#Top Benefits Of Using Snapchat For Any Business


Snapchat is one of the fast-rising apps that continues to be popular among millennials and the even younger generation. It has over 100 million active users worldwide that releases 400 million Snaps per day, and generates 5 billion daily video views. All these numbers, they earned since the app was created in 2011.
As it slowly creates a name for its own, businesses are also considering the possibility of joining the app. CNN, National Geographic, Domino’s Pizza, and Starbucks are already kicking it on the platform. But should you hop on it too? Here are #Top benefits of Snapchat for growing businesses.

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=> No Stale Profiles

Early advice for businesses simply getting started with Facebook was to create bound to post to profiles regularly. Failing to post regularly could mean that someone incoming at a profile that hasn’t been updated in weeks, months or years (if at all) would likely leave rather than choosing to Like the Page.
With Snapchat, however, there’s no profile to review before selecting to become “friends” with a contact or company. Thus, the frequency at that one posts will utterly be controlled by the marketer – selecting to post after they have one thing warrant sharing versus feeling the requirement to continuously post (creating a a lot of authentic expertise for each parties).

=> Create Limited Time Offers

Companies can take advantage of the social platform’s short viewing timeframe by creating limited time offers.
You take a Snapchat of an item or items that are currently on sale, a promotion, or a special discount code, which can only be redeemed for a limited time.
This can produce a way of urgency and it may lead to business growth.
Why is this? Customers’ attention spans have gotten shorter and shorter, down to an estimated average of 12 seconds. For Gen Zers it’s even lower, 8 seconds. With such a short time-frame to create an impact, firms need a medium that may create a bearing quickly. Snapchat is perfect for this purpose.
The platform solely permits users to look at a video or image for one to 10 seconds. This has the result of creating everything seem a lot of important, as someone contains a limited time to look at content before it’s deleted forever.

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=> An Inner Circle

For many Snapchat users, their friends list is much, much smaller on that app versus other networks. Since the audience base is younger, the people who they interact with on Snapchat are likely close friends and peers versus family members and parents. In different words, they will post pictures and videos to Snapchat that they would not post to other networks – partly because their friends list is more fine-tuned and because Snaps will disappear anyway.
Brands that are able to grow their following on Snapchat can benefit from being in that “inner circle” – with the end result being followers feeling a closer connection to that company. What’s a lot of, since Snapchat contains a less-formal environment, brands can methodically “let their hair down” and earn the trust of audiences.

=> Add Links

The most helpful thanks to market on Snapchat is also the only. The network permits all users to feature links to their posts directly, creating it simple to share content with potential customers. It is additionally attainable to trace how many clicks your posts generates if you produce traceable shortened URLs.
After you’ve recorded or taken an image for your Snapchat, you’ll see a hyperlink paperclip icon on the right, just above the timer. Clicking this icon can permit you to enter a URL. After this, you’ll see a preview of the page it’ll direct users to. Confirm the link and post your snap. Your followers will now be able to see it. They can then swipe up so as to navigate to the link’s destination. You’ll need to give them clear directions to swipe up too, otherwise, they may not realise.

=> Our Story

While its parent company, Snap Inc., positions itself as a camera company primarily, Snapchat is becoming more and more of a location-based service. For example, users can add to a community narrative by submitting their Snaps to “Our Story” (grouped together with other Snaps from the same location, event or about the same topic) to seem in Snap Map or in Search. Snap Map shows users’ Snaps from across the world (when they enable this feature) and Search allows users to type in something they are interested in.
The advantage of Our Story is that brands don’t have to be compelled to be overly active on Snapchat to be able to increase a community narrative. One well-timed and well-placed ikon or short video may do wonders for whole awareness.

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=> Use Snapchat as a marketing tool

Snapchat aims to be unique from other social media platforms. Snapchat highlights its contents that self-destruct 24 hours after it was published. Also, it also doesn’t allow its users to submit edited contents on the platform which prompts users to submit real-time videos and pictures.
Although it admittedly sounds like a risky platform to be in, business owners can actually use Snapchat’s unique functions to their advantage. Businesses can host contests, give sneak peeks to live events, tease audiences of their new products or just use the filters, emojis, and doodle options to promote their existing ones.

=> Younger audience

If you’re targeting a younger age group such as the millennials and Generation Z, then Snapchat could be the best platform for you. Among its subscribers, 23% belongs to the 13 to 17 age group while 18 to 24 years olds make up 37% of the population. 26% of the users belong to the 25 to 34 age group, while the remaining 14% are made up of individuals from the 35 and older age bracket.

=> The Chat Service

SEC filings state that, on average, over 60 percent of Snapchat’s DAUs use its Chat Service each day to send Snaps and speak with friends. Thanks to the chat service, Snapchat indicates that it advantages from the frequency with that its user base communicates with each other “because every message invitations a user back to the applying once they receive a push notification.”
For businesses, this suggests that audiences have compelling reasons to come to Snapchat multiple times every day – increasing the prospect their Snaps are going to be reviewed.

=> Grab Attention with Snap Ads

Snapchat Ads enable you to succeed in a unique larger audience outside of your own following. Whether your objective is to lift awareness, increase thought or drive action, Snapchat Ads allows you to do so, with ease.
One of the items Snapchat Ads allows it’s users to try and do is produce custom filters. This is a fantastic plan for events, brick-and-mortar businesses and even native campaigns that wish to lift awareness.
To make things easier for its users, Snapchat for Business provides a full video editing suite called Snap Publisher. It allows one to make interesting ads in no time at all. Another profit is that you just don’t got to transfer or install additional computer code to be able to use it, it’s all web-based.
Snapchat also can be employed in different originative and flexible ways that. For example, you can give a behind the scenes look at your organization. Alternatively, you’ll be able to use it to stay involved with folks that have an interest in your product or services.

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=> It allows users to play

Snapchat is a much more informal platform compared to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It encourages users to be creative, funny, and spontaneous with its geofilters, emojis, music, and drawing options.
With Snapchat, business owners have fun and engage with their audience. Give discounts through the platform, or make funny pictures out of your products. In Snapchat, there is less need for filters and processed content. Most social media experts even advice users to use “raw” photos to make content look more personal, just like one sent by a friend.

=> Snapcash

Snapcash is another feature that businesses can utilize. Users can send and receive money to their contacts who are eligible to receive money by linking their debit card to the app, which can be used for ecommerce.
Other than the seven points stated above, Snapchat has many other benefits that businesses can use. However, just like any investment, it is worth giving a thought whether your business is ready for Snapchat or not. A platform’s effectiveness for business largely comes from the way it is used. Sure, Snapchat is ready for you, but are you ready for Snapchat?

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