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Travel Blogging
Travel Blogging

Did you know you’ll need Ideas For Travel Blogs soon? Now, the story is different because international tourism has come to a complete halt. Travel bloggers and vloggers strive to create valuable content for their audience, and people in long-distance relationships pay the high price of being apart for long periods.

When asked, people said they miss travelling more than anything since they started staying at home. If you are in the business of travel and tourism, the income is limited because the tourists are less able to invest their money.

Even if they wanted to travel, the crew did not allow them. What is changing? Will travel bloggers become more important as tourists start travelling again? I asked experts to brainstorm travel blog ideas. This article shares the results of the interview. Eighteen experts provide travel blog name ideas and travel blog post ideas in this guide.

Even when people know they want to blog about travel blog ideas, they don’t know the perfect travel blog topic to write about. Let’s dive in and learn travel blog ideas like travel blog titles and travel blog topics.

100+ Top Ideas For Travel Blogs

Travel Content Concepts: Motivation 

From Reddit 

“So, I’m now 21 and I’m thinking of starting a blog about what I learned in art school, the great restaurants I tried in New York, the lost history, and the good things I learned in my life.” 

My advice: 

I gave her these Ideas For Travel Blogs: 

Post a blog about New York. Another travel blog will be needed. I have a friend who is a blogger in New York. He has been blogging for years. You can make the history of New York, places to eat in New York, museums in New York… 

Travel blog ideas 

Blogger, traveler, and travel expert answered: 

Looking Ideas For Travel Blogs

Travel blog idea #1: 

Write about what to wear while you’re there. Traveling often involves visiting a climate that you are not used to. Whether you’re dealing with cold weather, mild temperatures, or ever-changing weather, it’s essential to be prepared. You can dedicate a series of blogs to the types of clothes that are important to pack before you go to this destination, highlighting the appropriate things to wear and, in some cases, how to arrange them properly.

2. Give your readers advice on how to be worldly. 

Most parts of the world have customs that travelers may not be familiar with. Consider educating readers on the right and wrong things to do when visiting certain places. Tips can include the right things to say after a meal, and gestures that guests often don’t understand as disrespectful. 

3. Psst – Tell your audience the best time to steal. 

Air travel is a scary and scary thing, but tips and schedules can help travelers get the best deals. Review the best practices and compile a list of the most helpful tips for your readers. Sources of travel blog ideas: 

Jonathan Frey,

Travel Blog Idea #4: 

Best Hotels in (Insert Here): Most people planning a trip will be looking for a good hotel. Blogging about hotels in one area can be a good way to drive more traffic because it not only adds value to your blog, but it’s also a good topic to get ranked on. Articles like “Top 10 Hotels in Cinque Terri” or “Best Resorts and Hotels in Orlando” can be a great addition to your blog.

5. Best time to visit (insert location here): 

There are plenty of times to visit certain places and writing about them can be great for your blog. Your information may include information on hotel prices and availability, flights, local temperatures, and peak times. 

6. Complete guide to camping from (Insert here): 

Camping is very popular among travelers and blogs about camping and places around the world can make great content for your blog. A camping blog is perfect for some places that will add value and traffic.

7. 1 hour to explore (insert condition here): Many people like to explore an area when passing between 2 countries, giving them only a few hours or minutes to explore what they can. A blog post that tells them what to do first if travelers only have an hour can be a successful addition to your blog.

Sources of travel blog ideas: 

Kevin Mercier,;

Looking Ideas For Travel Blogs 

Travel Blog Idea #8:

 Add your niche to your travel blog title. When choosing a name, make sure that the name includes the niche you are in. I made this mistake.

For example, my website is “Brit on The Move”. It should include “journey” or “journey” but it’s too late for that right now on this blog. However, it forced me into brand mode. AKA, nobody wants a “Brit on the Move”. So, I’m unlikely to hit the SEO charts just on my behalf. 

9. Make sure your travel blog name is correct.

 When choosing a name, make sure it is available on all social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

10. Your blog name and social media name 

Your blog name and social media name should match exactly. Otherwise, they will be your nickname. 

11. Check the trademark. 

Even when you get to the point of choosing a name, it will be everywhere – but there is no trademark.

Travel Blogging Ideas

Continue For More Travel Blogging Ideas

Note: I have not yet discovered these travel blog ideas. However, if I were to do it again, I would start here: 

12. Travel to (insert name) 

13. Traveling with (insert name). 

14. On the road with (insert name) 

15. In the air with (insert name) 

16. Travel to (insert name) 

17. Holidays with (insert name) 

18. Take (insert name) vacation. 

19. Travel stories from (insert name) 

20. Travel stories with (insert name) 

21. Travel plan with (insert name) 

22. Travel plans from (insert name) 

Sources of travel blog ideas: 

Nikki Webster, 

Old is good; Alone is better (sometimes) than in a group. 

Travel Blog Idea #23: 

Beautiful trains run through the country – they have an old-world vibe that appeals to some people.

24. Nighttime sightseeing activities

 See the difference between the same place during the day and at night 

25. Things to do alone in a big city 

This can be a list of things where two are one person many. Sources of travel blog ideas: 

Nikola Roza, 

President’s Travel Blog Ideas 

Travel blog idea #26: 

Find another way to celebrate the leaders. Many travelers to Mexico in May do not realize that Cinco de Mayo is not a major holiday in the country. However, it is a cultural celebration that is respected in Puebla, the city where the Cinco de Mayo commemoration took place.

I’ve seen a lot of “celebrating on the beach in Mexico for Cinco de Mayo” blog posts, but few that talk about the talks, shows, and museums in Puebla itself. You take what people are interested in and find another place and event to be different on your blog.

27. Video is king

Beautiful photos and well-written content are the basics of travel blogging, but you need to constantly update your video game. Better software, improved Adobe or Apple video production products, lighting, and sound. There’s a lot to learn from the video, and nothing says “innovator” like a bad travel selfie from your phone. 

28. To cooperate

Always on the lookout for other travel bloggers who would appreciate your expertise, insight, and content sharing. Building backlinks is just as important for travel bloggers as it is for big businesses. Plus, as a travel blogger, chances are you’ll meet on the road and find great marketing opportunities that your audience will love.

Sources of travel blog ideas: 

Dwight Zahringer,;

A Content Marketer Shares Travel Blog Ideas 

Travel blog idea #29:

Covering popular travel destinations with a no-BS philosophy. This means sharing your travel experiences directly and discussing the truth of things. I believe that many people are tired of reading good travel blogs, and would be happy to read something that makes sense. It won’t be bad, but you need to keep the name of your blog presence authentic.

It will also help you find the right blog name and unique marketing position. In my experience as an online marketer, search engines are slower and more interested in facts and good data than good posts. This is a strong idea for those who are brave. Sources of travel blog ideas: 

Aaron Haynes,;

Looking for travel blog ideas 

Travel blog name 

Travel Blog Idea #30:

I have an idea for a name for your blog. What did you think of “The Traveler”? I checked the internet and found that this name is not being used. However, if we talk about naming and creating a name, this blog name is very good. It is easy to remember and be an outcast.

31. Name Of The Blog

It is very important in the name of the blog to choose a name, which will be associated with someone who is friends with others and has some experience in the field. Travel blog topics 

32. How to improve your hitchhiking.

 33. The best place to meet famous people. 

34. The most expensive and cheapest place in… (country). 

35. How to travel during illness. 

36. How much does it cost to live in Bali (other countries)? 

37. How to combine travel and work. 

38. How to travel on a budget. Source of travel blog ideas 


Looking for travel blog ideas 

Traveling is something everyone loves and it becomes special when you plan it with your loved ones.

Here Are Some Of The Best Travel Blog Topics And Ideas

39. Beauty and Fashion

What to wear and how to plan for beauty? (This plan is especially for women because they attach great importance to these things. This beauty is for everything like the face, hair, skin, etc.) 

40. Packing list

 You must have a packing list when you go on any trip. (This is probably the best and most important thing to explain in detail what you need to combine your travel for each destination.) 

41. Travel Experience

My best travel experience in XYZ… (Every travel has its own experience and it would be good to share it with the world.) 

Sources of travel blog ideas: 


Travel Blogging Ideas

Travel Insider 

Travel Blog Idea #42:

 A good title for a travel blog could be “Travel Researcher”. One of the reasons why the name is good is that the blog will provide detailed information about the place and how to get there. 43. The first thing a blog should do is try to change the perception that travel should be expensive and limited. People should be able to travel on a budget and still have fun. Blogs should try to show some places where people can go, learn about the culture there, and have fun on a budget. 44. The second idea is to provide the blog provider with detailed information on how to get the various things needed for each place one can go. The blog should contain information about the rights, legal issues, and fees that travelers have to pay while traveling.

45. Another idea is to increase the market for destinations in countries that many people do not know. This information can be useful to help people travel to those countries because of the information provided in “Travellers”. 

Sources of travel blog ideas: 

Alina Clark, ;

Travel Blog Name Ideas

Travel Blog Idea #46: 

Wilderness Traveler 

47. Your pathfinder 

48. Way to go 

49. Wrap up 

50. Center of the brain 

51. As you come up with blog name ideas, look at what else you have to offer besides a catchy name. It will depend on the content you have to offer. Travel blog topics 

52. What to wear when traveling in water areas 

53. Top 10 Vacations in 2021 

54. Why your health is important when you travel 

55. Tips for enjoying the game drive 

56. The best camera for travel 

57. The best places to camp in Africa (including other places) 

58. How to travel to different countries on a budget 

59. The best hotel for a vacation 

Sources of travel blog ideas: 

Harriet Chan, ;

Looking for travel blog ideas 

Here is a list of travel blogs: 

Travel Blog Idea #60: Roam Rover 

61. The traveler 

62. Float on the coast 

63. People who are crazy 

64. Just carry it by hand 

65. Mother’s Travel Guide 

66. Travel and Parenting 

Some travel blog topic ideas might be: 

67. How to fish 

68. Types of travel during travel 

69. How to use credit cards to your advantage while traveling 

70. Accommodation Guide – Hitchhiker’s Guide 

71. Weekend trip 

Sources of travel blog ideas: 


More Travel Blog Ideas 

Travel Blog Idea #72: 

Your blog name should appeal to and describe your brand. 

73. The name you choose should be easy to remember and not too wordy.

74. Choose a name like a place of interest or cheap travel to attract the audience and explain the best. 

75. Social media is taking over, always make sure your blog name is there. 

76. Make sure your blog name does not exceed the character limit of various social media features. 

77. SEO should be considered before you finalize your brand name. Travel blog topics 

78. Remember that you are always looking for places that offer the best things to write and discover new places, but not yet been discovered. Some topics are: 

79. The Long Way Home: The road trip is the best kind, to begin with, because there are many ways to plan to do it, and it offers different flexibility. 

80. The Harry Potter Way: There is nothing better than enjoying a movie while relaxing on the train. From a motivational perspective, riding the train remains an attractive mode of transportation.

81. Canine Companion: Dogs are man’s best friend and trust us, you’ll be happy at every moment of your trip when you’re with your trusted companions and when they’re not with you, list a home that meets his needs.

Sources of travel blog ideas: 

Caroline Lee, ;

Writer and travel blog concept 

How to use travel bugs to bite others 

Travel blog ideas to inspire people with sore feet: 

82 travel blog ideas: 5 surefire ways to save money for travel 

83. Our guide to the best budget destinations in the world 

84. Detailed instructions for packaging 

85. Essentials for long-haul flights 

86. 7 tips for solo travelers 

87. How to be a tourist in your own country 

Sources of travel blog ideas: 

Jordan McDowell, ;

Travel Blogging Ideas and Tips 

Travel Blog Ideas #88:

Nail Your Niche The world of travel blogging is competitive, and you’ll have the best chance of success if you define a clear niche for your blog. Instead of writing about every topic under the sun, come up with a clear purpose for your blog. 

For example, you can focus on camping in the United States, luxury travel in Europe, or the best travel accessories for digital nomads. Try to establish yourself as an expert in your niche and you can expand your reach in the future. 

Not only will this process help you to position yourself as an authority or go to someone in your niche, but it will help you rank your article better in Google. In other words, defining a clear niche is good for search engine optimization (SEO).

89. Ditch the cliches 

When choosing a name for your blog, some clichés may come to mind, such as wanderer, wanderer, wanderer, wanderer, and wanderer. – move.

But many of these words have been pronounced dead by travel bloggers. It will be difficult to stand out if you are looking for a name that looks like everyone else.

90. Use a blog name builder

Spend some time thinking of a unique name for your travel blog. You can use online blog name generators to help you with the brainstorming process. Try to come up with something catchy, unique, and not just three or four words. 

91. Avoid locking yourself in a bad name 

For example, if you start a blog called Traveler Twenty-Something, what will you do when you turn 30? Or if you choose something like My Trip to Spain, you will be stuck if you want to expand to another country. 

92. Support the weather today

Travel and travel blogging are very different because of Covid-19. But even if travel has stopped, it will increase as more people get vaccinated. 

93. Meanwhile

Meanwhile, find out what people’s travel priorities are now. Perhaps they need more bathrooms or other living spaces where they can be isolated from other people. Maybe they care more about airlines with flexible cancellation policies or better cleaning procedures. 

Sources of travel blog ideas: 

Rebecca Safier, ;

Blogs can help experienced travelers while on the road. As a frequent traveler, I like to share my travel experiences through blogs. Not only does this show the beauty of the destination, but it can also give other travelers an idea of ​​what to try.

Ideas For Travel Blogs

94 Travel Blog Ideas: Top 10 First-Time Travel-Friendly Travel Ideas 

95. Best place to stay in this city 

96. What to carry for your trip to this country 

Sources of travel blog ideas: 

Georges Mouratidis, ;

40 travel content and blog post ideas for 2021 

Blog Travel Ideas 97: How to make money while traveling?

98. The most happening in the Amazon forest 

99. India’s most popular festivals you must see 

100. Top 10 places to visit in the world 

101. The best hotel in the world 

102. Best Adventure Travel Destinations 

103. The best country to visit in the world 

104. Cheap countries to visit 

105. Best places to visit before you die 

106. The best mountain to climb in the world 

107. Must-eat food from around the world 

108. The best waterfall in the world to visit 

109. The best island destination to visit around the world 

110. The best country in the world to visit 

111. The best desert in the world to visit 

112. Best places to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic 

113. Travel and safety tips to know before you go 

114. Safari packing list: 10 things you need to pack for your safari 

115. Simple tips to learn Spanish in 3

113. Travel and safety tips to know before you go 

114. Safari Packing List: 10 Things You Should Pack For Your Safari 

115. Easy tips to learn Spanish in 3 months 

116. The best volcanoes to visit in the world 

117. The best lake in the world that you must visit 

118. The best beaches in the world to visit 

119. The best beach in the world to visit 

120. What happens to children 

121. The most beautiful place in the world 

122. 10 best restaurants in the world to visit 

123. What will happen in France in 2022

124. The best water park in the world 

125. The best holiday in the world to see in your life 

126. Best places to travel on a budget in 2022 

127. How to travel for free 

128. Ways to travel during an epidemic 

129. It will be tiring on a long day of travel 

130. The best photo shoot in the world 

131. The best place for couples 

132. Tips for booking cheap flights 

133. How to stay safe when traveling alone 

134. Places to visit in the summer in the United States 

135. The best city for walking in the world 

136. The best place to go with your friends in 2023

137. The best place to go with your family is 2023

Source of travel blog ideas 

Ritika Kadiya, 

Travel Blog Idea #138:

A great idea for a travel blog is to travel around the world looking for the best food in the area. Of course, everyone tastes food when they go somewhere, but carefully researching where the food originates from the real places that most tourists don’t see will give people a lot of information. about any country food.

The truth is what you can offer. You can call the blog “Eating the World, One Country at a Time”. 

Sources of travel blog ideas: 

Thomas Fultz, ;

Travel blog tips 

Keep that in mind from day one of your travel blogging journeys. Advice: 

Travel blog idea #139:

Don’t forget about SEO. When you’re considering starting a blog, SEO can mean anything to you, but it’s the cakewalk we leave to Google to help them understand our site and help us rank in Google searches. It’s worth thinking about how you want to rank for Google before deciding on a name for your blog. If you can include relevant keywords in your blog title that will be popular, that will help you down the line. 

So, for example, if you want to write about luxury travel, it would be useful to include the word luxury in your blog title, which will help you rank for words related to luxury travel. So, for example, a good luxury travel blog might be “Vision Explorista.” It’s still a fun and awesome name, but it has all those important words you want to be known for. If you plan to specialize in road trips, you can search for a title with a title like “van life”, for example, something like “Van Life With A View”. 

140. Write something closely related

 If you are a person who likes variety, palm trees can seem like an obstacle. However, the fastest way to teach Google and your readers what your blog is about are to write a lot of related content on the same topic. This lets your audience know that you are an expert on the subject. Falling nestle is probably one of the most common blogging mistakes. So, consider the type of travel you are most familiar with and enjoy.

141. Main travel space: 

luxury travel 

Travel wealth 

Solo travel 


family trip 

travel photos 

Destination-specific travel 

RV travel 

142. Know your audience

Before writing an article, the most important thing is to understand who you are writing for. This will help you deliver better content, increase your blog traffic faster, and earn money faster. 166. Think of your blog as a tool to solve problems. But before you solve your audience’s problem, you need to understand it. So spend some time thinking about your ideal reader or “avatar”. 

Think about their goals, and the obstacles they face, and find ways to overcome those obstacles. This is the way to develop a loyal fan base. 

For example, if you have a solo travel blog, your audience may be thinking about planning their first trip abroad and one issue may be worrying about their safety. You can solve these problems by writing about your own experiences, writing about countries and places that are good for travelers, or writing a guide to safe parts of the country.

It can also help you decide which products to promote with affiliate links when you’re ready to make money. For example, in this case, an anti-theft bag or an online personal protection system can make the reader feel better and help them book their first trip on their own! 

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