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Google Drive is a free cloud-based capacity benefit that empowers clients to store and access documents on the web. The administration matches up put away reports, photographs and more over the majority of the client’s gadgets, including cell phones, tablets and PCs.

Google Drive incorporates with the organization’s different administrations and frameworks – including Google Docs, Gmail, Android, Chrome, YouTube, Google Analytics and Google+. Google Drive contends with Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Box, Dropbox and SugarSync.

The fundamentals / Basics

Before we plunge into every one of the highlights and demonstrate to you industry standards to utilize Google Drive, how about we talk around a couple of fundamental things you need to know. The first is that you require a Google record to utilize the administration. It’s complimentary and can be set up in almost no time. The record gives you access to the majority of Google’s administrations, including Drive, Gmail, Photos, YouTube, Play Store, etc.

You can get to Drive on the web by making a beeline for drive.google.com or by means of the free Android application — download here. You can likewise see every one of your records through the Drive envelope on your PC, however you have to download the Backup and Sync programming first.

You can get the product by visiting Drive’s site. From here you tap on “Get Backup and Sync for Windows” in the base left corner and afterward adhere to on-screen guidelines. At that point simply dispatch the program once introduced and experience the setup procedure, after which you’ll see a Google Drive symbol under the Favorites tab on Windows.

With regards to capacity, you get 15GB for nothing, which is shared between Drive, Gmail, and Photos. That is sufficient for a great many people, however you can add more on the off chance that you have to for an expense. A 100GB arrangement will set you back $2 every month, 1TB goes for $10 every month, while 10TB expenses $100 every month.

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These are the essential things you need to think about Google’s distributed storage. Since we got that off the beaten path, how about we investigate how to utilize Google Drive.

What can Google Drive do?

Here are Google Drive’s key highlights for customers:

Store records => Drive begins you with 15GB of free online capacity. You can store a wide scope of document types and envelopes – even Office records.

Make records => You can make archives and documents on the fly with incorporated Docs, Sheets and Slides applications.

Access your documents from anyplace => Your records in Drive can be come to from any cell phone, tablet, or PC.

Offer with others => You can rapidly welcome others to see, download, and remark and team up on your documents in Drive.

Work disconnected => If you aren’t associated with the web, you can make a few records accessible disconnected to see and alter (perceive how here).

See old forms => You can think back similarly as 30 days on most record types, making it simple to see changes and return to past adaptations.

Pursuit => Drive can perceive protests in your pictures and content in checked archives – simply enter a watchword in the hunt bar.

Google Photos => You can store your photographs in Drive and after that get to them and alter them with Google Photos.

Sweep archives => The Android application gives you a chance to filter all your paper reports as PDF – simply snap a photograph of it.

Spare Gmail connections: Hover over a connection in Gmail and search for the Drive logo to spare any connection to your Drive.

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Drive applications => You can do everything from alter a profile photograph to make a mind delineate, more than 100 coordinated applications.

How Google Drive Works

To begin with Google Drive, the end client must make or sign in to a Google account. At that point, the client types “drive.google.com” into his or her program. “My Drive” will consequently show up, which can contain transferred or matched up records and envelopes, just as Google Sheets, Slides and Docs. At that point, the client can either transfer documents from his or her PC or make records in Google Drive.

On the other hand, the end client can download a Google Drive application to at least one gadgets. A Google Drive envelope will show up alongside different organizers in every gadget’s record framework. Records that the client adds to one envelope are accessible through a Google Drive web application or the Google Drive organizer on every gadget.

At the point when the end client makes a document or organizer, the individual in question turns into its proprietor as a matter of course. At that point, the proprietor can control the dimension of perceivability (open or secretly imparted to explicit Google records) and exchange possession to another client utilizing Gmail addresses. The proprietor can likewise control consents for the two envelopes and records, utilizing access levels, for example, “can alter,” “can remark” and “can see.”

What are Docs, Slides and Sheets?

Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets make up Google Drive’s office suite. Google Docs is a word processor, Google Slides is an introduction program and Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program. Individually, they can be contrasted with Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. In spite of the fact that the Google forms do not have a few abilities that those Microsoft Office applications have, they are straightforward, cooperative and free.

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Every application in the suite empowers clients to make and alter archives, introductions and spreadsheets that they can store in Google Drive. Clients can get to the applications on the web utilizing programs including Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. There are additionally versatile applications for Google Android and Apple iOS. Every application additionally empowers clients to spare, alter and share records in Microsoft Office groups.


Google Drive information is scrambled with the vehicle layer security (TLS) standard before it leaves a client’s gadget and transfers to Google’s cloud. The information is decoded and re-encoded with 128-piece propelled encryption standard (AES) when it achieves Google. Those AES encryption keys are scrambled, including another layer of security. Google Drive bolsters two-factor verification, however it isn’t Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)- consistent.

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