Review | Who Is | Why To Shop On founded in 2011 and grown up as the leading online shopping store offering a huge range of products from the world’s leading brands. has its origins as an freelance online store for all luxury searching desires.

What Is – An Online Shopping Platform that brings to you the most popular branded merchandise comprising of latest and advanced level of products and gadgets. Our platform contains an impressive range of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TV’s and DVD’s, gaming consoles and games, home & Living products like home appliances, kitchen appliances, apparel, footwear, fashion accessories and jewellery, beauty and cosmetics, baby care, home décor and furniture, books, sports goods and much more. Trust us we have a tendency to|once we|after we} tell you that we are barely scratching the surface in naming our in depth line of product classes.

Why To Shop On Ishopping

With the existence of various shopping platforms popping up online, providing more or less the same products at the same prices, it has become very difficult for consumers to actually decide upon their platform of choice. helps you with making a better and informed decision. We have something more to offer than good products at reasonable prices and that is the service level. A lot of companies are in the business of selling but iShopping helps its valuable customers by providing a personalized level of pre sales and after sales support unmatched by any of our competitors.

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Ishopping Facility For Customers

We are fast to reply to our customers within the shortest attainable time via no matter medium of communication they need chosen. Our provide on nearly immediate returns on defected or broken merchandise throughout transit permits you to feel as comfy as if you were selecting product from your own look. Our philosophy is simple: “Treat somebody as you’d prefer to be treated yourself”. Our staff first unlearns their existing customer service knowledge and then relearn it our way; the ‘iShopping’ way. This ensures us to be able to sell world class branded products coupled with the most convenient and effective iShopping service. Shop now with and feel the difference!

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Ishopping Warranty Policy

Limited Warranty
The warranty period of the product commences from the date printed below for a period of one year.
No liability for consequential damage
To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall, its owners/directors, management or suppliers be liable for any damages whatsoever including) without being limited to such damages like loss of business profits business interruption, loss of business information or other pecuniary loss arising out of inability to use this transceiver.
The warranty is void if the merchandise if exposed to any liquid or moisture, or it’s broken, the circuits are burnt because of variable voltage, the warranty seal is missing/damaged, during the services/repairs, the product found water damaged/burnt or the product has been opened/serviced by any other than Service Center.
Warranty Exclusion Damages caused by any extra instrumentality, or non-genuine accessories including data cables, batteries, chargers, external antenna, carrying cases, hands free sets, headphones, mounting kit or any other accessory which is not an integral part of the product.
For warranty claim will check any damages or unauthorized repair by opening the product.
Preservation The box with serial no. must be preserved during the whole warranty period.
Data lost whereas servicing it’d be the only real responsibility of client to form a backup of information before giving the merchandise for service.
Within the warranty period In case of manufacturing fault/defects that cannot be fixed, only radio module or main PCB will be replaced. There will be no replacement of batteries, charges, casing box or accessories.
Repair TAT (Turn Around Time) because of any technical or unforeseen reason, the delivery of product could also be delayed.
Warranty Card Customer will be required to present warranty card when handing over transceiver for repair or maintenance under warranty is authorized to record any remarks or the status or repair history on this warranty card.

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