What is Inbound Marketing? Complete Guide

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What is inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is about bringing potential customers to you rather than distributing them.By providing educational and informative content created with your ideal customer in mind, startups can attract, convert, close and delight visitors, leads, and customers through many marketing channels. Mostly, you will attract to best inbound leads which shorten your sales cycle and provides a better User experience for your customers.This will keep them coming back for more and turn your marketing efforts into a successful campaign due to customer promotion your business.

What is Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a dynamic buyer-centric solutions that focused on the customers needs, desires and buying journey. what inbound marketing not is an expensive solution that serves the seller.

The inbound methodology places emphasis on content/context understanding. Ideally, you should be focusing on creating condition that fully optimized for search engine and social media and that attracts your relevance prospects. Condition refer to understanding which content is most engaging to prospects and what is most likely going to pull them throw your sales funnel-that context should be understood and mastered to personalize messages, emails and various other promotions.

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The Inbound Methodology

To sum inbound marketing philosophy up it’s turning strangers into website visitors, visitors into leads and leads into customer and promotes of your biz.This achieved through 4 easy steps attract, convert, close and delight.

> Attracting

We want to attract inbound traffic to your website through blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Creating your website pages and sharing your content via social media.

> Converting

Once we attract new visitors to your website/blog and want to turn them into inbound leads.This is done through providing good value in the form of premium content offer eBooks, free online courses, etc in exchange for information such as email addresses, name and phone numbers. To convert your website visitors, you will need to use forms, call to action, landing pages and centralized marketing database to manage your contacts.

> Close

 OK, now we are making progress. You have attracted  website visitors to your site and converted them into inbound lead. Now it’s time to close the sale after lead download your content offer, you want to bring up the relationship using an email drip campaign and other tools.These include as CRM to marriage relationships with your leads email marketing automation and closed loop reporting to measure your marketing efforts.

 > Delight

 After closing the sales you want to delight your customers to retain them. As well as some customers will promote your company. Ways to delight your customer is gaining feedback from them to improve your product or service regularly.Some tools you can use include surveys, smart texts , smart call to actions and social media.

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Common Problems That Inbound Marketing Can Solve

When it comes to implementing a long-term strategy, inbound marketing is an investment that will help you increase brand awareness , preference performance ultimately revenue.

> I need to increase my brand awareness

Up to 93% of buying cycle start with an online search.If your company appears at the top of search engine results, you can organically increase your brand Awareness.To do that you must make sure you have the good content/product and messaging in place to show up in these key inbound channels.

> I want to generate more leads but have less to invest

Inbound marketing is a long-term investment that makes on itself over time.Your results will multiply many times over as you become more expert at creating good content that naturally attract organic leads.

> I need to improve my brand preference

By educating, entertaining and interacting with potential customers before they are thinking about making a purchase, you build trust increase the likelihood that they will choose you when they are ready to buy. Never underestimate the effect of becoming a familiar face.

Benefits Of Inbound Marketing

Inbound is focused on attracting the right customers, bring up them to a conversion and then regularly delighting them.Traditional marketing is not longer avail and does not attract the new buyers anymore. That’s why inbound marketing has stepped up and filled the hole.

The thought of sales without selling is based on promoting your information of your services, products and industry. But how do you grow your sales without selling them by growing your brand establishing yourself as a thought-leader and thereby curating those accurate leads.

Effective inbound marketing looks at Holistic marketing and is based on delivering tailored content to target buyer at the right time, equipping them to make informed without feeling pressure to make a purchase.

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