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WhatsApp Status Saver | How To Save Video & Images

WhatsApp Status Saver | How To Save Video & Images

Ever since WhatsApp introduced Snapchat-like status updates back in February, people try to search out ways on how to save WhatsApp status video and pictures. The Status-update feature was greeted with mixed feelings initially needless to mention but plenty of individuals seem to have embraced the event WhatsApp Status Saver Every day, many of us update WhatsApp status

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What Is Telegram | How To Use It | All About Telegram

According to their study, telegram was founded in 2013 by libertarians to preserve freedom through encryption. The project has declared not-for-profit goals and remains freelance and self-funded. Like Wikipedia, which for years has been a role model for the Telegram founders, Telegram has chosen an

WeChat | Features And All About WeChat

China’s preferred messaging app, WeChat ( WC) , has perpetually had an in depth relationship with the Chinese government. The app has been sponsored by the govt since its creation in 2011, and it’s an accepted reality that officers censor and monitor users. Now, WeChat

#Benefits Of Using Whatsapp For Any Business

Increased exploitation WhatsApp for business functions is principally a result that the service has taken a world niche in business communications. For example, in Brazil, most residents, notwithstanding their culture, level of education or awareness of technological innovations, agree that they use WhatsApp as their