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Facebook has formally launched its Slack competitor: Facebook workplace.

This offering is a component social network, part messenger, and half productivity tool for groups. Your workplace account is barely visible to individuals in your team/company and is separate from your personal account.

Here’s everything you need to know about it, including when you can start using it and how much it costs.

What is Facebook Workplace?

Workplace is a mobile and web app that aims to keep your team members connected. The service, which used to be called Facebook Work, offers features like Facebook Groups, Facebook Messenger, built-in audio and video calling, and access to the social network’s profiles, Events, and Live video tools.

Facebook’s staff are internally employing a version of workplace for years. Facebook has additionally let different firms take a look at workplace in beta type since a minimum of 2015. Workplace already caters to big clients, including Starbucks, the 100,000-employee Royal Bank Of Scotland, and Booking.com.

How does Facebook Workplace differ from regular Facebook?

Perhaps the key distinction is that Facebook workplace provides a secure house for every organisation, entirely separate from the regular Facebook. Think of it as Facebook playacting the same role to Slack. It’s additionally ad-free, which, in theory, ought to mean people that have confidence Facebook for skilled communications can have less to distract them from their work.

And not only does Workplace promise to offer an airtight environment for each organisation; it also promises to safeguard the intellectual property rights of its users. As full general Codorniou, the world director of Facebook’s new product, told WIRED:

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“Workplace is completely separate from Facebook and is a subscription-based model – the data belongs to the employer, company and employees, not Facebook.”

Workplace doesn’t supply abundant within the manner of innovations – rather, it offers a slick new spin on the classic Facebook code.

What does Facebook Workplace feature?

Facebook aforesaid workplace includes the most effective of Facebook, like News Feed, the ability to create and share in Groups, features like Live, Reactions, Search, and Trending posts, and chat so you can communicate with colleagues in real time. There’s even one thing called Multi-Company teams, which allows employees from different organizations can work together.

Larger organisations can appreciate that workplace includes a dashboard with analytics and integrations with single sign-on, in addition to identity providers that allow companies to integrate Workplace with their existing IT systems.


How does Workplace, work?

Think of Workplace as a supercharged company intranet. It is designed to seem and feel the same as Facebook, making it simple for employees to use. The familiar central News Feed is the tool’s primary hub, and users can set up one-on-one video calls or instant messages via the system’s Work Chat.

Project and/or department-based groups can be set up to centralize communication and facilitate collaboration. Integrations with business applications like Microsoft workplace and Dropbox enable users to share shows, files and images within Workplace and make live edits to documents.

Access for collaboration with external groups can also be enabled, which is great for organizations that partner with outside companies on deliverables.

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Small businesses with remote or traveling groups could realize Workplace’s live streaming video capabilities helpful, as meetings and announcements can be easily shared with employees at the click of a button. An integration with video conferencing platform BlueJeans also let users join meetings from a phone, laptop or tablet while they’re on the move.

What does Workplace Cost?

Workplace has 2 tiers for businesses – free standard and workplace Premium. The free tier provides access to its communication features such as live video streaming, voice and video calls and group chat, but with limited functionality.

Many small businesses may find more value with the paid Workplace Premium tier, which provides full access to all the platform’s functionality including admin controls and third-party integrations. Usage fees are based on the number of users. The cost is $3 per active user. Users are considered active if they log into the platform during a 30-day period. Workplace Premium is free for non-profit and educational organizations.

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