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As a business requiring content, it may be pretty tough typically to search out a author that ‘speaks to you’ and is ready to supply the type of content you wish and in a timely manner. Even if you are doing notice the proper author for your desires, they will not be right for your case. In these situations, what do you do?

On August 22nd 2018, Contentmart will retire.

Once in a while, a service comes along that ticks all of the boxes and seems too good to be true. In this instance, ContentMart is that service. Clients and author alike square measure well delineate, and repair with ContentMart and finding writers and work have not been easier.

Contentmart may be a marketplace from wherever you’ll be able to get several qualified top-notch writers to jot down content as per your needs. Whether you’re Associate in Nursing eCommerce firm, blogger, or a little business owner, you can get content writing services for all the business writing requirements of different niche.

Contentmart may be a platform wherever you’ll be able to rent content writers World Health Organization square measure old, talented, qualified and verified. On the opposite hand, for writers, this is one of the best platforms to earn money if you sought to be a freelance content writer.

What Is ContentMart?

ContentMart, because the name could counsel, is a content marketplace where businesses and individuals can connect with thousands of skilled writers from right across the world. By doing therefore, you’re able to order content for your journal, website or anything else where you may need quality writing such as a brochure, for example.

The business was supported in 2015 by Anton Rublevsky. With a employees of over fifty folks, ContentMart has offices in Kiev (Ukraine) and Gurugram (India). Writers operating with ContentMart do therefore on a contract basis and square measure based mostly all round the world.

Prospective shoppers will browse a info of thousands of writers, sorting out the one that matches their desires most closely. With such a big amount of writers to decide on from and a few terribly enticing rates, there’s absolute to be a author for each state of affairs and a state of affairs for each author.

The ContentMart platform caters for each the consumer and author on just about a good footing, with each able to hunt down and notice what they have. While customers will actively explore for writers, they can also post jobs so that writers can bid for the work. Bidding for jobs during this approach permits writers to induce detected by shoppers wherever they will not are detected before.

Of course, there square measure different freelancing platforms out there, however ContentMart is one among the only a few that caters solely for writers. This, over the rest, is what makes ContentMart stand out from the gang. Where it differs from the opposite content, solely platforms is quality. Thanks to the terribly approach that ContentMart is ready up, solely quality writers want really apply.

On August 22nd 2018, Contentmart will retire.

Aspiring writers for the platform should pass tests and transfer samples of work, for every category they wish to work in. This helps to keep the standards high and ensures that clients get what they pay for.

Contentmart Requirements

The only needs to become a author for Contentmart is that you simply complete the appliance method. Of course you’ll need internet access too.

Contentmart Application Process

To become a author for Contentmart, you begin by registering with them. The registration begins with basic data, and some not so basic info these days: birthday including year, gender, and they also want the city and state you live in. Before submitting this data, you will agree to the terms and conditions.

You will straight off receive Associate in Nursing email and you wish to click on the link to activate your account. That dumps you into your account wherever you may provide some data and skills. You’ll select your classes, like technical author, blog, report, Amazon descriptions, and creative, just to name a few.
Next they need to grasp your experience and writing languages. In the experience section, you can click on anything you want, but they want you to pass a test and submit 3 pieces of work to confirm your expertise for each item you select. For language, you only got to pass a check to substantiate.

Next you wish to fill out your profile; tell your potential customers regarding yourself. I started to fill out the application. But at the purpose they asked for my address and wouldn’t let American state go on while not it, i ended the method. Some writers and freelancers value more highly to have PO Boxes and this is often only once I would like I had one.

If i actually needed to jot down for them, I would probably give my address. But then i made a decision to input a phony PO Box address therefore I might go more into the method.

Now they want 500+ words about yourself. I wrote regarding my children and why i like my VA business. Next they need to grasp your education and skill. It’s like a full-blown application. I entered my education, including schools and dates. Then I entered my experience;

I entered two former corporations and dates. Now is where you add your best work. They want a sample of your writing. Title, 5-255 words, followed by the content, 5-3000 words. Then you select the category.
They note that one piece of content is critical. You can’t get any shoppers while not showing a sample of your work.

I found one thing I might paste in there to indicate my writing skills. I entered the title, and the body. I received a message voice communication that the corporate name ought to be between two and 255 symbols.

Once you complete your profile you’ll be able to begin to bid on writing jobs.

How to Become a Contentmart Verified Writer

If you wish to induce comes quicker and earn more cash with Contentmart, you wish to become a verified author. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Complete your profile
  2. Upload sample writing
  3. Pass advanced level test
  4. Submit and essay
  5. Earn positive ratings
  6. Have a minimum of 10 completed orders
  7. Have no warnings

How Much Does Contentmart Pay?

Contentmart charges a 20% commission on all orders. Depending on your level, you’ll earn $.0003 to $.07 per word before the 2 hundredth fee. You need to finish three orders with a rating of four or a lot of. Then you get to succeeding level which incorporates a lot of pay

When Does Contentmart Pay?

Contentmart pays weekly via PayPal. The minimum amount you can withdrawal is $50. They process payment requests every week on Thursdays.

ContentMart is maybe the higher answer for writers and shoppers alike since they’re each well catered for and therefore the quality of the work and writers on the market is unbroken at a high standard.

The affiliate program is additionally price taking a glance at since it offers an additional doable revenue stream.

With such a large amount of freelance websites and services around, it will be laborious discovering which of them ar well worth the investment of precious time. ContentMart, for written content, is unquestionably one in every of them.

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