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Looking for the best SEO tools for your blog? As a blogger, organic search traffic should be your #1 priority. In this post, we’ll share a list of 7 best SEO tools for bloggers.

When running a blog or an online business that relies primarily on search traffic, one area you should always be focused on is rankings and the overall performance of the site on different search engines.
Monitoring your blog’s performance and using data-driven insights can help to give you a competitive advantage in your niche.

Luckily for you, most SEO tools available today are designed to provide detailed insights and reports on aspects like traffic sources, keyword analysis, trend analysis, backlink tracking, and campaign measurement among others. Using these tools, you can easily identify areas of improvement for your blog, including how to rank better and garner more organic search traffic.

Google is constantly updating its search technology and making advances into machine learning and artificial intelligence. What this means is, for your blog to be competitive in the search results, you need to stay current with the latest SEO practices and applications. An effective way to do this is by using the best SEO tools on the market.

In this article, we will share with you a comprehensive list of top 7 SEO tools for blogs in 2019. These tools have been carefully vetted for inclusion in this list. In order to make the list, each tool must:
Provide historical reports on a wide range of optimization-related metrics.

Analyze a website’s performance and content and provide suggestions that will improve search results.
Help bloggers and website owners focus on improving free, organic search engine listings.

Top SEO Tools For Blogger

=> Google Adwords

When it comes to SEO, what we really like about this tool is its keyword feature. With this tool you’ll decide specifically that keywords are hot and that aren’t. You can additionally enter in your own keyword or keyword phrase and see however well it ranks. It will list the competition, the global monthly searches, and the local monthly searches so you can get a feel of just how successful any keyword that you use for your website or blog is going to be.

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One drawback is that though this tool is “free”, the price you pay is that Google can harvest information about your website or blog and use it for their own purposes. Granted, much of the purpose is to provide users with a high quality and precise Adwords tool, which you are using for free anyways, so to most it’s not a big deal. Another disadvantage to the tool is that while it will offer terribly helpful statistical info, it’s not in “real time”. There are tons of different SEO tools out there that may provide you with info in real time.

=> SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the crowd favorites and a powerful tool suite for digital marketers. It provides full visibility into multiple traffic streams and communication channels which in turn helps businesses enhance their marketing approaches. Gather valuable insights and engagement information using this tool to understand what your users want every time they visit your site.

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With the SEMrush keyword magic tool, for example, it’s possible to identify topics that your consumers and prospective clients are interested in. Consequently, you can create engaging and SEO- friendly content that both your visitors and search engines love.

Whether you are a blogger, digital marketer, or business owner, SEMrush is one tool that will help you significantly grow your brand online. It provides SEO analysis reports and also generates insights into your competitors’ online strategies.

The benefits of this tool to online businesses can be summed up in four main functions; giving you a competitive advantage, strategic advertising, tactical content marketing, and an expanded social media reach.

=> SEOmoz

This tool is that the best tool for anyone who could be a bit cautious regarding permitting Google all access to their website. SEOmoz permits you to see your rankings daily for up to five completely different keywords for free of charge (which adds up to 150 words a month). It conjointly keeps a running archive for you, which will allow you to better keep track of and monitor your website or blog’s success.

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You know that the tool should be sensible once huge corporations like filmmaker and Best purchase are using it. It’s is attributable as being one in every of the most thorough and comprehensive SEO tools on the net. They offer up a large amount of nice tutorials for anyone from beginner to professional, and you can have a report card generated for your site that tells you just how well each page that’s on your website or diary is doing with regard to search engine improvement.

Anyone with any level of expertise once it involves SEO can quickly be ready to see simply wherever they’re going wrong with their optimisation efforts, and then find the solution on how to fix the problem.

=> Linkody

Next on our list of elite SEO tools that every blogger needs in 2019 is Linkody. Just as the name suggests, this tool is quite different from the rest we’ve described above as it primarily focuses on backlink analytics – one of the most important aspects of SEO. Although other tools also offer this function, Linkody performs better and is more cost effective.

If you’re looking for an easy to use link building tool, then Linkody might be a worthy contender. It offers a free backlink checker and presents very useful information in a scannable manner.

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More specifically, this tool offers the following:
Backlink Checking and Monitoring Service – Linkody allows you to monitor your backlinks and provides in-depth analysis of newly created and lost backlinks.
Competitor Research – This tool offers insight into the link building strategies your competitors are using and which would be a good starting point if you wish to acquire quality links.

Disavow Rule Generator – With Google constantly releasing new algorithms and updating its SEO best practices, this tool helps you eliminate irrelevant and spammy links to ensure compliance to SEO guidelines.
SEO Metrics – Linkody pulls the standard rank metrics from key players in the SEO industry such as Mozrank, Majestic, and Alexa. Some of the key metrics to check here include domain authority, spam score, anchor texts, social shares, hosting country, IP addresses, top-level-domain, external links, and more.

=> MultiRank Checker

Created by, there isn’t really a rank checking tool that works any easier than this tool. If you are interested in checking your Google page rank or your Bing page rank, all you have to do is put your domain name or names into the checker.

That’s right, you can check your domains in bulk and not have to go through every single domain name, one at a time. That alone may be a large time saver if you have got multiple sites on the net. You receive a results table at the tip that you just will copy and paste and keep for future reference.

=> Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is arguably the world’s most popular web analytics and business intelligence tool. It provides a variety of free and premium analytical tools for web-based and mobile users.

One of this tool’s top features is that it uses various funnel visualization techniques to summarize SEO-related data on high-level dashboards where you can access different types of reports.

Google Analytics uses tracking codes which load JavaScript files from servers and set variables for each. The moment a user starts browsing your site, for example, this tracking code automatically collects relevant data from their browser. It also sends cookies to the visitor’s device to help gather anonymous user information as well as examine their activity on your website.

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Top Free Website SEO Analysis Tools

Recently, Google released a special analytics package for mobile to make it more efficient to collect useful data from mobile users. This package comes with tracking codes that can work with JavaScript, PHP, Perl, ASP or .NET Pages, all which are popular platforms for creating mobile websites.

Worth mentioning is that GA is available for free, although heavy users may want to consider its premium version (Google Analytics 360). However, the free package is almost always adequate for most small and medium-sized blogs as its limits are set quite high and therefore it’s unlikely that you’ll exceed them.

=> Fiddler

Don’t even tempt the idea of paying a web developer a ton of money to try to find any problems that you may be having with your website. Use the free application, Fiddler, first to debug your site. Fiddler works in such the simplest way that it’s able to capture all HTTP traffic that’s coming back through your web site and it’ll log it for you to review. It’s also able to “fiddle” with the HTTP traffic while it is being sent back to you.

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The newer version of Fiddler, Fiddler2, goes beyond that and now offers additional support for dealing with HTTPS traffic. It, too, may be a free transfer that you just will simply notice on the net and start using now.

=> Alexa

Alexa is an SEO and website traffic analysis tool developed and maintained by Amazon, the e-commerce giant. It gathers key website information through metrics such as traffic sources, keyword usage, monthly searches, traffic statistics, rankings, website comparisons and so on.

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With Alexa, you can compare your blog’s rankings and performance against those of your competition. The tool also helps you find the most appropriate keywords for your blog so you can incorporate them in the content strategy and improve your SEO. Additionally, Alexa shows you how you can reach a wider audience for your blog – contacts, leads, or prospects.

=> Overture Keyword Selector Tool

Overture Keyword Selector Tool is another tool that can at least partially replace Google Adwords if you aren’t a bit fan of Google. The nice thing about Overture is that it is pretty darn easy to use. This site, run by Yahoo!, only requires for you to enter in a keyword or keyword phrase it will then give you a list of other keywords that are more searchable and that will help your website rank more than if you were to use the keyword you entered.

For example, let’s say you entered in the keyword “free web hosting”. The tool will give you a list of the top searches of keywords related to yours which rank higher. So you entering in “free web hosting” may return a list of other top ranked keywords like “web hosting”, “cheap web hosting”, and “affordable web hosting”. It’s telling you to think about using these keywords beyond the one you entered as a lot of individuals are looking those targeted words.

Another benefit of this tool is exclusive to anyone who is running a PPC or pay per click campaign on Google. If you run Overture and if you have a PPC campaign on Yahoo!, then you will be able to see the number of impressions you should receive with your ad based on the keyword that you selected. Bear in mind that this data is only reliable for Yahoo! Searches and sites, and not different sites like Google.

Final Words

Looking at the list of SEO tools described here, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or confused when trying to choose the most appropriate one for your blog. But don’t let this derail you from your blogging.

Avoid analysis paralysis by taking into consideration key factors such as your budget, the metrics that matter the most to your blog growth, ease of use, and customer support.

Top Seo Tools For Blogger
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