What Are Web Notifications and Advantages Of Web Push Notification

What Are Web Notifications and Advantages Of Web Push Notification

What Is Web Notification

Generating user engagement towards your marketing communications is hard unless you’re ready to grab their attention together with your message. Having said so, the choice of marketing channels, the content of the message, and the urgency of it are also some of the key aspects in improving the engagement. Web notifications are one among the most preferred methods of enticing your audience that you simply can adapt to in recent times and rescale marketing conversations by quite margin.

So, basically what are web push notifications? The simple explanation of web notifications can be understood as the messages that your users receive about your product when they are active in their browsers. So, technically web push is the marketing message that you can send whenever your users are browsing the internet and even when not on your site. The only precursor to sending a web push notification is the acceptance or consent of the intended users by clicking the allow button on your website when they visit it for the first time.

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Advantages of Web Push Notifications

When you are using a relatively newer marketing channel, you need to know the benefits of it. The following are the primary advantages of web push notifications for your website.

=> No Mobile App Required

You don’t need any mobile app to deliver web push messages. Irrespective of the device type, you can send the messages over mobile or a desktop browser as long as it is open.

=> Wider Reach and Visibility

As most of the internet users are on either Safari, Chrome, or Firefox browsers, you can expand your reach through web notifications. Also, the browsers have a robust support system for delivering your messages, thus you can increase your visibility too.

=> Access to Users Deviated From Your Website

Web push notifications can be sent to users who are not on your website but have their browser open by re-engaging them again with your messages. Once your users have provided their consent for receiving your notifications, you’ll send them a targeted message anywhere to remarket your products.

=> No Lengthy Form Fill-up For Users

The one-touch opt-in process makes a subscription to your web push notifications much easier for your users. Further, it is safer for them too, as they don’t have to provide their personal information on your website.

=> Higher Opt-ins and Lower Opt-out

Since your users don’t need to provide any sensitive personal information, the opt-in rates become higher towards your web notifications. Also, opting out can be kept low by providing them with engaging and relevant content through the notifications.

=> Provides Urgency to Your Messages

Since web push notifications pop-up instantly on your users’ browsers, you can instill a feeling of emergency in your messages. This is particularly helpful if you are marketing a new product or offering some deals on your marketplace.

=> Better Visual Appeal

Web notifications can be designed using high-quality product images, relevant product information, and targeted CTAs towards the right landing page according to each campaign. Moreover, features like carousel notifications (displaying up to nine products through a single scrollable notification), product label (social validation of product), and real-time segmentation make your website push notifications more engaging.

Web Push Notifications Sites

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