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What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is a set of SEO tools which will assist you in nearly each side of content marketing. Ahrefs takes care of:

competitor research=> unveil your competitor’s organic keywords, backlink methods and PPC keywords

Link Building=> realize the strongest backlink opportunities in your niche

Keyword Research => get most relevant keyword concepts and see however laborious it might be to rank

Content Research=> discover the foremost well-liked content on any topic and realize the most effective concepts for your own content

Rank Tracking=> track your search rankings in conjunction with your competitors’

Mentions Monitoring=> get email alerts every time you or your brand in mentioned online

web site Audit: realize what SEO problems your web site has and find out how to repair them.
Ahrefs database has 7 billion keywords and 187 billion indexed pages. That is why Ahrefs is able to provide maximum data and accuracy to its users.

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=> Ahrefs Benefits

With Ahrefs, users get the most effective backlink checking platform within the business. With just a few clicks of the button, users have a crystal clear profile of any website or URL. From links to anchors as well as the strength of the backlinks, Ahrefs reveals them all in an instant. Users can also monitor backlinks and follow their growth overtime and deploy smart filters and advanced reporting features to quickly discover relevant data.

Ahrefs additionally helps users dig deep into their competitors’ search traffic with the Positions individual tool. You can simply see the keywords the competition is ranking for within the search engines further because the keywords they’re outlay on for his or her advertising and marketing campaigns. Even higher, you’ll see the flow of organic and paid traffic they’re receiving.

Content is still king and Ahrefs ensures that you know what type of content is generating your income. You will see that content is obtaining shared the foremost further as each web site that’s linking to well-liked and trending content materials.

Knowing what keywords are getting ranked and tanked is key in the war for the top search engine results pages (SERPs). Ahrefs helps you monitor your keyword rankings in all geographic locations and languages further as however your keywords perform on mobile platforms.

=> Ahrefs Features

  • Site Explorer
  • Content Explorer
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Alerts
  • Rank Tracker
  • Domain Comparison
  • Batch Analysis
  • Link Intersect
  • SEO Toolbar

It’s nearly not possible to magnify the influence of Ahrefs inside the digital marketing community. For many SEO professionals, it’s the tool that they simply can’t live without.

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Why? Because it’s not just a single tool. It’s a suite of invaluable services.

Simply put: if you’re struggling with preferring that tools to incorporate in your digital marketing tool case, you actually can’t get it wrong with Ahrefs.

Yes, it’s that good.

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=> Site Explorer

Would you prefer to learn a lot of concerning competitor websites thus you’ll imitate their methods to rank your own site? If so, then you’ll love Site Explorer.

Site Explorer looks and acts in many ways like SEMRush. So if you’re already acquainted with that tool, you’ll have a short learning curve.
Here’s what Site Explorer offers:

Organic traffic analytics – find out about the keywords that competitors are ranking for. See that search terms are transferral home the bacon.

Backlink checker – wherever do your competitors get the backlinks that facilitate them rank? Site Explorer will answer that question.
Paid traffic analytics – Maybe your competitors are reeling in customers with paid ads on search results. If that’s the case, Site Explorer will show you the keywords they’re using, the ads they’re running, and their landing pages.

Page analytics – web site human will show you which of them pages on a competitor’s web site have the most social shares and backlinks.
Of course, you don’t need to use web site human to be told concerning competitors. You can also use it to get some insight on your own website.

Why would you do that? To find out vital data, such as which keywords are bringing in the most organic traffic and which domains are giving you the most love in terms of backlinks.

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=> Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs says that its keyword analysis tool is “the most complete keyword analysis tool on the market.”
That might just be puffing, but there’s little doubt that you’ll find it a valuable source of inspiration when it comes to identifying keywords related to your niche.

Here’s what you’ll expect from the Keyword human tool:

Keyword suggestions – Get many concepts on keywords that you just will rank for. Uncover popular search terms that your competitors don’t even know about!

Multinational support – Don’t think for a second that Keyword Explorer only offers English search terms. In fact, the tool supports quite a hundred languages. In this world market, can you afford an English-only solution?

Accurate volume metrics – Keyword Tool leans on clickstream information to convey you correct search volumes.

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Click metrics – You don’t simply get volume metrics with Keyword Tool. You also get click metrics thus you’ll see if folks are literally clicking on the results they get. According to Ahrefs, no other tool offers that kind of detail.

Advanced metrics – find out about clicks per search, percent of paid clicks, return rate, and more.

Keyword problem scores – realize keywords that are simple to rank with very little to no competition. Go straight to the top with “low-hanging fruit.”

Keyword lists – mixture your favorite keywords into a list that you just will reference from time to time.

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=> Content Explorer

Content explorer shows you the content that’s hot for a specific keyword or topic. It’s like having BuzzSumo within another tool.
Simply enter a keyword and Content somebody can show you titles, excerpts, and links from round the internet that are standard for that subject.

How does Content Explorer determine popular content? It looks at the quantity of social shares and also the backlink count.

You’ll see that information within the report concerning standard content. For each article, Content Explorer shows you the number Facebook Shares, tweets, LinkedIn shares, and Pinterest pins.

When it involves backlink detail, the tool highlights the number of referring domains on the top-level report. You can drill deeper to see where the backlinks are coming from.

Additionally, You can filter your search results by:Social shares

  • Domain rating
  • Referring domains
  • Traffic
  • Word count
  • Timeframe

Content explorer also will show you which of them domains have not joined to your content before. Use that info to find new backlink opportunities.

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=> Backlink checker

The first stage of many successful link building campaigns is analysing the backlink profiles of your main search competitors.

Using Ahref’s Site Explorer tool, you can quickly access all the links pointing to a competitors domain or specific page/subfolder, and see metrics like Domain Authority, anchor text and surrounding text and when the link was found all on the same screen.

Ahrefs has the fastest backlink crawler in the industry and boasts the world’s biggest index of live backlinks (over 15 trillion links), which makes for an extensive dataset for backlink research.

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How much does Ahrefs cost?

There area unit four completely different evaluation packages for Ahrefs, providing larger access to their intensive dataset the additional you pay.
The packages are:
Lite – $99 per month
Standard – $179 per month
Advanced – $399 per month
Agency – $999 per month

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Ahrefs Lite

The entry-level package is for one user and gives you five campaigns to monitor. You can track 300 keywords, run one site audit per month (with a limit of 10,000 URLs) and run 25 URLs per day on Site Explorer.

Ahrefs Standard

Again this package is for one user but gives your 10 campaigns to monitor. You can track 1,000 keywords, run 10 site audits per month (with a limit of 10,000 URLs) and run 100 URLs per day on Site Explorer.

Ahrefs Advanced

This package is for three users and gives your 25 campaigns to monitor. You can track 4,000 keywords, run 25 site audits per month (with a limit of 1.25m URLs) and run 2,000 URLs per day on Site Explorer.

Ahrefs Agency

Designed for online marketing agencies, this package is for five users – although more can be added if needed – and offers the greatest access to Ahref’s dataset.

The Final Verdict

Ahrefs is without a doubt one of the most powerful SEO/PPC/Content/Audit/Competitor Analysis “toolsets” (not tools) on the market.

While we covered a lot of practical applications of the tool in this review, we really only scratched the surface.

The fact that all the tools integrate seamlessly with one another provides an endless stream of potential use cases to help you crush the competition, and grow your business.

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There is so much functionality housed under one roof:Backlink analysis.

  1. Keyword research.
  2. Content analysis.
  3. PPC research.
  4. Competitor analysis.
  5. Rank tracking.
  6. Site audits.

And more…
It’s now a central component of the tool stack we use to run our agency, and drive growth for our clients.

And I’m not the only fan. Many other SEOs and content marketers have voiced the same sentiment here, here, here and here.

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