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Creative And Clever Blog Taglines With Strategies and Examples

Tagline For Busuiness
Tagline For Busuiness

Have a great tagline on your blog/website is an important element to consider. A great tagline besides a very important for your business brand and catches of readers attention,it is also important for your SEO.

There are over a millions of blogs/websites online, with more launching everyday. If you are new to building and managing a website/Blog, you may be overwhelmed by that amount of competition. How do you make your website stand out, and attract your share of the traffic?

But first in this post we understand what is tagline?

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What Is Blog Tagline

Blog tagline is a phrase that presents The blog topic, tagline should be informative for others rather than just extra ordinary or two cutesy, to create one focus on your message, brand, type of audience and some other important factors we mentioned below.

Tagline is normally placed on the header of the every website. Next to the Logo, Most of the blogger put blog tagline in the top left corner of the blog. But there are many other options in longer that taglines can be placed in the footer for tied with the relevant image in case of a specific production, as to not occupy too much space on the header.

You know

Your Audience Need You To Give Them a Sign

One of the first places in your new visitors look up in your header. They are feeling a little awkward because it don’t yet know this virtual place. They are hoping your blog title and tagline will fill them in.

Your blog tagline is a key piece of directional Signage on your website.It’s like one of those best Freeway signs that shows what attraction you’ll find if you exit at the next of-ramp.

Imagine your new website audience Looking up at your header, your web road sign and wandering, Am I in the right place?. Is this Blog really for me?

If your tagline is either non-existent,a random statement, overlong, then your readers can’t tell if your blog is really for them. And Confused visitor’s are visitor’s who leave, often never coming back

Why Are Blog Taglines Important

Blog tagline Delta tells your audience that your website is the right place to find what they need. If they are no clear details, they might leave and you’ll lose traffic.

The matter of fact, these-days a Blog name has become more irrelevant to describe what a website is all about. It is the blog tagline does a job in a simple and meaningful way.

For example a blog called Boing Boing does not use its name to describe anything but the tagline “the directory of mostly wonderful things” shows the all about website.

Why Named Blog Taglines May Have You Confused

Part of the confuse is that blogger get inspired by the hugely popular websites they see and copy them. But taglines are one of those situations where you, as a beginner can’t do it the way the big blogger do.

When you are a new blogger trying to build an audience and not an internationally know brand name, your tagline is a critical piece of real state for communicating with both audience and search engines.

How can you create a blog tagline that helps your blog attract just the shorts of readers you want and turn them into loyal subscribers, so you can eventually make money blogging.

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How To Choose a Good Tagline

Blog taglines can be tougher to create then blog titles, You want to make sure your sums up your website.if you can find a clever way to do that using the play on words, that’s good. whoever concisely describing your website’s content will be better than a clever pun that does not tell readers what to expect. So even thought your tagline will be displayed after your title is just as, if not more important since taglines.

  • > Provide context for your title, if it does not already clearly indicate what you do.
  • > Set the tone for your website
  • > Contain blog keywords that will help your website show up in search engine results.

You could have the great title in the world, say for example THE KR JAAN but without a tagline people are not going to know that your site is a personal travel blog, blogging blog about your experience is exploring new and existing places.

Blog tagline is What’s know in marketing as a unique selling examples.How you can show audience what the benefit of checking out your website will be, answering the questions of what’s in it for them. If they don’t know why your website is here or how it’s relevant to them.changes are they won’t visit again.

How To Write Good Blog Tagline

Here are some tips for creating good attractive tagline for website/blog

Keep It Short

No matter how you come up with that we recommend that you keep your tagline short. You want to make the maximum impact right way and a long blog tagline not fully display in search engine results. Try not to use more than 60 characters, because that’s what will be displayed in the search engine results.

Don’t Repeat

They add simple to the title without repeating it. Remember you are providing context for your website title elaborating on the purpose and goal of your website.

Be Different And Catchy

You want to say something about yourself that others bloggers or peoples are not saying. To stand out spend time researching the competition. If your blog tagline can express what others are not already saying or phrase something in new and unique way your voice and brand will be more memorable.

It’s also helpful to figure out who’s your target audience?, is what kind of visitors are you hoping to get on your website?, what type of benefits do you want to provide them with this? will help you come up with the website tagline that stand out in search engine.


come up with catchy and distinctive that will set you apart from the others.


Believe that your blog tagline is simple to remember by keeping it concise and meaningful.

Brand Recognizable

Create something that matches your blog identify and niche.

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How You Are Different From Competitors

Find your unique value and voice, then describe it to your visitors. Create a sense that you have something Deficient that others don’t.

Now it’s time to try these instruction on how to make excellent blog taglines

  • Use a Tagline Generator

Try to type some keywords related to your blog in a tagline or slogan generator. It might put you on the right way or give some ideas.

  • Keep It To 60 Characters

Make your blog tagline memorable by keeping it short only show your core blog idea.

  • Try To Being The Tagline With a Verb

if possible, use verb this will indicate exactly what you do and what you want to give the audience. A great example of this is fitness blog tagline says “Helping you lose weight get stronger and live batter.

  • Show Off Your Personality

Your blog tagline should match your brand identity. If you want to create a blog about fashion display your elegance. if it’s comedy blog put some jokes.

Blog Taglines
Pin me Plz

Tagline Examples

there are many examples of excellent blog taglines across the web but you should never really copy any of them. Analyzing blog taglines can bring you inspiration.

Just Do It

Nike’s tagline “just do it” has a motivational blog tagline as well inspiring people to be active.

Dan Flying Solo

Speaking of travel blog niche let’s take an example off Dan flying solo. It’s tagline get lost in places new faces.

Nate Damm

Nate is obsessed helping people create a Lifestyle of complete freedom. He also runs a free WordPress install services to help people get started Blogging. Nate Damm tagline is “thoughts on Lifestyle design and entrepreneurship”

Some Fitness Blogs Taglines

  • To Fit To quit
  • Squat it Up
  • Get a Jump On Your Day
  • Turn That Fat To Lat
  • Shape it Up

Some Food Blogs Taglines

  • Move Your Butt and Wander Around
  • Vegan For Life
  • Hot Eats, Cool Treat
  • The Fire’s Ready
  • Good Mood Food

Taglines For Travel Blog

  • When In Doubt Travel
  • Life Untethered
  • Travel To Live, Live To Travel
  • A New Breed Of Explorer
  • A touch of travel class
  • Love your life
  • The travel experts
  • Come and see the world
  • New worlds await
  • Spend less. Travel more.
  • Love the world
  • Time to get lost
  • Do more
  • Go on a journey with us
  • Travel. It matters.
  • Life is for living
  • Travel slowly
  • Join us Fulfill your dreams
  • We live to travel

Best Taglines For Business

  • We are like that… you reap!
  • We never rest!
  • We do what we say!
  • Trust us… we do care!
  • Choose us and never look back
  • Don`t stop… go on!
  • Always at your service!
  • Fly high…

Creative Slogan For Beauty Products

  • Get the lips you want
  • Look like you desire
  • Part with aging
  • Beauty is all about you
  • Be you every day
  • It all for being a girl
  • Shine the moments
  • Definitely a girl

Bottom Line

A Blog tagline will give you meaningful information which Can attract visitor to your website and we are so if you follow over tips you shall eventually come up with the catchy phrases that your blog very well.

 If you are not getting the numbers of visitors you want. It’s time to write a best blog tagline or tweak the one you have got. Don’t be discouraged, it is not easy to sum up everything to do on your blog and who you do it for in just a few words. But it’s worth the effort.