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The Google Webmaster Tool (Or Google Search Console) could be a whole free and vitally valuable service offered by Google to any or all web site admins. Google Search Console allows you to observe your site’s execution, submit content for crawling, recognize issues, expel content you are doing not need to index, see the search inquiries that influenced guests to your web site, screen backlinks and a great deal more. Before going into details, allow us to 1st perceive what’s Google Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console.
As of May 20, 2015, Google rebranded Google Webmaster tools as Google Search Console.

What is Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Search Console or Google Webmaster tool is that the place Google can speak with you if something goes wrong like an increase in 404 pages, crawling mistakes, manual penalties, the increment in 404 pages, malware known, then forth. In the event that you simply don’t have a Google Search Console account, you got to get one at this time.
Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is the essential component for Google to communicate with website admins (Or Webmasters). Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tool lets you distinguish issues with your webpage and can even update you regarding whether your site has been tainted with malware or not.
Once you start using Google Webmaster Tool, you may find that you won’t really require some of the other fancier and costlier tools, you generally use for the same very purposes.

Search Console offers tools and reports for the following actions:

=> Confirm that Google will notice and crawl your web site.
=> Fix indexing issues and request re-indexing of latest or updated content.
=> View Google Search traffic knowledge for your web site: however usually your site seems in Google Search, that search queries show your web site, however usually searchers click through for those queries, and more.
=> Receive alerts once Google encounters indexing, spam, or other issues on your site.
=> Show you which sites link to your website.
=> Troubleshoot problems for AMP, mobile usability, and alternative Search options.

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Who should use Search Console?

Anyone with a website! From generalist to specialist, from tyro to advanced, Search Console will assist you.
Business owners => albeit you will not be using Search Console yourself, you must remember of it, become accustomed to the basics of optimizing your web site for search engines, and know what features are available in Google Search.
SEO specialists or marketers => As somebody targeted on on-line promoting, Search Console can assist you monitor your web site traffic, optimize your ranking, and make informed decisions about the appearance of your site’s search results. You can use the knowledge in Search Console to influence technical choices for the web site and do sophisticated marketing analysis in conjunction with different Google tools like Analytics, Google Trends, and Google Ads.
Site administrators => As a web site admin, you care concerning the healthy operation of your web site. Search Console enables you to simply monitor and in some cases resolve server errors, web site load problems, and security problems like hacking and malware. You can conjointly use it to make sure any web site maintenance or changes you create happen smoothly with relevancy search performance.
Web developers => If you are creating the actual markup and/or code for your site, Search Console helps you monitor and resolve common issues with markup, such as errors in structured data.

Google webmaster tools could be a free SEO tool from Google. It is used to calculate the web site performance and different details of search engines. Any web site owner will utilize this tool for free of charge. It shows all concerning your web site such ranking keywords, pages, most viewed pages or posts, and you also notified for errors in your web site like copy content, misleading links, broken links, and so on.

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Using Google webmaster tool do not build your web site get hierarchic however it helps to investigate and proper the web site to induce ranked providing the precious info. It is the fundamental SEO tool that everybody should have. As SEO for the web site is vital and essential the amount of tools for doing SEO conjointly created and launched day by day. But, GWT sticks with its own demand and reach.
=> Search Queries
The Search Queries section shows the keywords that led users to your web site.
=> Links
The overall backlinks of your website.
=> Crawl Errors
It shows inaccessible pages, missing pages, server errors, and every one kinds of issues that prevented Google from properly creep your web site.
=> Keywords
You see what keywords Google has found on your web site.
=> Sitemaps
Sitemaps of your web site and range of URLs in every sitemap.

Final Words

Google Webmaster Tool could be a valuable tool that’s completely free and helps you to know what all is going on on your web site. Hopefully, you would possibly have understood what’s Google Webmaster Tools and might apply it optimally.
In the event that you just aren’t creating utilization of it, you must begin using it immediately, because it can assist you and instruct you if you would like to optimize your SEO campaigns and traffic movements.

What is Google Webmaster Tool
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