What Is Baidu Tieba | Features Of Baidu Tieba

What Is Baidu Tieba | Features Of Baidu Tieba

What is Baidu Tieba?

Now that you know a bit about impressive track record of Baidu Tieba, let’s go into detail on Baidu Tieba actually is how it works.
First of all, let’s start with the meaning of Baidu Tieba, The word Tieba is simply the pronunciation of the Chinese word “贴吧”, which is a made-up word that literally translates into “Let’s Post”.

Tieba, or its English acronym “bar”, is also used as the suffix of each individual discussion forum under the website. And therefore the word “Tieba” has its which means extended to the word “forum” or “group” likewise.

As its name suggests, Baidu Tieba is a platform created by the search engine company Baidu. The platform links folks to individual Tiebas consistent with their interests. Sounds like what a standard forum would additionally do?

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Not exactly. There are 2 things that basically set Baidu Tieba aside from its competitors –
1=> Backed by Baidu, the platform ranks incredibly well on search helping it capture huge amounts of web traffic.
2=> It utilizes search keywords to phase user’s interests accurately.

Try to search any keyword that you just have an interest in Baidu, with the word (“bar”) following it, and chances are you will immediately see an existing Tieba named with the exact keyword at the highest of your search results. And if not, you’ll merely produce a Tieba inside some clicks and become the founding father of your own keyword discussion cluster.

This keyword categorization feature has made Baidu Tieba so easily accessible yet so tailor-made for anyone online – The total number of Tiebas already exceeds 22.6 million and is still growing. Yet, the categories in Baidu Tieba are so niche that there are actually Tiebas named after random Chinese names for people with the same name to chat and socialize!

Baidu Tieba Full In Short Words

Baidu Tieba was established on December 3, 2003. On the service, “bar” refers to a forum providing a place for users to interact socially. The catchword of Baidu Tieba is “Born for your interest” (Chinese: 为兴趣而生).

As of 2014 there are quite eight million bars, mostly created by fans, which cover popular stars, films, comics or books. More than one billion posts are revealed in these bars. According to Alexa net, traffic to Baidu Post Bar makes up quite 100 percent of the overall traffic to Baidu properties.

The special Baidu Tieba options that create it distinctive

1=> Content-oriented and highly interactive

The types of posts shared on Baidu Tieba vary a lot, and there is no certain fixed format that you need to follow. Your posts can be used for discussing a topic of interest or hosting a Q&A session, or maybe even publishing your own diary or short stories… the list goes on. But the key feature embedded altogether hot posts is its interactiveness – everything is “live“! And because of this, a successful post on Baidu Tieba can never be created once simply left alone. You need to act with readers to stay your posts hot and on top!

Another sensible issue regarding Baidu Tieba is that it’s content-oriented instead of user-oriented. This means that you don’t need to be a KOL to be influential on Baidu Tieba, what matters is if your post is interesting enough to trigger discussion.

2=> The vertical structure within Baidu Tieba

As I mentioned previously, Baidu Tieba is a platform consists of countless specific Tiebas as individual communities. Although they are all under Baidu Tieba and have a largely identical web page layout, each Tieba is rather self-governed, with their own Tieba Host as the main coordinator.

Therefore, you’ll say that every Tieba, having little to no interaction with one another, is actually a highly independent website on its own.

3=> 6 Baidu Tieba Jargons you should know

Given that Baidu Tieba is a highly localized Chinese community with tons of special features, it is completely natural for Baidu Tieba beginners to get confused at first. To get a vantage, it would help if you can get familiar with some of the most common Baidu Tieba jargon first –
Experience Point (经验):
The expertise purpose system may be a measuring to see your seniority during a sure Tieba. Ways for you to boost your experience points include:
1) work in to the Tieba for consecutive days
2) Initiating a post
3) Replying to a post
4) Organizing a poll
5) Participating in a poll
6) Receiving replies from others.
Just like your information and skill gained in one space of experience can not be transferred to a different one, your time and effort spent on one Tieba, measured as experience point, is not shared with any other Tiebas.
Level (贴吧等级):
When your expertise points in one Tieba accumulate you may eventually be ready to “level up” to consecutive level of seniority. As illustrated within the graph below, each level-up is accompanied by a special privilege reward, such as exemption from entering verification codes, authorization to insert multimedia and voice memos in your post, etc.

Another cute feature i favor regarding this level system may be a “status badge” along with your level and title shown on that. Each Tieba member has their own title corresponding to their seniority, all of which are named by the Tieba Host and unique to each Tieba.

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Baidu Tieba Posting Techniques – What to Do and What to Avoid

But even with the proper format, will my content very win the eye from good, impatient netizens? It is difficult of course, but can be achieved if you do it in a smart way. Here may be a list of some high tips from Chinese Tieba KOLs –

=> Grow your account before you post

Make sure to have your biography filled first, and then participate in other people’s discussions before you post your own! It is important to make yourself familiar to those you are targeting.

Also, active participation will help you earn the experience points to equip yourself with a decent Tieba level – remember, that represents your credibility and seniority in this Tieba, which will directly impact the effectiveness of your posts.

select a catchy title, and make your post informative
To create an effect, you need an eye-catching title and content that aligns with the theme of the Tieba you choose. Make your contents short and sweet, but definitely no hard-selling or it will make it “sound cheap”. Useful data and a way of humor are appreciated, because it will eventually build folks a lot of tolerant towards the advertisements you insert.

=> Quality matters more than quantity

This is particularly true with Baidu Tieba, especially now that spam advertisements are floating around all over the place making people hyper-sensitive towards trash/promotional posts. Frequent posting can also make your account seem suspicious in the eyes of Tieba hosts.

=> Create multiple accounts to lead the discussion

You can start the discussion under your posts by using your other accounts to reply. But again, the quality outweighs quantity and you will probably want to avoid using the same I.P. address for these accounts.

Final Words

With no doubt, Baidu Tieba is a completely localized community that takes time to understand and requires a lot of experiments before your contents can become viral on it. But once successful, the upsides of marketing on Baidu Tieba and other Chinese online communities alike can be immeasurable for your business.


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