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Benefits Of Using Google Tag Manager ( GTM )

google tag manager is a free tool

Google Tag Manager Benefits =>As marketing and business development of us, we have a tendency to all tend to be conversant in web site tools like Google Analytics and following code, however might not be conversant in really adding following codes or managing tags on the back end of a B2B web site.

However, you’re doubtless tasked with following the effectiveness of digital campaigns across numerous channels to demonstrate the ROI to folks at your company. For many marketing professionals, this implies wishing on an enclosed IT team to update the code on the web site. If the code isn’t side properly, the location may break. Even if the location continues to operate, the code might not track properly.

The good news is that the consultants over at Google have caught on and try to form things easier for promoting professionals. Hence the introduction of Google Tag Manager.

What Is Google Tag Manager | How Does It Work | All About GTM

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager could be a free tool that eliminates tedious code-editing tasks that erst needed a developer. It permits the promoting team to feature and update their own web site} tags – together with javascript code snippets for site analytics, conversion following, and re-marketing – whereas the development team focuses on larger projects.

What are tags?

Tag management system snippets of web site code that measure traffic and traveler behavior. In addition to providing insight into the impact of on-line advertising and social changes, tags create it straightforward to focus on your audience, leverage re-marketing, and check and improve your website. These tags also enable specific site functions. For example, through the utilization of the Google Analytics tag.

Top Benefits Of Using Google Tag Manager

In order to influence you extra, here could be a fast outline of 10 Benefits why you ought to be exploitation Google Tag Manager.

=> Future-Proof Your Website

Ideally, Google Tag Manager is already a section of your method for adding analytics and conversion following to your web site. Also ideally, you’re already using Universal Analytics. If either of these were a “no” for your organization, we’d extremely suggest implementing each, and at a similar time!

Upgrading to Universal Analytics could also be a pain if you’ve got to try to to plenty of code swapping, page modifications, etc. Instead, use Google Tag Manager to form the gradual switch to Universal Analytics, testing as you go.

Implementing GTM can take concerning a similar quantity of effort as upgrading to Universal, however it’ll create future upgrades and enhancements a lot of easier since modifications may be created through GTM and not through every page of your web site. Check out our guide to soundly migrating to Universal Analytics with Google Tag Manager.

If you’re unsure however Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager relate, we’ve got you lined with the good post below concerning however they work along. Essentially, Google Tag Manager isn’t a replacement for Google Analytics, however a modification within the means you add Google Analytics to your web site.

=> Insert Tracking Tags

The convenience of inserting tags through a tag management answer as hostile directly via a site’s code can’t be immoderate. You can insert and take away commonplace Google Analytics following, AdWords re-marketing, conversion codes and third party tags whenever you would like.

Often, a development team controls access to writing a site’s code. Whether operating with a 3rd party or across departments inside center, a task as straightforward as adding a Google Analytics code or AdWords re marketing tag will need making a ticket, sitting in queue, supportive setup on a production server and so pushing live. While having a method in development is vital, Tag Manager offers a secure and simple thanks to scale back extra steps during this method.

Google Tag Manager needs one-time placement of one code snip across a website. From that time on, you’ll add and update following codes directly through the Tag Manager back end while not modifying the location itself.

=> Implementation Speed

Google tag manager will help speed up many processes. Changes and new tags may be created rapidly and most don’t need code changes to the web site. This is nice for marketers as a result of it will very speed up launch time by testing every change themselves and deploying once prepared. With the proper quantity of designing and cooperation together with your development or IT team, this can mean changes can happen faster and often without involving a developer.

In our case study with Paula’s alternative, an eCommerce company that specializes in amazing skincare products, they experienced a 600% improvement in tag implementation time. Read the total case study to visualize additional of the advantages they received from upgrading with Google Tag Manager.

Side note- the complete method of implementing Google Tag Manager will facilitate speed up your site! This is partially thanks to the actual fact that GTM hundreds asynchronously, allowing the rest of the page to load separately.

=> Track Form Submissions

While setting up goal chase for a type with a “thank you” page is straightforward enough, tracking an AJAX form, which submits without changing the URL, requires custom code modifications to push an Analytics event. This can be a pain to fireplace properly, as setup varies among sites and can involve a process of trial and error.

Now, Tag Manager allows you to originated a type Submit auditor that (wait for it) listens for a type submission to occur. You would then trigger a Google Analytics event once a specific type is submitted. Finally, you’d originated a goal to point out a conversion for that event. From my expertise, Tag Manager has worked directly with variety of complicated type setups.

=> Assign Multiple Users

Google Tag Manager permits you to present account access to multiple individuals, with totally different levels of viewing, writing and publishing privileges. This feature provides convenience for agencies needing to offer multiple workers access or eager to share access with shoppers whereas sure|guaranteeing} solely certain people have master management.

=> Security

Two huge concerns regarding maintaining a web site area unit sometimes security and therefore the chance of the location dead. Fear not! For GTM shall not crash and burn your web site, nor can it open any new doors for future vulnerabilities.

For starters, you management UN agency has access to your GTM and Analytics accounts, and might revoke access at any time. You’ll still got to follow normal security practices with Google Tag Manager, a bit like you’d any content management system or net development tool. There area unit alternative edges like victimization standardized templates for common tagging situations and reducing the potential for mistakes and scripting errors on your website. Check out the article above for more detail!

=> Version Control

A staple for each web site, Google Tag Manager comes with version management inbuilt. Every time you publish a modification to a instrumentality, it creates a brand new version, that is archived. If at Any time you would like to rollback to an existing version, you’ll do thus simply. This is additionally an excellent thanks to keep tags organized and troubleshoot tagging issues.

This helps to make a history of what changes were created to the web site, once they were printed, and by whom.

=> Functions with Google Analytics

Speaking of inbuilt tags, GTM additionally permits you to put in a basic implementation of Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager. GTM includes a tag example that offers you all the choices you’d have had in your previous Google Analytics implementation. Plus, it’s compatible with older onsite code for event chase, page views, and cross domain chase.

=> User Permissions

GTM allows you to set permissions for individual users that embody read, edit, and publish. You can management internally UN agency has the flexibility to form updates to the web site and modify a merchandiser (like us) to assist assist with making tags, variables, and triggers to assist with analytics and advertising.

=> Triggers for Common Actions

Google tag manager takes the effort out of manually tagging every link that you just need to trace with individual “art-31”>Instead, you’ll produce a trigger to focus on links or buttons by attributes that area unit already on the link, or by employing a standardized naming structure like information attributes. When you’re done creating your trigger, merely use that trigger to fireplace your tag, and track away!

Google Tag Manager Benefits

Google Tag Manager has inbuilt triggers to form it easier to feature chase to clicks on links and components, type submissions, and more!

benefits of using google tag manager
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