory foam without causing them sweaty nights.

It’s an elder sibling to the New Purple Mattress that incorporates a layer of 7.5-inch coils. The new offering might be a great pick if you adore the bounciness that comes with innerspring mattresses. Its squeaky coils that scream with every turn, however, might be a put off especially during intimacy.

The original Purple mattress will make a great purchase if;

  • You are looking for a mattress that will allow you to sleep in different postures
  • If you are looking for a mattress that won’t choke you with petroleum odors
  • You want a comfortable medium-firm mattress for your bad back

This mattress won’t fit you if you;

Are heavier than average (180lbs+) and sleep on your stomach
Want a firm mattress
Are a diehard fan of a particular type of mattress. This mattress isn’t memory foam or latex.

Company location and mattress certification

With the entry of new brands in the memory foam mattresses supremacy, it’s always a good idea to carry out due diligence on the country of origin and the materials used in the mattress for your safety.

This eliminates the risk of falling for mattresses that have been engineered from chemicals that might subject you to PBDEs, phthalates, heavy metals, and harmful VOC odors.

That’s not the case with the Purple mattress though. We appreciate that this model is made in the USA and has been certified to meet Certitude-US safety requirements.

This certification means that you won’t be subjecting yourself and your family to heavy metals and harmful chemicals that may negatively affect their health.

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