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Google Maps has been around for a moment, however too many folks area unit unaware of the complete extent of the services that the service will afford.

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One of the first signs that Google would possibly expand on the far side search altogether styles of attention-grabbing and surprising directions was the Google Maps unleash in 2005.

Borne out of a series of acquisitions, the Google Maps project has grownup over the years to cover satellite imagination, several points of interest, street views, turn-by-turn navigation, traffic conditions, public transportation, and an honest deal additional.

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Google Maps boasts over one billion active users nowadays, creating it the foremost fashionable navigation computer code within the world. It gets millions of us where we need to go every day, but are you sure you’re getting the most out of it? It’s simple to miss new options or hidden choices.

That’s why we’ve compiled this orient a way to use Google Maps. It’s time to require your commencement on the road to mastery with our Google Maps tips and tricks.

How To Get Directions Easily

Most people area unit acquainted with the Google Maps Navigation feature that provides voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions, however did you recognize that there’s a groovy road to begin it? You can explore for an area or bit it on the map, then touch and hold the blue Directions button at the bottom right, and Google Maps will choose the best route and launch straight into Navigation mode. If you want to tweak the route or change your mode of transport, then just tap it once, make your changes, then tap Start.

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How To Share Your Current Location With Google Maps

If you want to share your location in real-time with family or friends then tap the menu button (three lines in the top-left corner) and choose Location sharing. You can faucet the Add individuals icon at the highest right to settle on however long you wish to share your location for and choose individuals to share with.

If they need a Google account then your position are shared with them in their Google Maps app; otherwise, it will be sent as a link they can tap. You can conjointly favor to share your location via a bunch of alternative apps like Facebook courier. Anyone World Health Organization is sharing their location with you’ll have their own tab at the highest of the screen and you’ll faucet thereon to visualize wherever they’re.

How To Create Your Own Google Maps

Whether you wish to share your data with friends, or help guide your kids or elderly parents, the ability to create custom maps can prove very useful. Google truly offers a comprehensive set of tools for making your own maps, marking routes, points of interest, directions, and more. To get started, make certain you’re signed into your Google account and head to My Maps in your browser.

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You should get a brief tutorial with tips if this is often the primary time you’ve tried it. It’s simple to line a location and mark your POIs and routes, but you can also import layers and data, color different areas and routes, and a lot more. Your creations area unit mechanically saved to your Google Drive, and you’ll notice them within the Google Maps app on your phone via the menu > Your places.

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What You Can Do With Google Map

  • Get transportation directions
  • Creating a map
  • Measuring distance and ETA
  • Mixing maps information
  • Finding your location
  • Setting routes
  • Getting traffic information
  • Verbal instructions
  • Location sharing
  • Location editing

Every Thing About Google Maps
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