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What’s php?

php stands for Hypertext Preprocessor (no, the acronym does not follow the name). it is an open supply, server-side, scripting language used for the development of web applications. by scripting language, we mean a application that is script-primarily based (lines of code) written for the automation of duties.

What does open source mean? consider a car producer making the name of the game to its layout models and technology improvements available to all of us interested. these layout and technology information may be redistributed, changed, and adopted with out the fear of any prison repercussions. the world today might have advanced an super supercar!

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web pages may be designed the use of HTML. With HTML, code execution is completed on the person’s browser (customer-side). then again, with php server-aspect scripting language, it is completed at the server before it gets to the internet browser of the person.

php may be embedded in HTML, and it’s nicely proper for net improvement and the creation of dynamic web pages for web programs, e-commerce applications, and database packages. it’s taken into consideration a pleasant language with capabilities to without difficulty hook up with MySQL, Oracle, and other databases.


Hypertext Preprocessor scripts may be used on maximum of the running structures like Linux, Unix, Solaris, Microsoft windows, MAC OS and lots of others. It also helps maximum web servers including Apache and IIS. the use of php affords internet developers the freedom to pick out their running machine and web server.

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In php, server-side scripting is the main location of operation. Server-side scripting with php entails:

php Parser: a software that converts source and human readable code right into a format less difficult for the computer to recognize
internet server: a software that executes documents that form web pages from consumer requests
web browser: an utility used to show content on the sector extensive web

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Why use PHP

=> It runs on distinctive platforms such as home windows, Linux, Unix, and so on.
=> This language is very simple to study and runs effectively at the server aspect.
=> it’s miles well suited with nearly all servers used nowadays,such as Apache, IIS, and so on.
=> It supports many databases which include MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and many others.
=> it’s far ideally suited for web improvement and may be embedded without delay into the HTML code.
=> Hypertext Preprocessor also can be used to create dynamic net pages.
=> it’s far often used together with Apache (internet server) on various operating structures. it can be extensively utilized with Microsoft’s IIS on home windows.
=> it’s miles open supply and it is free downloadable

Uses Of PHP

=> It is used for create dynamic website.
=> To Interacting with web server (Apache and so on)
=> To interacting with any lower back-cease / database server e.g. MySQL
=> To interaction with the local record system of the OS
=> To put in force the enterprise logical layers (one or more)
=> It may Encrypt facts
=> Access Cookies variable and set cookies
=> The usage of Hypertext Preprocessor you could restrict person to access precise web page
=> Php generally used to output HTML code to the browser
=> Used for join internet software with DataBase
=> It’s miles used for ship and get hold of E-Mails.
=> You may use php to locate today’s date, after which construct a calendar for the month.
=> if you host banner commercials on your internet site, you may use php to rotate them randomly.
=> Using php you may be counted your visitors to your internet site.
=> You may use Hypertext Preprocessor to create a special vicinity of your internet site for contributors.
=> The usage of php you could create login web page to your person.
=> Using Hypertext Preprocessor you may upload, delete, alter elements within your database via personal home page. access cookies variables and set cookies.
=> The use of php, you could limit customers to access a few pages of your internet site.
=> It can encrypt statistics.
=> Php performs machine functions, i.e. from files on a system it could create, open, examine, write, and close them.
=> It can cope with forms, i.e. collect information from documents, save data to a document.

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