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The Best Free Unfollow Apps For Twitter: Why You Need One

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Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with friends, family, and followers. But what if you don’t want to see all the tweets from someone? You can simply unfollow them, but that’s not always easy.

If you have a huge number of in-active Twitter followers, Means these followers are not good for you and your business. So you must remove all these in-active Twitter followers.

There are a few different apps that can make unfollowing someone on Twitter much easier. The first app is called “Unfollowers for Twitter.” It’s available for both Android and iOS devices. The app scans your Twitter followers list and finds people who you’re no longer following.

Best Free Unfollow Apps For Twitter

Here is the list of the best unfollow Twitter tools, which you can choose to unfollow the non-active followers on your Twitter account. Here we are. 

1. ManageFlitter

 It is one of the best and my favorite Twitter tool to easily manage and grow Twitter accounts. Many professionals use this Twitter unfollower tool to increase the number of followers by thousands. Increase your visibility and that of your followers on your Twitter profile.

ManageFlitter also gives you plenty of features in the free plan. 

  • The amazing feature of ManageFlitter is sorting Twitter profiles by many filtering options
  •  Find out who isn’t following you
  • Automate user tracking and unfollowing
  • Get full analytics and stats 
  • You can also schedule your tweets 
  • The design is pretty cool 
  • Search based on a few options 

Unfollow non-English speaking followers. Inactive people like your profile spam. They only increase the n.followers and followers but add no value.ManageFlitter gives you the option to unfollow inactive, fake, and bogus followers.

ManageFlitter not only helps in performing all the above tasks but also helps in saving time. I must say that it is a Twitter tool to unfollow quickly. 

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2. Crowdfireapp

 Also known as JustUnfollow, this is one of the best free Twitter unfollow tools. With this tool, you can follow or unfollow the Twitter accounts of 25 users every day.

 To extend the limit, you need to get Crowdfire’s paid subscription. This is perhaps the best Twitter unfollower tool for people who want to manage their Twitter accounts on the go using their smartphones. It provides Android and iOS apps that you can install on your smartphone. 

3. Tweepi

 Tweepi is one of the most important Twitter and Twitter Unfollow management tools. Tweepi is packed with features. You can manage many things on your Twitter account. 

There is a special option in the Tweepi call like Geeky Flush, which you can use to unfollow non-active followers. It’s more than just a Twitter unfollow tool. 

  • The features of Tweepi are listed below.
  • Unfollow non-followers  
  • Search and filter users
  • Find new users in multiple ways (follow relevant users)
  • Interaction with users is done in several ways Receive notifications 

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4. UnfollowSpy 

A comprehensive Twitter profile management functionality and Twitter Unfollow tool which includes the following features:

  • Know who is following you 
  • Find out who unfollowed you 
  • Know unfollowers 
  • Delete unfollowers 
  • Send a personalized direct message 
  • Gain followers this way
  • Know user inactivity
  • Also available in the mobile version 


This Twitter unfollow tool can be used for two social networks. One is Twitter and the other is Instagram. Using this tool, you can automate the work to unfollow unfollowers. You can know who is following you or who is not following you. You may also know people who follow you, but you don’t follow them. 

A great feature of this tool is filtering. You can filter different Twitter profiles based on the number of followers, number of tweets per day, inactivity, or fake profiles.

 6. Follower Filter

An amazing Twitter unfollow tool that can multitask while on the go. All you can do with this amazing tool is:

  • People Search: Search for people who aren’t following you, who are following you, and who you’ve followed.
  • Tweets management: manage your Tweets, group them by retweets, mentions, etc.
  • Notification, and statistics: Receive various notifications and statistics from your Twitter account.
  • Unfollow Unfollowers: Easily find unfollowers and unfollow them immediately. 
Twitter follower track tools
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7. iUnfollow

A really cool Twitter unfollow tool. What you all need to do is log into your Twitter account and start unfollowing unfollowers. The main features of iUnfollow are: 

  • Create user whitelist
  • You know the people who follow you and you don’t follow them
  • View you follow/unfollow history
  • Use hotkey to unfollow unfollowers
  • Easy to use interface to perform quick actions 

 What I like about the iUnfollow tool is that it offers a shortcut to unfollow unfollowers, which helps in unfollowing mass unfollowers in no time. 

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8. Twitter Karma 

A very simple tool to follow and unfollow unfollowers.It can follow people who follow you, but you don’t follow them. Thus, it helps to get more followers for your Twitter profile. 

Just go to Twitter Karma and after logging in with your Twitter account, click on Whack! Button. 


Another very powerful Twitter unfollow tool developed by a third party is to track unfollow or non-followers from your Twitter account and track your Twitter stats. 

The dashboard is very intuitive. Anyone can use it without any advice. To use it, all you have to do is log in using your Twitter account. 

The marvel of this tool lies in its excellent features which are: 

  • Easy to use 
  • It will let you know the information about unfollowers.
  • Find out who has stopped following you regularly.
  • Unfollow Inactive followers
  • Know the statistics of blocked and deactivated users.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our article about learning why so many people might have in-active followers on Twitter. We highlight the best ways for you to determine if you have in-active followers and to follow up with them. It’s surprising how many people might have in-active followers when they try to reach them via Twitter. This is a great article if you are trying to increase your followers on Twitter. 

If you have large amount of in-active followers on Twitter, you can use all above mention tools to unfollow them easily.

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