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Mozilla Firefox Review

If you’ve not tried Mozilla Firefox before, or you’ve strayed away to another browser, the latest version is well worth a look. It’s remarkably quick, putt Chrome’s performance to the check, and is packed with thoughtfully designed new features.

One of the best is the screenshot tool (accessible via the right-click context menu), which captures an entire web page without the need to scroll, or just a section if you prefer. The screenshot will then be uploaded to Mozilla’s servers so you can share or download it for 14 days.

The screenshot tool originated in Mozilla’s Firefox test pilot program, which lets users try new features and give their feedback before they’re integrated into the browser or made available as extensions. It’s well worth a look if you’re interested in getting a peek into the future and getting involved.

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=> Mozilla Firefox Features

95% – Excellent
By default, Firefox sports a clean and simple interface that isn’t much different from other major browsers, such as Google Chrome. The tabs, address/search bar and bookmarker bar are stratified on high, and there’s a space for navigation controls on the left.

That said, not like Chrome, Firefox comes with a lot of customization options for the interface. Every element of the basic UI can be moved around, and several buttons can be added anywhere you like with a simple drag-and-drop process.

Firefox was the first major browser to offer external add-ons, and though its library has since been eclipsed in size by Chrome’s, it still offers a wide variety of functionalities, such as tab groups, password managers, built-in notes and much more.

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Setting up and syncing your browser across devices is quick and easy. As long as you create a Firefox account, your bookmarks, preferences, search history, logins, add-ons and even open tabs will be synced between your devices

That said, Firefox warns that it’s not a backup service, so if you don’t sync more than one device, nothing will be saved if that device breaks or you uninstall the browser. Check out our list of best cloud backup services if you’re looking for a way to get around this.

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That might sound sort of a limitation, but it means that Mozilla doesn’t keep giant records of its users’ synced data, which is great for privacy, especially compared to Chrome, where Google will collect any information about you it can.

On the right side of the address bar are small but useful features. By clicking the arrow inform down, the address bar extends to show you the last 10 searches you made, as well as alternative search engines, such as Wikipedia, Amazon or Twitter. You can customize those additional search engines, too. Firefox provides you a lot choices to create simply accessible.

Another fantastic feature is the screen capture tool. Located in the three-dots menu next to the address bar, it allows you to take a screengrab of an entire webpage without scrolling. You can also select specific parts of a page to screengrab, which saves you the effort of manually selecting and cropping when you only want to share part of a page.

Another handy sharing feature in the same menu is the “email link” option that automatically creates an email using your default email provider, which you can customize, to send the link. There’s also a button to copy the link, though that’s less useful, as well as an option to send the link to one of your other devices.

There’s a reader view, too, which strips articles of unrelated content and formats them into an easily digestible style, as well as providing you with an estimate of how long they’ll take to read. The built-in .pdf reader is also useful, but it lacks advanced features, such as document signing or support for dynamic .pdfs.

Firefox additionally comes with integral support for Pocket, which is an application that lets you discover and save articles across devices.

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=> Ease of Use

90% – Excellent
Firefox includes a sleek and easy-to-understand interface that creates browsing an easy and comfy experience. That said, though older web apps sometimes work better with Firefox than Chrome, the latter’s market dominance means that you’ll occasionally run into bugs and problems with modern web applications when using Firefox.

=> Ease of Use on Desktop

The desktop version of Firefox has a standard layout. Your search bar and bookmarks are placed on the top of the screen, with navigation controls to the left and menus located on the right. The drop-down displaying previous searches and different search engines is additionally helpful

if you wish to use multiple search providers.
Tabs area unit clearly separated, and instead of minimizing them to the purpose of simply being favicons, Firefox opts for a horizontal scrolling approach, effort the tabs sufficiently big that you can still read part of the title.

=> Best & Easy For Mobile

Firefox is just as easy to use on mobile. The address bar is at the top of the screen, with a button next to it for reader mode and the menu with options for sharing, bookmarking and requesting desktop websites.

The navigation controls and tab menu are at the bottom of the screen, and the tabs are displayed in two separate overviews of regular and private windows that you can switch between.

=> User experience

Quantum described a large modification for Firefox below the hood, however the little changes additionally create a true distinction to your browsing experience.

The interface has been fully redesigned with a cleaner look and subtle animations that serve to enhance the measurable improvements in performance.

All the browser’s safety features are currently placed within the main choices menu instead of being unfold throughout completely different components of the interface. Phishing protection and pop-up block are activated by default, and tracking protection is only a click away.

We particularly like how easy it is to manage cached passwords. This is typically quite opaque, but Firefox makes it easy to see and manage a full list of stored logins, and even set a master password if you like. There’s no have to be compelled to transfer a separate secret manager.

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=> Browser Privacy

100% – Excellent
Privacy is Mozilla Firefox greatest strength. It comes with strict following controls that allow you block trackers all told windows, and even customize what to block. For example, you can choose to block trackers and cryptominers but leave cookies enabled. In private mode, all those are blocked by default.

Firefox also has a great data collection policy. It collects data for development purposes, but that doesn’t include your browsing or search history and the data’s tied to a random numerical identifier rather than your name or user account. If that’s still too much for you, the browser lets you turn it off without affecting performance or functionality.

Because Mozilla is a nonprofit organization and its business isn’t predicated on the collection and sale of its users’ data, it’s far easier to trust it about its privacy measures. The company even releases an annual financial report explaining where its money comes from and how it’s spent.

While selecting a browser usually comes right down to personal preference, our in-house tests show that Mozilla Firefox is much more secure than others. It’s simple to find Firefox’s tools and options, plus you can customize its toolbars.

Also, the URL bar doubles as a research bar, so you don’t have to open Google in another browser tab. Based on its simple use, security and quick speeds, Mozilla Firefox is our high choose for the most effective browser for all devices.

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